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CNN 2012-05-03

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 It is the end of the month, but new week of CNN Students is just getting started, we want to give big thanks to Eric Booth for helping1 us get things started today, you will hear a lot more from later on, first up though, we are looking at a conflict in Africa. 

The president of Sudan has declared a state of emergency for cities along his country southern border, that's because a fighting between Sudan and South Sudan, the Sudanese air forces have launched attacks against ground forces from South Sudan, several south Sudanese soldiers were wounded in an attack on Sunday, according to reporter who is travelling with them. Sudan used to be Africa's largest nation, it's struggle through decades of war until a peace deal was reached in 2005, that led to south Sudan, becoming an independent country last year, but disagreements remain between the two countries, including the status of their citizens, areas along the border that are disputed and how the countries share their oil. Early this month, South Sudan took control of a region that produces about half of Sudan's oil, that was part of what led this weekend's fighting. 
It's April 30th and this day in history in 1789, George Washington was inaugurated in New York as president of the United States. In 1803, representatives from Unite States and France finished negotiating the Louisiana Purchase, the deal doubled American size. In 1945, the leader of Nazis3 Germany Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin headquarters. Germany surrendered soon afterward4. And in 1975, the Vietnam war came to an end when South Vietnam surrendered after north Vietnam's troops took over side gun. 
One year and 3 days ago, outbreak tornadoes6 ripped across parts of the United States, 53 people were killed in Tuscaloosa Alabama when one of the twisters hit there.
On Saturday, former pro2 football and baseball player Bone Jackson arrived in Tuscaloosa at the end of 300-mile bike ride, Jackson said his goal was to raise money for tornado5 victims and raise awareness7 about the struggle to rebuild. George Howl has more on those efforts. It's been one year since this EA full monster left its mark on Tuscaloosa, a year since we last spoke8 to the owner of the crispy cream donuts. Is all this a total loss? A total loss. Today Evan Smith is working to rebuild. We are talking like a year after the tornado came through, we are still waiting for the concrete to be formed. That's amazing, you know, in one statue, you wanna be, upside, how could it take 12 muds but a lot when on those 12 muds. the first came to massive that for to remove debris9 according to city officials, 1.5 million cubic yards of it county wide. Overall,12.6% of the city was destroyed,  most tornadoes hit house, skip by house ,hit house, this thing would take everything out, you know, half of them mile-wide. there were trees all through here. Gary survived by taking shelter in his basement, his home had to be demolished10, so now he is starting over, it does take a while to figure out how do you wanna build, how do you wanna do it , do you wanna come back. I mean, there were a lot of people, there is still across the light , they tried to decide,some of them decided11, they just can't take it, they couldn't be here in the constant reminder12 everyday of seeing it. You can see the difference best from satellite image, this is the corner of 15th A Boulevard before the tornado hit, here is the image of the corner just after the storm came through, there is debris everywhere. This is what they say neighborhood looks like today, while left here was an empty field where these homes once stood, the tornado was on the ground for less than 6 minutes and overall 53 were killed here in Tuscaloosa. This is gonna be the safe room, this is poured in place concrete wall, residents are rebuilding to be better prepared, do you worry this would happen again? yes, I think it's obvious that the Tuscaloosa is on the pay up now, and those signs of progress. far as being in business, I am not better off to like it the door is open again.
From Alabama, we are heading north to NY city for what's expected to be  a towering achievement, this timeless video shows construction at the area known as grounds zero, it's a site of former world trade center, the twin towers that were destroyed by the 911 terrorist attacks in 2001, the building that's gone up has the same number as one of those towers, one world trade center, the project has been moving along at the rate of about 1 floor every week, today it's expected to become the tallest building in NY City, but it won't stop there, one world trade center is schedule to reach its ultimate altitude, 776 feet some time next year. 


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