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Ballet-Kite Surfing

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There is just one road along the Atlantic coast of Spain to the southern most tip of Europe. It follows the coast of De La Luis, the coast of the light, leading you to Tariffa, possibly the windiest beach in the world. Tariffa feels remote. It’s Europe’s closest point to Africa, you can see the coast of Morocco. The beach is unspoiled, with no resorts. Its wind and the water hold the secret of the newest 1)craze in water sports: kite surfing.   

Nacho is an instructor1 at Club Luscrow, one of the two surf schools on Tariffa’s main water sport beach, Puenta Paloma. Every morning, before the wind gets to high and when the beach is still empty, the schools hold intensive classes for beginners. If your Spanish isn’t quite up to picking up the technique of wind surfing, there are classes in English and every other European language.    

The secret of success on the board is balance and confidence. For beginners, it’s never all plain sailing. By the afternoon, the winds are reaching up to sixty miles an hour, the sun 2)bathers are out in force and the 3)novice2 surfers make way for the experts.   

This is the wind surfing capital of Europe, but it’s not the wind surfing that is now attracting the crowds to the beach; it’s kite surfing. Over the last two years, the popularity3 of this new sport has taken off. Kiting is an 4)evolution of snow boarding and surfing. People who discover the secret of Tarriffa travel from all corners of the world to experience the 5)adrenalin and style of this sport. It was developed fifteen years ago by Cory Rossler, an American from Oregon. He started by putting a kite with water-skiis. Today the advantages of a single board are the incredible4 6)acrobatics5 that surfers can create reaching heights of up to forty feet. It doesn’t need the wave, the lightweight kite is pulled on a 7)pulley system to catch the wind in whatever direction it is moving. Tariffa has two wind directions which can create the perfect conditions.   

Kite surfing has been called “aerial ballet”, fast overtaking other forms of surfing, because there’s no waiting for waves or for the right conditions. The wind may be magnificent for water sports, but it holds an ancient secret: local myths6 has it that it causes madness. Even if the 8)unrelenting wind is the secret cause of madness, it’s not stopping Tariffa beach growing in popularity. It has a laid-back, truly European atmosphere retaining unspoilt and simple charm7.CE

1) craze [kreiz] n. 风行一时的东西

2) bather [`beiTE] n. 洗澡的人;游泳者

3) novice [5nCvis] n. 新手;初学者

4) evolution [7i:vE5lu:FEn] n. 发展;演变

5) adrenalin  [E5drenElin] n. 肾上腺素

6) acrobatics [7AkrEu5bAtiks] n. 杂技;技艺

7)  pulley [5puli] n. 滑轮,滑车

8) unrelenting [5Qnri5lentiN] a. 不松懈的




纳曹是卢思克罗俱乐部的教练,这家俱乐部在塔里法主要进行水上运动,是海滩上的两所滑浪学校之一。每个早上,趁风速尚未很高以前,海滩仍旧空荡荡的时候,学校就对初学者进行密集训练。如果你的西班牙语还不太好,不能听懂风帆滑浪讲解的技巧,那里也开有用英文或其他欧洲语言讲解的课程。    成功操控滑板的秘诀在于平衡力和自信心。对初学者来说,绝对不会一帆风顺。到了下午,风速达每小时六十英里,晒日光浴的人大举出动,新手只好让位给专业人士了。   




1 instructor D6GxY     
  • The college jumped him from instructor to full professor.大学突然把他从讲师提升为正教授。
  • The skiing instructor was a tall,sunburnt man.滑雪教练是一个高高个子晒得黑黑的男子。
2 novice 1H4x1     
  • As a novice writer,this is something I'm interested in.作为初涉写作的人,我对此很感兴趣。
  • She realized that she was a novice.她知道自己初出茅庐。
3 popularity bO4xU     
  • The story had an extensive popularity among American readers.这本小说在美国读者中赢得广泛的声望。
  • Our product enjoys popularity throughout the world.我们的产品饮誉全球。
4 incredible q8fx7     
  • Some planets run at incredible speed.某些星球以难以置信的速度运行着。
  • Her answer showed the most incredible stupidity.她的回答显示出不可思议的愚蠢。
5 acrobatics IzgzpT     
  • Acrobatics is hard to learn but beautiful to watch.杂技不好学,但很好看。
  • We watched a performance which included a puppet show and acrobatics.我们观看了一场演出,内容有木偶和杂技。
6 myths 472f82f79e7bb7e83adf53fcb7fd9c64     
n.神话( myth的名词复数 );杜撰出来的人[事物]
  • They drew the material of their plays chiefly from myths and legends. 他们主要从神话传说中提取剧本的素材。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • Jasper White is one of rare people who believes in ancient myths. 贾斯珀。怀特是少有的相信古代神话的人之一。 来自新概念英语第二册
7 charm prVzK     
  • With all imperfections the short play has a real charm.尽管有不少缺欠,这出小戏仍颇具魅力。
  • He could resist her charm no longer.他再也抗拒不住她的魅力。
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