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CNN 2012-02-24

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 Well,whether you are observing ads at Wednesday-George Washington's birthday or just marking the midpoint of the week,we are glad we are doing with CNN Student News.I am you host, Carl Azuz,bringing you ten minutes of headlines, no commercials

New hopes for Greece,the country that's been struggling with severe debt is getting another bailout from other European countries.This is the second deal,that Greece's gotten in two years.The latest one is worth 172 billion dollars that will help keep Greece from going bankrupt.You have heard us talked about Greece before,in order to get money from other countries to stay afloat,Greece has to make deep cuts in government's spending what it pays to government workers and how much retirement1 money they get.In the short term,Greece will be able to pay some of its debts which have been reduced by the deal but some analysts2 say this is just a quick fix, it's not gonna help the country in the long-term and if Greece's economy eventually goes completely under,it could significantly hurt other economies throughout Europe.It's interconnected.
Well, hear's an example of how a headline you hear in our show will directly affect you.
Oil prices are going up worldwide.It's likely mean higher gas prices and part of the reason is the action recently taken by the middle eastern nation of Iran.Tommy Andres explains how it factors into what we pay at the pump, and how high gas could get in the month ahead.
Cuts in the Iranian oil exports are raising fears that the already rising price of gas could go up higher than first expected.Oil prices surged after Iran announced its cutting exports to Britain and France.This is largely a symbolically3 move because Britain hasn't been buying oil from Iran for over a year.France buys only a modest amount.The only reason the oil prices spike4 is because there is so little spare capacity in global oil markets right now.That oil price spark on the smallest headline.
Iran's decision was made in retaliation5 against new sanctions over its nuclear program.Most of the oil the US import comes from Canada,Saudi Arabia and Mexico but because the oil is an internationally traded commodity,Iran's decision is increasing prices everywhere.Senator,Chuck Schumer of New York says the US need to take steps now to prevent the rising cost of oil from affecting gas prices.
The Saudi in the gulf6 state ought to pump more oil immediately and that's what our government ought to do.It ought to tell Saudi,you know,we are,we are trying to keep Iran in line by squeezing them economically but they ought to pump more oil so the price doesn't go up.
Already,some states are seeing gas prices above 4 bucks7 a gallon.
It's outrageous8 but I mean, I guess it is what it is is,you know,you got to just keep working harder and hopefully to go down and fluctuate as it does yearly.
Analysts say the prices of gas could rise on average more than 50 cents a gallon by the summer.That means some states could be looking at the 
highest 5 dollar a gallon gas. I am Tommy Andres reporting.
Time for the shout our.Which of the middle eastern countries is Yemen?If you think you know the answer,shout it out.Is it A,B,C or D?You've got three seconds.Go!On this map,the letter A represent Yemen,located between the Red Sea and the nation of Oman That's your answer,and that's your shout out.
Yemen's government is categorized as Republic and what that means is that it's citizens vote for people to represent them but until last November,the country has had the same leader,Ali Abdullah Saleh,for decades.He resigned after months' protests and on Tuesday voters streamed to the polls to decide who to replace Saleh.There was one name on the ballot,that's the country's the former vice9 president,Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.A worker with Yemen's interior ministry10 was optimistic,calling this a people's election.But Hadi the keen vice-president in 1994,so some of the citizens were skeptical11 about whether he will be able to fulfill12 his promises of making Yemen safer and creating more jobs there
One side effect of the violence going on in Syria,food and medical supplies aren't getting to the people who need them.Fighting between government forces and a group opposing them has killed an estimated  9 thousands Syrians since last March.Now CNN can't independently confirm that because the Syria government has limited what journalists are allowed to do inside the country.But the international Red Cross has called for a ceasefire.It called for that on Tuesday and the Red Cross wants is just two hours stop in the violence so  the humanitarian13 aid can be disturbed in Syria.CNN Arwa Damon illustrates14 why it's incredibly crucial.


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