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Globalization: Opportunities and Challenges for China’s You

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Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen. Today I’m very happy to be here to share with you some of my thoughts on the topic of Globalization. And first of all, I would like to mention an event  in our recent history.

Thirty years ago, American President Richard Nixon made an epoch-making visit to China, a country still isolated1 at that time. Premier2 Zhou Enlai said to him, “Your handshake came over the vastest ocean in the world - twenty-five years of no communi-cation.” Ever since then, China and America have exchanged many handshakes of various kinds. The fundamental 1)implication of this example is that the need and desire to communicate across differences in culture and 2)ideology3 is not only felt by the two countries but by many other nations as well.

As we can see today, environmentalists from different countries are making joint4 efforts to address the issue of global warming, economists5 are seeking solutions to financial crises that rage in a particular region but nonetheless cripple the world’s economy, and diplomats6 and politicians are getting together to discuss the issue of combating terrorism. Peace and prosperity has become a common goal that we are striving for all over the world. Underlying7 this mighty8 trend of globalization is the echo of 3)E. M. Forster’s words, “Only connect!”

With the IT revolution taking place, traditional boundaries of human society fall away. Our culture, politics, society and commerce are being 4)sloshed into a large 5)melting pot of humanity. In this interlinked world, there are no outsiders, for a disturbance9 in one place is likely to impact other parts of the globe. We have begun to realize that a world divided cannot endure.

China is now actively10 integrating into the world. Our recent entry to the WTO is a good example. For decades, we have taken pride in being self-reliant, but now we realize the importance of participating in and contributing to a broader economic order. From the 6)precarious11 role in the world arena12 to our present WTO membership, we have come a long way.

But what does the way ahead look like? In some parts of the world people are demonstrating against globalization. Are they justified13, then, in criticizing the globalizing world? Instead of narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor, they say, globalization enables  developed nations to swallow the developing nations’ wealth in debts and interest. Globalization, they argue, should be about an earnest interest in every other nation’s economic health.

We are reminded by Karl Marx that capital goes beyond national borders and eludes14 control from any other 7)entity15. This has become a reality. Multinational16 corporations are seeking the lowest cost, the largest market, and the most favorable policy. They are often powerful lobbyists in government decision-making, ruthless expansionists in the global market place and a devastating17 presence to local businesses.

For China, still more challenges exist. How are we going to ensure a smooth 8)transition from the planned economy to a market-based one? How to construct a legal system that is sound enough and broad enough to respond to the needs of a 9)dynamic society? How to maintain our cultural identity in an increasingly 10)homogeneous world? And how to define greatness in our rise as a peace-loving nation? Globalization entails18 questions that concern us all.

Like many young people my age in China, I want to see my country get prosperous and enjoying respect in the international community. But it seems to me that mere19 11)patriotism20 is not just enough. It is vitally important that we young people do more serious thinking and broaden our minds to bigger issues. And there might never be easy answers to those issues such as globalization, but to take them on and give them honest thinking is the first step to be prepared for both opportunities and challenges coming our way. And this is also one of the thoughts that came to me while preparing this speech. Thank you! CE






正如我们今天所看到的,不同国家的环保专家们正齐心协力在全球变暖这一问题上各抒己见;经济学家们一同寻找着对付金融危机的办法,虽然这一危机只发生在一定区域,但它还是会阻碍世界经济的发展;外交官和政治家们则聚到一起探讨打击恐怖主义的问题。和平与繁荣已成为全世界共同奋斗的目标。如此强大趋势的“全球化”正应证了E. M. 福斯特的那句话:“但求沟通!”







1) implication [ 7impli5keiFEn] n. 含意,暗示

2) ideology [ aidi5ClEdVi] n. 意识形态

3) E. M. Forster  爱德华·摩根·福斯特

(1879-1970) 是本世纪英国著名的作家。

4) slosh [slCF] v. 溅,泼

5) melting pot  大熔炉

6) precarious [pri5kZEriEs] a. 不确定的,不安全的

7) entity [5entiti] n. 实体

8) transition [trAn5ziFEn] n. 转变,过渡,转换

9) dynamic [dai5nAmik] a. 动力的,动力学的

10) homogeneous [ hCmEu5dVi:njEs] a. 同类的,相似的

11) patriotism [5pAtriEtizEm] n. 爱国心,爱国精神




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  • Patients with the disease should be isolated. 这种病的患者应予以隔离。
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  • The Irish Premier is paying an official visit to Britain.爱尔兰总理正在对英国进行正式访问。
  • He requested that the premier grant him an internview.他要求那位总理接见他一次。
3 ideology Scfzg     
  • The ideology has great influence in the world.这种思想体系在世界上有很大的影响。
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4 joint m3lx4     
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n.外交官( diplomat的名词复数 );有手腕的人,善于交际的人
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8 mighty YDWxl     
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12 arena Yv4zd     
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14 eludes 493c2abd8bd3082d879dba5916662c90     
v.(尤指机敏地)避开( elude的第三人称单数 );逃避;躲避;使达不到
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17 devastating muOzlG     
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18 entails bc08bbfc5f8710441959edc8dadcb925     
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