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Living with the Future

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 1)Split-second lunches, 2)color-keyed 3)disposable dishes — all part of the instant society of tomorrow.

The early vision of disposability was that somehow it just melted into the atmosphere. They didn’t really think about the 4)garbage component1 with all this disposability.

Disposability goes along with the whole idea of everything being very clean and neat and ordered.

The scientific house is most scientific in the kitchen where this 5)unique 6)stove is able to cook a meal in mid-air. 7)Magnetic 8)coils 9)underneath2 the stove-top keep the pan hot enough to fry a mouth-watering meal while the top of the stove remains3 cold and safe to touch. When the stove is turned off, the pan drops and 10)presto4 11)electromagnetic 12)bacon and eggs!

I remember as a kid getting these wonderful books, Popular Science or Popular Mechanics, that were full of 13)fanciful and wonderful ideas, and one of the images shows a housewife with a garden hose in her living room and she’s 14)hosing down her couch. Plastic for furniture, why not? Metal for clothing. Sure. If we can do it, let’s try it.

A perfect example of how you just had to ignore human 15)nature to see that part of the future. You know how many times has AT&T tried to introduce picture phones just to have people go, “No, I don”t want them to see me!”

“The place where electronic wonders 16)abound5 a marriage of sight through the drama of sound. A wonderful coupling of vision and speech, and a ride to the future and a past within reach.”

The role of electronics was wildly underestimated. But that was because they were looking at the future from a 17)standpoint where computers were huge things that took whole rooms full and spinning wheels of magnetic tape.

It’s partly because we always 18)envisioned the future in terms of what we have now only a lot better, so that people in the year 1900 didn”t think of computers, they thought of 19)pneumatic tubes that went real, real, real, real fast. They thought by now you’d be spending your vacations certainly in 20)Mars or 21)Jupiter or some place, maybe a little bit cooler.

I really would like to take that vacation in space now and I’m not sure it’s going to be ready in time.

And the fact that we can fly into space or communicate instantly with one another over vast distances, even the fact that we’ve been able to extend our lives by decades, none of that has really changed who we are. It is in fact the one 22)prediction you can confidently make about the future, be it a hundred or another 1,000 years from now. The standards by which we measure a person’s goodness or evil will be the same as they are today. No matter what our kitchens look like or how we travel the highways of the universe, the essential 23)ingredients of a moral man or woman will be unchanged. CE















1) split-second 一刹那

2) color-keyed 用不同色彩作标记或分类

3) disposable [di5spEdEl] a. 可任意使用的

4) garbage [5ga:bidV] n. 垃圾,废物

5) unique [ju5ni:k] a. 独特的

6) stove [stEuv] n. 炉子

7) magnetic [mAg5netik] a. 磁的,有磁性的

8) coil [kCil] n. 卷线

9) underneath [QndE5ni:W] prep. 在……底下

10) presto [5prestEu] a. 迅速的,快速的

11) electromagnetic [ilektrEu5mAgnitik] a. 电磁的

12) bacon [5beikEn] n. 咸肉,熏肉

13) fanciful [5fAnsiful] a. 稀奇的,奇怪的

14) hose [hEuz] v. 用软管浇水

15) nature [5neitFEr] n. 本性,天性

16) abound [E5baund] v. 充满,富足  

17) standpoint [5stAndpCint] n. 立场,观点

18) envision [in5viVEn] v. 想象,预想

19) pneumatic [nju:5mAtik] a. 装满空气的,风力的

20) Mars [ma:s] n. 火星

21) Jupiter [5dVu:pitEr] n. 木星

22) prediction [pri5dikFEn] n. 预测

23) ingredient [in5gri:diEnt] n. 成分,因素





1 component epSzv     
  • Each component is carefully checked before assembly.每个零件在装配前都经过仔细检查。
  • Blade and handle are the component parts of a knife.刀身和刀柄是一把刀的组成部分。
2 underneath VKRz2     
  • Working underneath the car is always a messy job.在汽车底下工作是件脏活。
  • She wore a coat with a dress underneath.她穿着一件大衣,里面套着一条连衣裙。
3 remains 1kMzTy     
  • He ate the remains of food hungrily.他狼吞虎咽地吃剩余的食物。
  • The remains of the meal were fed to the dog.残羹剩饭喂狗了。
4 presto ZByy0     
  • With something so important,you can't just wave a wand and presto!在这么重大的问题上,你想挥动一下指挥棒,转眼就变过来,办不到!
  • I just turned the piece of wire in the lock and hey presto,the door opened.我把金属丝伸到锁孔里一拧,嘿,那门就开了。
5 abound wykz4     
  • Oranges abound here all the year round.这里一年到头都有很多橙子。
  • But problems abound in the management of State-owned companies.但是在国有企业的管理中仍然存在不少问题。
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