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Aircraft Carriers

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Being a super power, it’s not possession of nuclear weapons, it’s not having a large armed forces, it’s not having higher tech equipment than anyone else, if there’s one thing that defines being a superpower – it’s force 1)projection1, and basically if you don’t have aircraft carriers you don’t have force projection. 

These giants of the ocean have been around since the twenties, giving potential air superiority across the globe. If you bear in mind that the 2)overwhelming majority of the world population live within 200 miles of the sea, if you’ve got a carrier, that means you can project that air power which can protect land forces and 3)maritime forces to most of the areas of the world that you are likely to fight. Aircraft carrier is power, 4)flexibility2 and range. Carriers are the pride of any fleet. They’re vital command and control 5)facilities in any modern conflict. 

You can hold your force offshore3 in international waters where no one can basically say you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. And then if a crisis develops, you can push them forward into the direct battle zone. It allows you to be both over the horizon and in someone’s face. There’s nothing more in your face than the American nuclear powered aircraft carriers. Four and a half billion dollars and five years to build they’re the ultimate show of state sized military might. You have there examples of people starting off with a blank sheet of paper and basically a blank cheque book and said build it for the operational task and mission and you’ve got that big box of a hanger4 that a big flat top and you’ve got all the space that you need.

The new French nuclear aircraft carrier, Charles de Gaulle, is almost a case study in how not to do it. 6)Compromised on the reactor5, compromised on the hanger space, compromised on the size of the deck. The 7)Brits couldn’t or wouldn’t spend the cash on the Invincible6 class carriers in the 80s. The three ships are small short 8)takeoff and 9)vertical7 landing rather than 10)conventional or sea carriers, but they work. But they can operate in much worse weather. The cycle rate of aircraft you get with a 11)stol carrier is about twice that of a conventional take-off and landing one. And they’ve done the business when the call came. 

Aircraft carriers are usually at the center of a task group, destroyers and 12)frigates protect their major asset from 13)submarine, aircraft and missile threats and that is 14)crucial. Any platform that’s carrying about six billion dollars worth of aircraft, six to eight thousand men is tempting9 for anyone with good anti-ship missiles.  If you wanted to make a huge political, military point, well, sinking an aircraft carrier is a very, very good way to do it. CE












1) projection [prE5dVekFEn] n. 发射

2) overwhelming [EuvE5welmiN] a. 压倒性的,无法抵抗的

3) maritime[5mAritaim] a. 海上的,海事的

4) flexibility [fleksE5biliti] n. 适应性

5) facility [fE5siliti] n. 简易,敏捷

6) compromise [[5kCmprEmaiz]] n. 妥协

7) Brit[brit] n. British,英国人

8) takeoff[5teikCf] n. 起飞

9) vertical [5vE:tikEl] a. 垂直的,直立的

10) conventional [kEn5venFEnEl] a. 惯例的,常规的

11) stol[stCl]n. 短距起落飞机

12) frigate8 [5frigit] n. 护卫舰

13) submarine [sQbmE5ri:n] n. 潜水艇

14) crucial [5kru:FEl] a. 至关紧要的



1 projection 9Rzxu     
  • Projection takes place with a minimum of awareness or conscious control.投射在最少的知觉或意识控制下发生。
  • The projection of increases in number of house-holds is correct.对户数增加的推算是正确的。
2 flexibility vjPxb     
  • Her great strength lies in her flexibility.她的优势在于她灵活变通。
  • The flexibility of a man's muscles will lessen as he becomes old.人老了肌肉的柔韧性将降低。
3 offshore FIux8     
  • A big program of oil exploration has begun offshore.一个大规模的石油勘探计划正在近海展开。
  • A gentle current carried them slowly offshore.和缓的潮流慢慢地把他们带离了海岸。
4 hanger hanger     
  • I hung my coat up on a hanger.我把外衣挂在挂钩上。
  • The ship is fitted with a large helicopter hanger and flight deck.这艘船配备有一个较大的直升飞机悬挂装置和飞行甲板。
5 reactor jTnxL     
  • The atomic reactor generates enormous amounts of thermal energy.原子反应堆发出大量的热能。
  • Inside the reactor the large molecules are cracked into smaller molecules.在反应堆里,大分子裂变为小分子。
6 invincible 9xMyc     
  • This football team was once reputed to be invincible.这支足球队曾被誉为无敌的劲旅。
  • The workers are invincible as long as they hold together.只要工人团结一致,他们就是不可战胜的。
7 vertical ZiywU     
  • The northern side of the mountain is almost vertical.这座山的北坡几乎是垂直的。
  • Vertical air motions are not measured by this system.垂直气流的运动不用这种系统来测量。
8 frigate hlsy4     
  • An enemy frigate bore down on the sloop.一艘敌驱逐舰向这只护航舰逼过来。
  • I declare we could fight frigate.我敢说我们简直可以和一艘战舰交战。
9 tempting wgAzd4     
a.诱人的, 吸引人的
  • It is tempting to idealize the past. 人都爱把过去的日子说得那么美好。
  • It was a tempting offer. 这是个诱人的提议。
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