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CNN 2012-05-18

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 Today, we are gonna take stock of social network going public,and here some advice for college graduates, but we start with a new political area in France, Francis Hollade is the new leader of that country, he is the 1st French president since 1995 who is a member of the socialist1 political party, here you see Hollade on the right with outgoing president Nicolas Sakarzy, the new president was sworn in at inauguration2 on Tuesday, during a speech that afternoon, he said quote the challenge of this term is recovery, France will rise again, and build on the strength, any energy of its creators, of its engineers, its researchers. After he was sworn in this president, Hollade immediately headed to Germany to meet with that country's leader Chacelor. Of the all the countries that use the euro as their currency, Germany and France have the largest economies, to they have a lot of influence on the European economy which has been struggling. 

The American president spent part of yesterday paying tribute to US Law Enforcement officers, president Obama took part in the National Peace Officier's Memorial Service. The tradition started 30 years ago, it honors men and women who lost their lives in the line of duty in the last year and it's part of national police week. That includes events like this candle light vigil from Sunday, according to a report that was released by the FBI on Monday, 72 law enforcement officers were killed in 2011, that's an increase from the previous year, and FBI Director Robert Moller said quote each of these losses is devastating3 and each one reminds us that the safety in the freedom we enjoy come only at a great cost.
See if you can ID me, I am an entrepreneur who was portrayed4 in Oscar-winning movie, I went to college at Harvard, but I didn't graduate. I've been listed as one of the world's youngest self-made billionaires, and many of you use my social network everyday. I am Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder in CEO of facebook, the Zuckerberg and some of his friends launched fackbook in 2004, started in his dorm roommates at Harvard, now more than 900 million people are on the social networking site. By the end of this week, you could have a chance to own a piece of this company, right now facebook is a private business,but this Friday, it's expected to go public, that means facebook will start selling shares of stock,  Mark Zuckerberg and some company executives had been traveling around  the country the past few weeks, they are trying to figure out how demand there is for facebook stock, that's how they will set the price for the company's IPO, Alley5 explains what that is and why this matter. The IPO, initial public offering, it's the 1st time that a privately6 held company offers the chairs to the public, now there are a few reasons why they do this, one, they pay off early stage investors7, two, it's prestigious8, but three, they raise much needed money to expand business. Tom Adam was the CEO of Rozada Stone, a language learning software company which went public on April 17th 2009. The actual IPO day is fantastic moment for the company, because effectively you've had to do a lot of work to be ready to go public, it's saucily9 numerous pride for everybody. But before a company can't do its IPO, it has to set a price for the stock, and then go on a rouge10 show. You basically get the feeling like rock star for about 2 weeks, the bank is what put you on a private plane, and fly you around, cause it's such a urgency to get to as many meetings as possibly you can, so you set off going to tell you your story, and I think you have to just tell, like it is, and very much explain for good and bad of the company, because these are long-term relationships that your company is gonna set and have within invest base until you want to hit the right bounds. The IPO process is too complicated for a company to undertake itself, so they hire investment bankers to underwrite it. So you have essentially11 all of different banks you've conceded, come to present, to you, and evaluate bare assessment12 of the company and how they would present them and sell them.  The big question: how high do you set the price? you are trying to get the range at a level where people will have a conversation, that's vital. So low enough to produce demand, but high enough that you make money of them, so high enough that your incumbent13 invest, the people who've been with you for a long time will be very happy about the outcome, and so you've got balance attitude, and you know, that's something you just have to get them. Companies can make a lot of money going public, instant millionaires, you pay off your early stage investors, you got money to expand, but there is a trade-off, when you are a private, nobody minds your business, when you are public, it's everybody's business. 


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