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Love is Just Like a Broken Arm

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     “But what if I break my arm again?” my five year-old daughter asked, her lower lip trembling. I knelt 1)holding onto her bike and looked her right in the eyes. I knew how much she wanted to learn to ride. How often she felt left out when her friends 2)pedaled by our house. Yet ever since she’d fallen off her bike and broken her arm, she’d been afraid.

     “Oh honey,” I said. “I don’t think you’ll break another arm.”

     “But I could, couldn’t I?”

     “Yes,” I admitted, and found myself struggling for the right thing to say. At times like this, I wished I had a partner to turn to. Someone who might help find the right words to make my little girl’s problems disappear. But after a 3)disastrous2 marriage and a painful 4)divorce, I’d welcomed the 5)hardships of being a single parent and had been 6)adamant3 in telling anyone who tried to 7)fix me up that I was 8)terminally single.

     “I don’t think I want to ride,” she said and got off her bike.

     We walked away and sat down beside a tree.

     “Don’t you want to ride with your friends?” I asked.

     “Yes,” she admitted.

     “And I thought you were hoping to start riding your bike to school next year,” I added.

     “I was,” she said, her voice almost a 9)quiver4.

     “You know, hon,” I said. “Most everything you do comes with risks. You could get a broken arm in a car 10)wreck5 and then be afraid to ever ride in a car again. You could break your arm jumping rope. You could break your arm at 11)gymnastics. Do you want to stop going to gymnastics?”

     “No,” she said. And with a determined6 spirit, she stood up and agreed to try again. I held on to the back of her bike until she found the courage to say, “Let go!”

     I spent the rest of the afternoon at the park watching a very brave little girl overcome a fear, and congratulating myself for being a self-sufficient single parent.

     As we walked home, pushing the bike as we made our way along the 12)sidewalk, she asked me about a conversation she’d 13)overheard me having with my mother the night before.

     “Why were you and grandma arguing last night?”

     My mother was one of the many people who constantly tried to fix me up. How many times had I told her “no” to meeting the Mr. Perfect she picked out for me. She just knew Steve was the man for me.

     “It’s nothing,” I told her.

     She 14)shrugged. “Grandma said she just wanted you to find someone to love.”

     “What grandma wants is for some guy to break my heart again,” I 15)snapped, angry that my mother had said anything about this to my daughter.

     “But Mom.”

     “You’re too young to understand,” I told her.

     She was quiet for the next few minutes. Then she looked up and in a small voice gave me something to think about.

     “So I guess love isn’t like a broken arm.”

     Unable to answer, we walked the rest of the way in silence. When I got home, I called my mother and 16)scolded her for talking about this to my daughter. Then I did what I’d seen my brave little girl do that very afternoon. I let go and agreed to meet Steve.

Steve was the man for me. We married less than a year later. It 17)turned out mother and my daughter were right.CE






























v1) hold onto 抓住,不放手

2) pedal1 [5pedEl] v. 踩踏板

3) disastrous [di5za:strEus] a. 悲伤的

4) divorce [di5vC:s] n. 离婚

5) hardship [5ha:dFip] n. 困难

6) adamant [5AdEmEnt] a. 坚硬

7) fix up 安排,解决

8) terminally [5tE:minli] adv. 末尾

9) quiver [5kwivEr] n. 颤音

10) wreck [rek] n. 失事,破坏

11) gymnastics [dVim5nAstiks] n. 体操,体育

12) sidewalk [5saidwC:k] n. 人行道

13) overhear7 [EuvE5hiEr] v. 无意中听到

14) shrug8 [FrQg] v. 耸肩

15) snap9 [snAp] v. 猛地吸住,厉声说话

16) scold [skEuld] v. 责备

17) turn out 结果



1 pedal iuNyz     
  • He pressed down the accelerator pedal of his car.他踩下汽车的加速器踏板。
  • I saw him pedal to school every morning.我看到他每天早晨骑自行车上学。
2 disastrous 2ujx0     
  • The heavy rainstorm caused a disastrous flood.暴雨成灾。
  • Her investment had disastrous consequences.She lost everything she owned.她的投资结果很惨,血本无归。
3 adamant FywzQ     
  • We are adamant on the building of a well-off society.在建设小康社会这一点上,我们是坚定不移的。
  • Veronica was quite adamant that they should stay on.维罗妮卡坚信他们必须继续留下去。
4 quiver b01zW     
  • Can you feel a quiver of her hands? 你感觉到她的手在发抖吗?
  • There was a slight quiver in his voice as he spoke.他说话时声音有些颤抖。
5 wreck QMjzE     
  • Weather may have been a factor in the wreck.天气可能是造成这次失事的原因之一。
  • No one can wreck the friendship between us.没有人能够破坏我们之间的友谊。
6 determined duszmP     
  • I have determined on going to Tibet after graduation.我已决定毕业后去西藏。
  • He determined to view the rooms behind the office.他决定查看一下办公室后面的房间。
7 overhear 3Kqxy     
  • I happened to overhear what he said.我碰巧听到他说的话。
  • They stepped aside so that their child could not overhear their conversation.他们走到一边去,不让孩子听见他们的谈话。
8 shrug Ry3w5     
  • With a shrug,he went out of the room.他耸一下肩,走出了房间。
  • I admire the way she is able to shrug off unfair criticism.我很佩服她能对错误的批评意见不予理会。
9 snap tFCzw     
  • He broke off the twig with a snap.他啪地一声把那根树枝折断了。
  • These earrings snap on with special fasteners.这副耳环是用特制的按扣扣上去的。
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