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CNN 2012-02-26

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 Some isotopes1 can be radioactive and that includes the ones that were released down during the melt-down at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan last year.A lot of that material ended up in the Pacific ocean and scientists have been studying its impact on fish and plant lives.The results that were reported on Tuesday,are kind of a good news bad news situation.Bad news,the level of radioactive materials are higher than they were before the meltdown.The good news,they are not higher enough to pose a threat to the public.So there are at least some positive news there.The same can be said for Japan's economy right now.Kyung Lah reports on how bad things are for the island nation.

The economic news out of Japan is not just bad.It is historic.The government of Japan saying for the month of January,this country logged a recorded trade deficit3 of 18.6 billion US dollars,that is the highest since this country started to keeping track in 1979.It is higher than the aftermath of a 2008 financial crisis.It is certainly setting off some alarm bells of concerns of the health of this economy.There was also other bad news,that showing foreign investments out of Japan,was going overseas,both among foreign companies,international companies choosing not to do business here in Japan and also Japanese corporations pushing production outside of Japan.For the second straight year,that exodus4 was continuing.It is the second highest on record.So,again,alarm bells being set off, that there is something wrong with the state of the world's third largest economy.Kyung Lah ,CNN,Tokyo.
Today shout out goes out to Ms. Fernandez's Social Study Class,at Oliveira Middle School in Brownsville,Texas.What is the name for the soil that is frozen for more than 2 years?You know what to do here.Is it taiga, permafrost or savanna5?You've got three seconds.Go.Permafrost is the name for ground that has been constantly frozen for at least two years.That's your answer and that's your shout out.
It may be frozen but that doesn't mean there isn't anything underneath6.Fore2 example,Russian scientists found some seeds a few years ago in Siberia.Now these things were chilling out under the permafrost for 300 centuries and now they have helped regrow an ancient plant.Chad Myers talks for CNN's Brooke Baldwin about how it all happened.
Scientists digging down in the permafrost,finding burrows7 from squirrels from 3000 years ago.The seeds,fur,fruits still in the burrows that squirrel didn't eat.They take it,they take it to their scientific lad,kind a little bit of magic,kind cloning,kind stuff.And they find the placenta part,the tissue of the middle.You couldn't plant the seed.Wouldn't be viable8.They wouldn't be viable.Placenta of part of the seed.And they took it,almost like,science fiction.This is like,you know,I am thinking,you know,OK, here comes dinosaurs,if you do it right.They tried to do it years ago.They tried to do it with woolly mammoth9 years ago,didn't work.The DNA10 of the woolly mammoth had broken down but they found the DNA of the plant.They cloned the plant,they made it,they planted the seed that they made.It grew a real plant.They took those seeds from that plants,plant it again and that is growing again.
Americans have been commemorating11 Black History Month throughout February and a museum dedicated12 to that topic broke ground yesterday.It's the Smithsonian's National Museum of African-American History and Culture and this is a virtual tour for what it will look like.The idea for a national Black History museum,first came about nearly a hundred years ago.President Obama talked about that long road during yesterday's ceremony.
This museum should inspire us as well.It should stand as proof that the most important things in life rarely come quickly or easily.It should remind us that although we have yet reached the mountain top,we can not stop climbing.
And finally,I hope you guys can  stomach another eating competition because that what we have stored for today's before we go segment.Now this time around,the chosen delicacy13 is one of my favorite,donuts,and the time limit is five minutes.The winner downed an even dozen,which is a little short of his personal record before you considering entry,keep in mind that these aren't your average pastry14 treats.They make extra large and they have filling too.So,winning won't be a cakewalk.This is one serious competition.No holds barred.That round today's show for CNN STUDENTS NEWS.I am Natisha Lance.


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