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CNN 2011-11-13

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 The words of legendary1 football coach Jeo Pertenal,This is a tragedy,one of the great  sorrows in my life  ,I wish I had done more Pertenal anouced to be retiring at the end of the season.No charge has been filed against the Penn state coach.But a former assistant named Jerry Sendusky has been acused of sexually abusing serveral children. Sendusky was Penn state's defence_____,he retired2 in 1999,the kids he has been acused of using warrant Penn State players,most of them through a charity that he started to help troubled youth. According to Green Jerry 's testimony,a graduate assistant,told coach Perternal in 2002 that he has witnessed Sendusky abusing a child, Perternal told two of his bosses about the accusations3 ,those officials have been arrested and accused of failling to report the abuse to the police.Perternal is the face of Penn State football,people have come out to show support for the coach in the middle of the scandal.But others argue that Pertenal should have done more himself to report the abuse including personally telling police about it.In a statement on Wednesday,Pertenal said quote:I have come to work everyday for the last 61 years with one clear goal in mind,to serve the best interest of this University and young men who's been trusted to my care,I have the same goal today that's why I have decided4 to anounce my retirement5 effected at the end of the season. Pertenal also said quote:I grief for the children and their families and I pray for their comfor and relief.

Next up today,hurricane strengthens storm, slams one US state,it's not along the east coast though or on the goal for Mexico,this storm hit Alaska.It's a winter storm,so it's not technically6 a hurricane,but it did have winds up to 100 miles per hour,and the last the kind of wind's speed you see in the category 2 hurricane,the things brought blizzards7 conditions with it ,you can see the snow weeping around in this video,and also called big waves out of the sea,so there were concerns about low line islands and coast ares getting damaged.
The marshall islands are about half way beteen Hawai and Australia and serven men get stranded8 on one of the Marshall Islands over the weekend.The island was deserted9 and the men need supplies.That's where the US coast guard came in,working with the Australian navy ,they located the missing men and air-drops  supplies from this plane down to the beach,it's really crazy vedio_________,eventually the men who were stranded were picked up and returned home.
Time for the shout out,on this map of north Africa,a country is highlighting,if you think you know it,then shout it out.Is it Lybia,Egytp,Algeria,or Tunisa,you've got 3 seconds,go,this map is highlighting Egypt,a country that's home to 82 million people,that's your answer,that's your shout out.
____people are struggling with unemployment just like the United States,the unemployment rate is higher for young people than for the country overall.But some Egyptians are hoping to turn those numbers around by starting their own small business.FP looks a class that try to help these aspiring10 entrepreneurs achieve their goals.23 years old,Hoda Woods spends hours every day at her loom11 weaving colorful ,traditional furcal scarves.The work is hard,but hold up of a leave it will pay off,because she has something not many livers in the Egyptian Village CumalB have,a business plan.I want my own factory ,she says I want to expand the business,and I'm also seeing that  my sisters are interested and I want them to follow in my footsteps.Hoda has alread designed a variety of scarves and even baby clothes,she said she's not afraid of think big even if the odds12 seems to be agaist her. Egypt youth unemployment rate is currently about 26%,Hoda has a collage13 degree,but says,even with an education,for a young woman in this village,employment is almost impossible to come by.Youth employemnt is one of Egypt's biggest social problems,it's exceptionally bad in rural ares like this one,and especially young women find it  almost impossible to find a job in places like this. For Hoda and many other young people in this village,the answer could lie in this classroom,the uniset project building young futures14 which is found by Barkey's bank helps young people gain confidence and skills like putting together a feasibility plan for small business,the classes are taught by young people who have alread gone through the  program,appear educator system.Thanks to the training ,I was able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of my competitors ,she says,and that help me identify the gap I could push through to make it into the market.Hoda is working hard to realize her dream ,to build a better life for herself ,but also to contribute to the effort to help fight youth unemployment ,a problem that has plagued Egypt for so long.


1 legendary u1Vxg     
  • Legendary stories are passed down from parents to children.传奇故事是由父母传给孩子们的。
  • Odysseus was a legendary Greek hero.奥狄修斯是传说中的希腊英雄。
2 retired Njhzyv     
  • The old man retired to the country for rest.这位老人下乡休息去了。
  • Many retired people take up gardening as a hobby.许多退休的人都以从事园艺为嗜好。
3 accusations 3e7158a2ffc2cb3d02e77822c38c959b     
n.指责( accusation的名词复数 );指控;控告;(被告发、控告的)罪名
  • There were accusations of plagiarism. 曾有过关于剽窃的指控。
  • He remained unruffled by their accusations. 对于他们的指控他处之泰然。
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  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
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  • The tomato is technically a fruit,although it is eaten as a vegetable.严格地说,西红柿是一种水果,尽管它是当作蔬菜吃的。
7 blizzards 1471207223cd592610a59597189c4c03     
暴风雪( blizzard的名词复数 ); 暴风雪似的一阵,大量(或大批)
  • Even in the summertime we might be struck by blizzards. 甚至在夏天,我们也可能受到暴风雪的袭击。
  • Blizzards battered Britain for the third day. 大风雪袭击英国已进入第三天。
8 stranded thfz18     
  • He was stranded in a strange city without money. 他流落在一个陌生的城市里, 身无分文,一筹莫展。
  • I was stranded in the strange town without money or friends. 我困在那陌生的城市,既没有钱,又没有朋友。
9 deserted GukzoL     
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  • The enemy chieftain was opposed and deserted by his followers.敌人头目众叛亲离。
10 aspiring 3y2zps     
  • Aspiring musicians need hours of practice every day. 想当音乐家就要每天练许多小时。
  • He came from an aspiring working-class background. 他出身于有抱负的工人阶级家庭。 来自辞典例句
11 loom T8pzd     
  • The old woman was weaving on her loom.那位老太太正在织布机上织布。
  • The shuttle flies back and forth on the loom.织布机上梭子来回飞动。
12 odds n5czT     
  • The odds are 5 to 1 that she will win.她获胜的机会是五比一。
  • Do you know the odds of winning the lottery once?你知道赢得一次彩票的几率多大吗?
13 collage XWYyD     
  • A collage of coloured paper covers a table top.一副彩纸拼贴画盖在桌面上。
  • He has used a mixture of mosaic,collage and felt-tip pen.他混合使用了马赛克、拼贴画和毡头笔。
14 futures Isdz1Q     
  • He continued his operations in cotton futures.他继续进行棉花期货交易。
  • Cotton futures are selling at high prices.棉花期货交易的卖价是很高的。
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