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CNN 2009-06-27

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Good Morning, I'm Melissa Long here at the CNN center in Atlanta, it's Friday Morning, and here's a look at some of the stories that are happening NOW IN THE NEWS.

The sudden death of Michael Jackson is making headlines around the world. The LA Coroner's office says autopsy1 results are expected by this afternoon, the official cause of death hasn't been determined2, but Jackson's brother Jermaine said yesterday the entertainer died of cardiac arrest. Fans again around the world have gathered to remember his extraordinary life from the Apollo Theater in Harlem New York to his childhood home in Gary, Indiana as well as Los Angeles and London expressing shock and sadness.

Michael is a worldwide icon3 and he set a standard and now I hope that people will cherish his legacy4 and understand the lyrics5 of his music, the power of his choreography and the spiritual background of who he was.

He was such a good guy inside and he helped everyone he could, he was loved, love is God, and God is love. And that's what he's going to be loved. It's a sad day in L.A. today, it really is.

The five remaining defendants7 in the racially charge "Jena Six" cases are expected to enter pleas in a court room today in Louisiana, they were all facing lethal8 charges than the original attempted murder charges they faced. The case of six African-American teens being arrested for beating a white classmate in 2006 gained national attention. A sixth defendant6 pleaded guilty in juvenile9 court more than a year ago.

A vote is scheduled for today on a bill the democrats10 are calling a green job-creating machine, they say it will help clean the air and help the country move away from relying on fossil fuels. Republicans are expected to fight saying it could kill jobs and create a huge energy tax for people.

Two young children are back with their parents this morning after spending a night lost in the woods. The six-year-old boy and the four-year-old girl were found in the mountains along the North Carolina-Tennessee boarder, about a mile from where they disappeared. The parents said they lost sight of the kids while they were hiking.

Those are the headlines, you are up-to-date, do stay with CNN and CNN.com for more on these stories or other news that develops today.


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  • They're carrying out an autopsy on the victim.他们正在给受害者验尸。
  • A hemorrhagic gut was the predominant lesion at autopsy.尸检的主要发现是肠出血。
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  • I have determined on going to Tibet after graduation.我已决定毕业后去西藏。
  • He determined to view the rooms behind the office.他决定查看一下办公室后面的房间。
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  • They found an icon in the monastery.他们在修道院中发现了一个圣像。
  • Click on this icon to align or justify text.点击这个图标使文本排齐。
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  • They are the most precious cultural legacy our forefathers left.它们是我们祖先留下来的最宝贵的文化遗产。
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7 defendants 7d469c27ef878c3ccf7daf5b6ab392dc     
被告( defendant的名词复数 )
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10 democrats 655beefefdcaf76097d489a3ff245f76     
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  • The Democrats held a pep rally on Capitol Hill yesterday. 民主党昨天在国会山召开了竞选誓师大会。
  • The democrats organize a filibuster in the senate. 民主党党员组织了阻挠议事。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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