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NPR 2009-08-27

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The tributes are pouring in today for 77-year-old Senator Edward Kennedy, who died last night following a year-long battle with brain cancer. Speaking at his rented vacation home in Martha's Vineyard, President Barack Obama called Kennedy "the greatest United States Senator of our time". Secretary of State Hilary Clinton called him “a cherished friend” while the Senate's top Democrat2 Harry3 Reid promised that the Congress would renew the push for healthcare overhaul4, something the Massachusetts’s Democrat once called "the cause of my life". Flags are flying at half-staff in Washington today. Kennedy will lie in repose5 tomorrow and Friday at the Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston. Officials say Kennedy will be buried Saturday at Arlington National Cemetery6 following a funeral Mass in Boston.

 With the death of Senator Ted1 Kennedy, brother John F. Kennedy's grave, site at Arlington National Cemetery, is drawing a larger-than-usual crowd today. NPR's Alison Brice has more.

 John F. Kennedy's grave site sits on top of a hill, overlooking Washington. And there is a clear visual line to the Lincoln Memorial. His grave sits beside Jacqueline, Patrick and a daughter. An eternal flame burns in the center. Liz Jones visiting from England says it's a bittersweet day to be visiting here.

 "It's very moving, especially today with the death of the last brother, really. I'm glad I came here today to see how respectfully it's being kept coz that's vital."

 She says Senator Kennedy was a forward thinker. "I don't think you would have a black president today if he hadn't done what he did. Alison Brice, NPR News, Arlington Cemetery.

 According to the Obama administration's Mid-East peace envoy7, progress is being made toward restarting negotiations8 between Israel and the Palestinians. In a joint9 statement released with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former Senator George Mitchell said the two met for four hours in London today.

 Commerce Department reports demand for durable10 goods and new home sales were both up sharply last month. NPR's Frank Langfitt reports.

 Demand for durable goods jumped nearly 5% in July. The rise was driven by aircraft sales and the restarting of factories at General Motors and Chrysler. The government also said new home sales were up more than 9% last month as more bargain hunters entered the market. And a separate private study out yesterday, the Case-Shiller Home Price Index found housing prices rose in 18 of 20 large cities in June. While the housing numbers are encouraging, most economists11 think any recovery will be slow. The unemployment rate is expected to pass 10%. With more people out of work, analysts13 say it will take longer to see a rebound14 in consumer spending, which drives most of the nation's economic growth. Frank Langfitt, NPR News, Washington.

 On Wall Street today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 4 points to close at 9,543. The NASDAQ was up a fraction today, closing at 2,024. The Standard & Poors 500 also gained a fraction to end the day at 1,028.

 This is NPR.

 NATO officials say attacks in Afghanistan have resulted in the death of two more Americans. One American was killed in Southern Afghanistan after an improvised15 explosive device went off while a second service member died in an attack in the eastern part of the country. Military officials would release no additional details, but with the two latest deaths, it brings the total number of US fatalities16 in the war this month to 43, almost at last month's level which was the deadliest month so far for US forces in the now 8-year-old war.

Toyota says it will halt production line in Japan in response to the global slump17 in auto18 sales. More cuts could come later for the world's largest auto sales leader. Michigan Radio's Tracy Samulton has more.

 Toyota says it's cutting the line to reduce capacity and return to profitability. Analyst12 Ron Harbour with the consulting firm Oliver Wyman says the focus on General Motors and Chrysler's bankruptcies19 this summer obscured the fact that all automakers are hurting.

 Toyota lost an equivalent of about 7 billion dollars last year in terms of the financial performance. So, that ought to tell you right there, it's not just to be a trade free problem.

 Harbour says Toyota's small car sales were helped by recent "Cash for Clunkers" programs in Japan, Europe and the US. But he says Toyota's North American sales have been battered20, partly because the company increased large truck and SUV production shortly before those sales plummeted21. For NPR News, I'm Tracy Samulton in Ann Arbor22.

 A number of companies have agreed to recall millions of window blinds and shades following death of three children who got caught in the cords. Recalls initially23 announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, involve blinds and shades made by Vertical24 Land Inc. in Florida and Lewis Hyman Inc., in California.


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