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NPR 2009-01-13

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President Bush in a somewhat reflective final news conference at the White House today indicated he has wondered whether there are some things he could have done better. However, on the matter of his administration's handling of the current economic crisis, the president made no apologies. Mr. Bush said he is "very aggressive" in his decision making to keep the financial system from, in his words, "cratering1". President said he will also continue to defend his position in tax cuts on the right course of action to help bolster2 the economy. Meanwhile, the White House confirmed today the president would deliver a televised farewell address to the nation on Thursday night.

President Bush has agreed to ask Congress to release the second half of the financial sector's 700-billion-dollar bailout fund. NPR's Yuki Noguchi has more.

Mr. Bush acted after President-elect Barack Obama asked him to make the request of funds. The President-elect has said repeatedly that immediate3 relief is necessary to stabilize4 job loss and economic conditions. But many have criticized how the first half of the money was spent, mostly on investment designed to shore up ailing5 banks. Despite those actions, critics say consumer lending remains6 tight. Also many politicians and homeowners say that some of the money should have been spent on measures to help homeowners avoid foreclosures. Senate Banking7 Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd said the Senate would not authorize8 the second half of the money without conditions that will help direct more of the money to homeowners. He also called for stricter executive compensation rules. Yuki Noguchi, NPR News, Washington.

Roland Burris will be permitted to take President-elect Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat later this week. Senate Democratic leaders including Majority Leader Harry9 Reid and Dick Durbin said that it has now been determined10 that Burris has the proper credentials11 because he's been officially designated as the junior senator from Illinois. Senate Democrats12 say barring any major objections Burris could be sworn in this week. Burris was appointed by Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich who's been charged by federal officials with seeking to sell Mr. Obama's vacant seat to the highest bidder,  however, Senate officials have determined there was nothing out of order in terms of the Burris's appointment.

U.S. Senator George Voinovich says he will not run for reelection. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles has more.

He's been a US senator, a former Ohio governor and a former mayor of Cleveland. Now George Voinovich will take on another title, “retiree”. Voinovich's longtime aide Mike Dawson says Voinovich will be remembered as the mayor who saved Cleveland from bankruptcy13, saved money for the state as a governor and as a watchdog for the US Senate. “He will be remembered as watching out for federal tax dollars, caring about how money is being spent and its effect on the next generation.” Voinovich's term ends in 2010. Recent polls show him slipping in popularity in Ohio. Political insiders believe  Republican Rob Portman, a former congressman14 and federal budget director is a front runner. For NPR News, I'm Jo Ingles, Columbus, Ohio.

On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 125 points today.

This is NPR.

As many as 5,000 Israeli reservists reportedly to be moving into the Gaza Strip today, as Israeli defense15 officials confirmed that warplanes carried out more than two dozen additional strikes against Hamas. Meanwhile, there were more missiles fired from Gaza into Israel. It’s believed Palestinian forces fired at least 15 rockets. There were no reports of Israeli casualties, though one rocket did reportedly hit a house in the southern city of Ashkelon. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert visited the city, vowing16 to end the fighting in Gaza only when rocket attacks are halted and Hamas is unable to rearm. More than two weeks into the offensive, international efforts aimed at reaching a ceasefire are continuing.

Clint Eastwood has topped the North American box office with his latest effort and scored a personal best as well. NPR’s Trena Williams has that story.

“Gran Torino” with an estimated 29 million dollars in ticket sells is the biggest opening for Eastwood. The 78-year-old veteran actor stars as a disgruntled war veteran who reluctantly comes to the aid of his immigrant neighbors. “Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while that you shouldn't have messed with? That's me.”  Eastwood also directs the movie “Gran Torino” which debuted17 in limited release a month ago before opening widely over the weekend topped the debut18 of “Bride Wars”, the comedy opened in second place. It was closely followed by the “Unborn”. “Marley and Me” fell to fourth after leading the chart for two consecutive19 weekends, in the fifth spot “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. Trena Williams, NPR News.

Northern plain states are getting hammered due winter weathers that bring in snow and frigid20 Arctic air to the region. In West North Dakota today, authorities closed schools because of drifting snow and temperatures in some spots fell to as low as 30 degrees below zero.


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