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大学英语听力第一册 lesson 7

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Offering Help I
PART A Micro-Listening
The Alphabet
Directions: You will hear the names of ten American states and their abbreviations2 spelt out for you. Listen carefully and write them down quickly. 20 points
Example: Texas — TX
Name of the State Abbreviation1
1 ________ 2 ________
3 ________ 4 ________
5 ________ 6 ________
7 ________ 8 ________
9 ________ 10 ________
11 ________ 12 ________
13 ________ 14 ________
15 ________ 16 ________
17 ________ 18 ________
19 ________ 20 ________
PART B Macro-Listening
Dialogue 1
Is This a Travel Agency3?
I. Tapescript
Woman Excuse me... Is this a travel agency?
Man It certainly is, madam.
Woman Have you got lots of information about travel?
Man We certainly have, madam.
Woman Great! Perhaps you can help me...
Man What would you like, madam? A weekend in Las Vegas?
Woman Oh, no. I don't think my husband would let me do that.
Man Well, what do you want?
Woman Do you have any interesting program for the two-day weekend?
Man Oh, yes. We have lots of interesting programs for the weekend. You certainly don't seem to like a long trip, do you?
Woman No, we don't. We feel tired after a week's work.
Man Then, what about St. Monica Beach? There you can swim, lie in the sun on the soft sand and play beach volleyball.
Woman Sounds nice. What about the price?
Man $ 200 each.
Woman Good. But I have to talk to my husband first.
II. Language and Culture Notes
1. Excuse me is a polite form often used as an apology when one has to interrupt others.
2. Madam is a polite way of addressing a woman, often used to address a female4 customer.
3. Las Vegas is a city in the State of Nevada, U.S.A., famous for its many gambling5 casinoes, night clubs and big hotels. More than ten million visitors from around the world arrive here every year. The city has become a major tourist attraction in the United States.
4. St. Monica Beach, a beach in Los Angeles, U.S.A., is an ideal6 tourist spot for relaxation7 on the western coast of the Pacific.
III. Exercises with Key
1. Directions: Listen to the dialogue and write 'T' true or 'F' false in the brackets8 for each of the following statements. 10 points
1 The woman needs some information about a trip for the weekend. _________
2 The travel agency has lots of good weekend programs for the customers. _________
3 The woman says she doesn't want to make a long trip because it's too expensive. _________
4 The woman seems to have more say in the family. _________
5 The woman does not have enough money with her, so she has to go home to ask her husband for money. _________
2. Directions: Listen to the dialogue again and fill in the blanks with the words you hear. 10 points
1 Great! Perhaps ____________.
2 I don't think my husband would ____________.
3 Then what about St. Monica Beach? There you can ____________, ____________on the soft sand and ____________.
4 ____________. What about the price?
5 Well, then. I have to ____________.
Dialogue 2
Do You Think You Can Help Me?
I. Tapescript
Jessie Mike, I've got a problem.
Mike What's that, Jessie?
Jessie I've bought a big sofa. But I can't move it up.
Mike You certainly can't do it by yourself.
Jessie Do you think you can help me?
Mike Yes, of course. But where do you want it moved, Jessie?
Jessie Would you mind helping9 me to get it upstairs?
Mike No, of course not. But why do you want it upstairs?
Jessie I have a sitting room upstairs and I want to set it on the corner. Mike, will you take the front end?
Mike Sure. But wouldn't it be better if you went first? You know where you're going. I'll hold the back end and it's heavier.
Jessie Good idea, Mike. Let's go.
II. Language and Culture Notes
1. Would you mind doing...? This is a polite way to make a request. One is expected to respond with 'Not at all', 'Of course not', etc., which mean 'No, I don't mind', 'I'll be glad to', etc.
Notice also a gerund is used after the verb 'mind'.
2. The sitting room is also called the living room. It is a room for general use, such as receiving guests, spending leisure10 time, etc.
III. Exercises with Key
1. Directions: Listen to the dialogue and write 'T' true or 'F' false for each statement you hear. 10 points
1 Jessie wants to buy a big sofa, but she is short of money.
2 Mike is surprised to hear that Jessie wants to set her sofa in the sitting room.
3 Mike is ready to help because he knows that Jessie can't do it by herself.
4 Jessie wants Mike to take the back end of the sofa because she thinks Mike is very strong.
5 Mike suggests that Jessie take the front end because she knows the way.
2. Directions: Listen to the dialogue again and write down what the second speaker says in response. 10 points
1 ___________.
2 ___________.
3 ___________.
4 ___________.
5 ___________.
PART C Oral Practice
Directions: Work in pairs and use the structure 'Would you mind...?' and 'Do you think you could ...?' to make requests and give proper responses.
Suggested situations:
1. A wants B to close the window.
2. A wants B to lend him / her a dictionary.
3. A wants B to show him / her the way to the new library.
4. A wants B to answer the door.
5. A wants B to turn down the radio a bit.


1 abbreviation LyCz9     
  • A.D.is the abbreviation for"advertisement".A.D.是advertisement的缩写。
  • The postal abbreviation for Kansas is KS.堪萨斯州的邮政缩写是KS。
2 abbreviations a4c8134a554a0809846626fa94ea59dc     
n.缩写( abbreviation的名词复数 );缩写词;略语
  • Scratch the subject of defence and acronyms, abbreviations, and buzzwords fly out. 话题触及国防,缩合字,缩写字和行话就满天飞。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • All abbreviations are to be written out. 所有的缩写都要完整地写出来 来自辞典例句
3 agency iKcy0     
  • This disease is spread through the agency of insects.这种疾病是通过昆虫媒介传播的。
  • He spoke in the person of Xinhua News Agency.他代表新华社讲话。
4 female 3kSxf     
  • We only employ female workers.我们只雇用女工。
  • The animal in the picture was a female elephant.照片上的动物是头母象。
5 gambling ch4xH     
  • They have won a lot of money through gambling.他们赌博赢了很多钱。
  • The men have been gambling away all night.那些人赌了整整一夜。
6 ideal 2bRxF     
  • The weather at the seaside was ideal—bright and breezy.海边的天气最宜人,风和日丽的。
  • They promised to be faithful to their ideal for ever. 他们保证永远忠于自己的理想。
7 relaxation MVmxj     
  • The minister has consistently opposed any relaxation in the law.部长一向反对法律上的任何放宽。
  • She listens to classical music for relaxation.她听古典音乐放松。
8 brackets 4fb5752086a682013b5aacd00bc913fd     
n.括弧( bracket的名词复数 );等级;类别层次;壁架v.把…括在括弧内( bracket的第三人称单数 );把…归为一类
  • Publication dates are given in brackets after each title. 出版日期括于书名后面。
  • Put your name in brackets at the top of each page. 把你的名字填在每页上端的括弧内。 来自《简明英汉词典》
9 helping 2rGzDc     
  • The poor children regularly pony up for a second helping of my hamburger. 那些可怜的孩子们总是要求我把我的汉堡包再给他们一份。
  • By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来, 他在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。
10 leisure w1Nxb     
  • I am seldom at leisure.我很少有空。
  • He read books at his leisure.他在空闲时读一些书。
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