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NPR 2009-08-29

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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Jack1 Speer.

 Senator Edward Kennedy will be remembered tonight by his closest friends and family at the JFK Presidential Library where the Senator has been lying in repose2. NPR's Tovia Smith has more.

 They are calling it a celebration of life and many expect the quintessential Irish wake. Since the Senator was diagnosed a year ago, the serious accolades3 have been flowing ever since. Robert Kennedy Jr. says that was something Ted4 Kennedy cherished.

 The last year of his life was almost a gift, because he knew that he didn't have much time. But he was able to, kind of, take a victory lap. And he was able to accept, you know, a lot of the tributes that, you know, we offered to him during last year, and I did. That was really touching5 him.

 Tonight will bring more tributes, but also singing an old stories for the man known for his love of music and laughter as aides put it. Tovia Smith, NPR News.

 Another American has been killed in Afghanistan, bringing the US death toll6 there with its highest level in any months since now eight-year-old war began. Military officials say the US service member was killed in a roadside bombing. The mounting US death toll comes amid increased US involvement in Afghanistan. With the latest incident, the US death toll has now risen to 45 this month. There're currently 60,000 US troops in Afghanistan.

Los Angeles county coroner's office is now making it official, saying that) singer Michael Jackson's death has been ruled a homicide as a result of acute intoxication7 from the drug propofol and other factors. The L.A. coroner's office in a statement released today says in addiction8 to the powerful anesthetic9, other drugs found in the entertainer's system including diazepam, lidocaine and ephedrine. 50-year-old Jackson died August (June) 25th after suffering cardiac arrest at his Los Angeles home.

Commerce Department said today personal spending rose two tenths of one percent in July despite the fact incomes are flat. NPR's Yuki Noguchi explains.

The so-called Cash for Clunkers program was responsible for boosting spending. Spending on vehicles and related items helped up spending both in June and July. By comparison, spending on nondurable goods decreased by three tenths of a percent. The increase spending came despite the fact that American's income didn't increase at all in July. Spending drives much of the US economic activity. And there are some mixed signals about where it could be headed. On the one hand, joblessness continues to rise, on the other, gross domestic product is starting to slow its decline and consumer confidence is starting to increase. And that is feeling some optimism that a recovery could be a few months away. Yuki Noguchi, NPR News, Washington.

On Wall Street today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 36 point to end the week at 9,544. However, for the week the Dow was up four tenths of one percent. The NASDAQ gained a point to close at 2,028. The S&P 500 was down two points today, closing at 1,028.

This is NPR.

Appliance maker10 Whirlpool is announcing plans to close a refrigerator factory in Evansville, Indiana. The Michigan-based company says it will close the facility next year, shifting some of the production to Mexico. The move is expected to result in the elimination11 of around 1,100 full-time12 jobs. The world's biggest appliance maker is blaming the closing on continued cost cutting. Its demand for big ticket items like appliances has shrunk due to the ongoing13 recession. Whirlpool says it is still trying to determine what to do with 300 employees who work at the Product Development Center at the Evansville plant.

The International Olympic Committee says it will bail14 out next year's Winter Games in Vancouver, that's as organizers failed to raise enough revenue. Vancouver Olympics has a budget shortfall and raising money has been difficult, given the global recession. NPR's Howard Berkes reports.

The bail-out guarantee is not specific, not open-ended and won't ensure that the 2010 Vancouver Olympics end without a deficit15, according to Vancouver organizers. But it appears the International Olympic Committee is willing to start writing checks if February's Vancouver Games are short of operating funds. There is a $37 million deficit right now, and that's blamed on the recession, a shortage of corporate16 sponsors and a decline in television revenue. Olympic deficit is a sensitive issue in Canada, given that 30 years it took to pay the billion-dollar-debt left from the Montreal Olympics in 1976. One top IOC official says the group is willing to help Vancouver, but it remains17 to be seen how and with how much money. Howard Berkes, NPR News.

NASA is still hoping for late evening lift-off of the space shuttle Discovery after resolving a problem of the fuel valve. The shuttle is expected to lift off at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time this evening.

I'm Jack Speer, NPR News in Washington.


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