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News Spotlight (4)

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News Spotlight1 (4)


News 1: 政治

In Canada, Quebec's pro-independence party has suffered a 1)setback2. Partial results show the Party Quebecois has lost its bid for a third straight term in the 125-member National Assembly. Incomplete results also show Liberal Party candidates winning 65 races and leading eight others. Election observers predicted that a win for the Parti Quebecois would lead to another 2)referendum on independence. A 1995 referendum, to separate French-speaking Quebec from the rest of Canada, failed by less than a percentage point.


News 2: 政治

An Argentine lawyer, Luis Moreno Ocampo, has been appointed as the first 3)prosecutor3 of the new 4)International Criminal Court. Mr. Moreno Ocampo made his name in the 1980's when he helped prosecute4 the former leaders of Argentina's military government for human rights abuses.


News 3: 经济

Phillip Morris got a partial 5)reprieve5 when an Illinois judge cut in half the amount of money that the nation's biggest cigarette maker6 must 6)come up with to begin appealing a 10.1 billion dollar 7)verdict. The judge ordered the tobacco giant to deposit six billion dollars in 8)escrow to begin its appeal. The company had previously7 faced paying a 12 billion dollar appeal bond.

Now the accounting8 9)probe into HealthSouth could widen beyond the nine former executives who reached 10)plea agreements with the government, The Wall Street Journal, reporting that additional plea agreements could be reached by the middle of the week. Meantime, the 11)hearing on whether to unfreeze former Chairman and CEO Richard Scrushy's assets continuing in Birmingham.

Some big changes at the company formerly9 known as Worldcom. The second-largest U.S. long-distance company, is 12)dumping its name for a familiar one, M.C.I., and it will also shift its headquarters from Mississippi to Virginia. Worldcom filed for bankruptcy10 last year amid a growing accounting scandal. Now the company says it will come out of bankruptcy later this year with debt of about four billion dollars. It had more than thirty billion dollars in debt when it filed for 13)Chapter Eleven.


News 4: 科技

History's in the making when an international group of scientists unveiled what's 14)dubbed, "The Book of Life? or the complete map of the human 15)genome. The research is widely expected to revolutionize biology and medicine. The completed map of the human genetic12 code was finished two years after a rough draft of the code was published. The data, which is said to be 99.9 percent accurate, has been uploaded into a public database for the benefit of all humanity.

Dr. Robert Waterston (International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium): After three billion years of evolution, and several years of work by this 16)coalition13, we have before us the instruction set that carries each of us from a one-celled egg, to adulthood14, to the grave.

Scientists said that the work done in final year of  sequencing the human genome proved wrong an earlier notion that some human DNA15 was 17)junk.

Dr. Eric Lander (Whitehead Institute): Even regions that we thought were quite unimportant, we're finding out some of them are perfect duplications that make new copies of existing genes16 18)embedded with them, and they become nurseries for new genes.

There are high expectations the complete map of the human genome, will, in future, revolutionize research into preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease from Parkinson's to cancer.


News 5: 社会

Gunmen, armed with an AK-47 rifle and a handgun, had opened fire in yet another high school shooting in the U.S. A fifteen-year-old boy died and three other students were injured in the assault in New Orleans. Two hundred students who were inside a 19)gymnasium had to scramble18 for cover when the gunmen went on a 20)rampage, apparently19 targeting the victim in revenge for an earlier shooting. The police arrested four suspects near the scene shortly afterwards.


News 6: 体育

It was a 21)bittersweet 22)sendoff for the retiring Michael Jordan, who played his final home game for the Washington Wizards.

A capacity crowd in Washington, 20,178 people, packed the stadium to watch Michael Jordan's final home game for the Wizards. Jordan, who plans to retire at the end of the season, received the Stars and Stripes flag from Defense20 Secretary Donald Rumsfeld before the game against the New York Knicks. The Knicks won the contest 93-79, but Jordan will be hoping to end his career on a winning note when the Wizards travel to Philadelphia for their last game of the season.



1 政治


2 政治


    3 经济




    4 科技






5 社会


6  体育


在华盛顿,20178名球迷挤满了体育馆,观看乔丹为奇才队打的最后一场主场比赛。乔丹计划在本季末退出球坛,在这场与纽约尼克斯队对抗的比赛开始之前,他接受了由美国国防部长唐纳德·拉姆斯菲尔德颁发的美国国旗。最终尼克斯队以93: 79打败了奇才队。奇才队将赴费城参加本赛季他们的最后一场比赛,而乔丹也希望这次比赛能为他的职业生涯划上一个完美的句号。



1) setback [5setbAk] n. 挫折,退步

2) referendum [7refE5rendEm] n. 公民投票

3) prosecutor [5prCsikju:tE] n. 检举人

4) International Criminal Court: 国际刑事法庭

5) reprieve [ri5pri:v] n. 缓刑

6) come up with: 赶上,追上

7) verdict [5vE:dikt] n.[](陪审团的)裁决,结论

8) escrow [es5krEu] n. 由第三者保存、待条件完成后即交受让人的契约

9) probe [prEub] v. 探查

10) plea agreement: 又作plea bargain, 意为辩诉协议或辩诉交易,指在检察官签署控诉书之前,作为国家代表的检察官可以同作为被告代表的辩护人就被告是否有罪、所受刑罚的轻重进行交易,达成一个双方都满意的协议,这种协议很容易得到法庭的许可。

11) hearing [5hiEriN] n. 听证会

12) dump [dQmp] v. 抛弃

13) Chapter Eleven: 又称Bankruptcy protection,美国联邦破产法的第11条规定,当一家公司或个人不再有能力向债权人偿还债务,或预计今后也无法偿还时,可申请Chapter 11破产保护。根据规定,债权人不得向受保护公司或个人提出要求还债的诉讼,而公司则可在规定期限内继续营业,并进行整顿。

14) dub11 [dQb] v. (以某种称号)授与

15) genome [5dVi:nEum] n. 基因组

16) coalition [7kEuE5liFEn] n. 合并,联合

17) junk [dVQNk] n. 垃圾

18) embed17 [im5bed] v. 使插入,使嵌入

19) gymnasium [dVim5neiziEm] n. 健身房,体育馆

20) rampage [5rAmpeidV] n. 狂暴或激动的行为

21) bittersweet [5bItEswi:t] a. 苦乐参半的

22) sendoff [5sendaJf] n. 送别;起动



1 spotlight 6hBzmk     
  • This week the spotlight is on the world of fashion.本周引人瞩目的是时装界。
  • The spotlight followed her round the stage.聚光灯的光圈随着她在舞台上转。
2 setback XzuwD     
  • Since that time there has never been any setback in his career.从那时起他在事业上一直没有遇到周折。
  • She views every minor setback as a disaster.她把每个较小的挫折都看成重大灾难。
3 prosecutor 6RXx1     
  • The defender argued down the prosecutor at the court.辩护人在法庭上驳倒了起诉人。
  • The prosecutor would tear your testimony to pieces.检查官会把你的证言驳得体无完肤。
4 prosecute d0Mzn     
  • I am trying my best to prosecute my duties.我正在尽力履行我的职责。
  • Is there enough evidence to prosecute?有没有起诉的足够证据?
5 reprieve kBtzb     
  • He was saved from the gallows by a lastminute reprieve.最后一刻的缓刑令把他从绞架上解救了下来。
  • The railway line, due for closure, has been granted a six-month reprieve.本应停运的铁路线获准多运行6 个月。
6 maker DALxN     
  • He is a trouble maker,You must be distant with him.他是个捣蛋鬼,你不要跟他在一起。
  • A cabinet maker must be a master craftsman.家具木工必须是技艺高超的手艺人。
7 previously bkzzzC     
  • The bicycle tyre blew out at a previously damaged point.自行车胎在以前损坏过的地方又爆开了。
  • Let me digress for a moment and explain what had happened previously.让我岔开一会儿,解释原先发生了什么。
8 accounting nzSzsY     
  • A job fell vacant in the accounting department.财会部出现了一个空缺。
  • There's an accounting error in this entry.这笔账目里有差错。
9 formerly ni3x9     
  • We now enjoy these comforts of which formerly we had only heard.我们现在享受到了过去只是听说过的那些舒适条件。
  • This boat was formerly used on the rivers of China.这船从前航行在中国内河里。
10 bankruptcy fPoyJ     
  • You will have to pull in if you want to escape bankruptcy.如果你想避免破产,就必须节省开支。
  • His firm is just on thin ice of bankruptcy.他的商号正面临破产的危险。
11 dub PmEyG     
  • I intend to use simultaneous recording to dub this film.我打算采用同期录音的方法为这部影片配音。
  • It was dubbed into Spanish for Mexican audiences.它被译制成西班牙语以方便墨西哥观众观看。
12 genetic PgIxp     
  • It's very difficult to treat genetic diseases.遗传性疾病治疗起来很困难。
  • Each daughter cell can receive a full complement of the genetic information.每个子细胞可以收到遗传信息的一个完全补偿物。
13 coalition pWlyi     
  • The several parties formed a coalition.这几个政党组成了政治联盟。
  • Coalition forces take great care to avoid civilian casualties.联盟军队竭尽全力避免造成平民伤亡。
14 adulthood vKsyr     
  • Some infantile actions survive into adulthood.某些婴儿期的行为一直保持到成年期。
  • Few people nowadays are able to maintain friendships into adulthood.如今很少有人能将友谊维持到成年。
15 DNA 4u3z1l     
(缩)deoxyribonucleic acid 脱氧核糖核酸
  • DNA is stored in the nucleus of a cell.脱氧核糖核酸储存于细胞的细胞核里。
  • Gene mutations are alterations in the DNA code.基因突变是指DNA密码的改变。
16 genes 01914f8eac35d7e14afa065217edd8c0     
n.基因( gene的名词复数 )
  • You have good genes from your parents, so you should live a long time. 你从父母那儿获得优良的基因,所以能够活得很长。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Differences will help to reveal the functions of the genes. 它们间的差异将会帮助我们揭开基因多种功能。 来自英汉非文学 - 生命科学 - 生物技术的世纪
17 embed SqjxX     
  • The harpoon struck but did not embed.鱼叉击中了但并没有插入。
  • This photo showed us how did the root of plant embed the soil deeply.这张照片显示植物的根是如何深入到土壤里去的。
18 scramble JDwzg     
  • He broke his leg in his scramble down the wall.他爬墙摔断了腿。
  • It was a long scramble to the top of the hill.到山顶须要爬登一段长路。
19 apparently tMmyQ     
  • An apparently blind alley leads suddenly into an open space.山穷水尽,豁然开朗。
  • He was apparently much surprised at the news.他对那个消息显然感到十分惊异。
20 defense AxbxB     
  • The accused has the right to defense.被告人有权获得辩护。
  • The war has impacted the area with military and defense workers.战争使那个地区挤满了军队和防御工程人员。
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