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CNN 2012-06-07

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 Our next report today is from Cynthia Lee with affiliate1 KABB in Texas. It`s about a high school graduation and specifically about two words written on the program for that graduation ceremony. The two words can have religious connotations, and one of this year`s graduates, the valedictorian, in fact, is an atheist2. He doesn`t follow a religion; he doesn`t believe in God. And he wanted a change.Not everyone agrees.

Stop anywhere in Poteet, and you`ll start hearing the talk of the town: religion taken out of graduation.
But they need to stop and remember nothing is given to us without our good Lord.
It`s even on the front page of the local paper.
I`m a Christian3. I don`t think it should be taken out. But if that person feels that strongly about it, I think they have that right as an American to act that way.
For it to be changed on us all of a sudden, I don`t feel like it`s right for anybody.
The issue surrounds Poteet High School valedictorian, Mark Reyes, who is an atheist. Reyes says he`s not trying to be malicious4, rather just uphold the Constitution.
We are all very different people and in order for us to survive in unison5, we have to have something keeping order and that is the Constitution.
Reyes recently filed a complaint with Americans United for Separation of Church and State, stating that Poteet ISD endorses6 prayer by having invocation and benediction7 within graduation ceremonies.
I know it`s been tradition, but tradition isn`t always right.
The district has replaced the controversial words with opening and closing remarks to comply with the law. However, students giving speeches are legally allowed to make religious references.
As times evolve, I think that we need to make sure that we are,we honor those beliefs, we honor their rights with trying to remain true to tradition.
Superintendent8 Castillo says they are not taking any chances, especially since, he says, a neighboring school district just spent thousands of dollars in legal fees to fight the exact same issue last year.That district being Medina Valley. Officials there just wrapped up a year-long legal process. While Reyes is happy Poteet ISD has complied, he doesn`t want this issue to overshadow graduation day.
I have no problem if they talk about religion in their speeches or they make a reference to Jesus Christ or Allah. I don`t care. What I really do care about is the separation of church and state.
All right. If you`d like to comment on this story, we have the place for you to do it. We`re discussing it on our blog at cnnstudentnews.com. We look forward to what you have to say, but there`s one rule we want you to follow on the blog: it`s first names only, please.
See if you can ID me. I was born in London in 1926. I`m head of state, but I don`t run my country`s government. Most people know me by my royal title, which I`ve had since I was 25 years old.
I`m Queen Elizabeth II, and I`ve been on the throne for 60 years.
The United Kingdom is celebrating those 60 years with Queen Elizabeth`s Diamond Jubilee9. The big part of that was yesterday`s pageant10 on the River Thames. Thousands of people came out to see the royal barge11, as it carried members of the royal family down the river.Other than Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne longer than any British monarch12.
And finally today, if over the years you think you`ve come up with some pretty good excuses for missing school, listen to this one.
Really? He`s going to really write me an excuse note?Mr. Ackerman, please excuse Tyler. He was with me. Barack Obama.And then I kind of want to brag13 at school and tell them, look at what I got.
Well, whatever you think, that is one serious excuse, an executive excuse. Tyler Sullivan was absent last Friday because he went with his dad to see President Obama. Tyler actually met him, and that`s when the president realized Tyler was missing school to do it. So he grabbed an official White House pad, wrote out the absent note. Getting an official excuse from the president is one thing.The big question that remains14 is whether Tyler`s teacher accepts it today.Well, it`s time for us to excuse ourselves. We`re going to be absent for the next 23 hours and 50 minutes, but we will be back for more CNN Student News tomorrow. Hope to see you then.


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