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NPR 2009-03-05

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The Obama administration today launched a new program to try to prevent home foreclosures. Economists1 say finding a better way to avoid foreclosures is critical as the nation slides deeper into recession. NPR's Chris Arnold reports.

The efforts to prevent foreclosures so far haven't been enough to stop millions of people from losing their homes. The Obama administration has now launched its answer to the problem. Michael Calhoun is the president of the Center for Responsible Lending. "The Obama modification2 plan is a real game changer that will have a dramatic impact on the housing market in reducing the wave of foreclosures that's raveling the whole economy right now.” The plan aims to help three to four million homeowners who are in loans that they can't afford. It offers cash incentives3 to lenders if they modify loans to lower interest rates and payments for homeowners in cases where that would prevent bigger losses for the investors4 who own their loans. Chris Arnold, NPR News.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown addressed a joint5 session of Congress today, telling US lawmakers the two countries are in the current economic situation together. And he warned the problems facing the global economy do not stop at the water's edge. Brown also cautioned against protectionist policies during the current crisis instead calling for innovative6 thinking. "In these unprecedented7 times, we must educate our way out of the downturn; we must invest and invent our way out of the downturn; we must retool8 and re-skill our way out of the downturn. " Throughout the speech, Brown spoke9 of American optimism during difficult economic times. He also announced the awarding of an honorary knighthood to Senator Edward Kennedy. The 77-year-old Kennedy is currently battling brain cancer and did not attend the speech.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is urging Sudan's government to exercise restraint after the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Sudan's president for the conflict in Darfur. NPR's Michele Kelemen is traveling with the secretary who is now in Brussels.

Secretary Clinton said President Omar al-Bashir will have a chance to have his day in court if he wants to contest the warrant. But she said she hopes the government won't step up violence in retaliation10. "Governments and individuals who either conduct or condone11 atrocities12 of any kind as we have seen year after year in Sudan have to be held accountable.” Bashir is accused of committing crimes against humanity in Darfur in western Sudan. It's a conflict the US has called a genocide. Michele Kelemen, NPR News, Brussels.

Key gauge13 measuring activity in nation's service sectors15 shrank for a fifth straight month. The Institute for Supply Management says its service sector14 index last month fell more than a point, the reading of 41.6 just slightly above analysts16' expectations.

On Wall Street today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 149 points to close at 6, 875. The NASDAQ was up 32 points today.

This is NPR.

A fight at a state prison in the Mexican border city of Juarez has left at least 19 prisoners dead and more than half a dozen others injured according to police. The fight between what appears to be rival gangs apparently17 broke out shortly after 6 am this morning. Police said it appears a member of one of the drug gangs somehow pressured a guard to open the cells of fellow gang members who then entered an area where other inmates18 were gathered. There were reports of gunfire. Police were investigating how a firearm entered the prison. It took 200 anti-riot police and around 50 soldiers to regain19 control of the facility.

Blues20 musician John Cephas has died. His record company says the 78-year-old guitarist and vocalist died of natural causes. Cephas was one half of the acclaimed21 traditional blues duo Cephas & Wiggins. They performed a style of blues that was specific to the Mid-Atlantic region called Piedmont blues. NPR's Felix Contreras reports.

As a youngster John Cephas learned the intricate finger-picking style of Piedmont blues from a cousin. By age 9 he was performing at informal gatherings22 where traditional music was still a living culture. He began performing professionally in the 1960s, and in 1976 met harmonica player Phil Wiggins. Cephas & Wiggins released albums, toured the world for the US State Department and worked at keeping Piedmont blues music alive. In 1989, John Cephas was recognized for those efforts with a National Heritage Fellowship, bestowed23 by the National Endowment for the Arts to those who preserve our country's cultural traditions. Felix Contreras, NPR News.

Crude oil futures24 were up $3.73 a barrel to settle at $45.38 a barrel.


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