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Michael Douglas Glorified in Their Remarks

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Michael Douglas Glorified1 in Their Remarks

Danny DeVito

Hello, hello everybody!

It’s really great to see a couple of you!

Uh, I’ve known Michael Douglas longer than some men’s wives have been alive. Back in Manhattan he was a struggling actor, he was always a real 1)“nose to the grindstone,” kind of guy. I mean really a 2)workaholic. I mean you may ask what drives a man? What drove him so to, uh, achieve his goals, so passionately2 achieve his goals? I can sum this up into one word, Kirk!

Kirk received 3)the Cecil B. DeMille Award in 1968, unfortunately Michael and I, we missed that presentation, because we were out in the deep woods 4)foraging3 for mushroom. Those were budding days; we were building our careers brick by brick.

Michael pursued his passions and 5)honed his skills, sometimes working into the 6)wee hours of the morning, and back then a lot of his friends didn’t know whether he was going to become an actor or going to be a 7)gynecologist, but we’re, we’re very happy that he chose both.

Michael’s performance in this next film earned him the Golden Globe and the Oscar, the Best Actor and turned greed into a 8)four-letter word.

(In the movie “Wall Street”)
Michael: (Greed) for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through and captures the essence of the evolutionary4 spirit. Greed, in all of its forms, greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge, has marked the upward 9)surge of mankind, and greed, you mark my words, will not only save Teldar Paper, but that other 10)malfunctioning corporation called the U.S.A..

Next Michael falls for his prime suspect Sharon Stone. Here’s another friend of Michael’s soon to be seen in Cat Woman, please welcome Sharon Stone.

Sharon Stone

I’d only made a handful of films when I was cast opposite Michael in Basic Instinct, but from the very first day I walked on the set, he gave me the green light to 11)sink my teeth into the part and to create. His courage and generosity6 are evident in all of his work. Michael, my role in Basic Instinct changed my life and for that I’m truly in your debt.  

I don’t know of another actor so confident and so truly unafraid to let his fellow actors shine and in doing so, Michael Douglas has given us some of the screen’s most memorable7 performances. It is evident by his career choices and in all the humanitarian8 causes that he has 12)spearheaded that Michael loves what he does.

Danny: Michael did a picture a few years back called,  A Chorus Line. Although he didn’t sing in this film, thank God, there was a song from the production that sums up Michael’s career in a nutshell, “What I did for love. ”

Sharon: Ladies and Gentlemen, Michael Douglas.

Michael Douglas

Thank you, thank you very much, Sharon, and Danny you were a great roommate. It’s impossible to thank all of the wonderful 13)crew members, all the great directors that pushed me, uh, the writers that made you funny sometimes, that made you smart and the other actors that you’d do a scene with sometimes you felt like you really shine but I’m grateful to all of them and of course to have this doesn’t mean anything unless you can share it with somebody and so, Catherine (waving to his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones), I never thought this would be here with you, but I am so happy to share this with you, and thank you all for this opportunity. I appreciate it. Thank you.

1) nose to the grindstone 冲着磨石的鼻子,是借用“keep/put one’s nose to the grindstone”(埋头苦干,不停地工作)的比喻
2) workaholic [7wE:kE5hClik] n.  醉心工作的人,工作迷
3)the Cecil B. DeMille Award 西塞尔·B·德米尔奖,根据20世纪初好莱坞电影先驱Cecil Blount DeMille的名字而命名,相当于终身成就奖
4) forage9 [5fCridV] v. 搜寻,“in the deep woods foraging for mushroom” 这里喻指道格拉斯从加州大学毕业后到纽约接受专业戏剧训练,当时丹尼·德维托是他的室友,两人从此成为莫逆之交。
5) hone [hEun] v. 磨练,训练
6) wee hours of the morning 凌晨
7) gynecologist [7^aini5kClEdVist] n. 妇科医生,这里德维托是拿道格拉斯“花花公子”的名声开玩笑
8) four-letter word 低俗的字眼(因为英语里许多粗俗的词由四个字母组成)
9) surge [sE:dV] n. 汹涌,澎湃
10) malfunction5 [mAl5fQNkFEn] v. 产生故障
11) sink/get one’s teeth into 专注于,(开始)认真处理
12) spearhead [5spiEhed] v. 带头倡导,充当先锋
13) crew [kru:] n. 全体人员, (工作)队



迈克尔:找不到更好的词了,(贪婪)有益。贪婪有理,贪婪有用,贪婪阐明、穿透、抓住了进化精神的实质。所有形式的贪婪: 为生活而贪,为财而贪,为爱而贪,为学问而贪,标示了人类的发展潮流;贪婪,你们记住我的话,将不仅会拯救TELDAR纸厂,还会拯救经营不善的叫做“美利坚合众国”的企业。







1 glorified 74d607c2a7eb7a7ef55bda91627eda5a     
  • The restaurant was no more than a glorified fast-food cafe. 这地方美其名曰餐馆,其实只不过是个快餐店而已。
  • The author glorified the life of the peasants. 那个作者赞美了农民的生活。
2 passionately YmDzQ4     
  • She could hate as passionately as she could love. 她能恨得咬牙切齿,也能爱得一往情深。
  • He was passionately addicted to pop music. 他酷爱流行音乐。
3 foraging 6101d89c0b474e01becb6651ecd4f87f     
v.搜寻(食物),尤指动物觅(食)( forage的现在分词 );(尤指用手)搜寻(东西)
  • They eke out a precarious existence foraging in rubbish dumps. 他们靠在垃圾场捡垃圾维持着朝不保夕的生活。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The campers went foraging for wood to make a fire. 露营者去搜寻柴木点火。 来自辞典例句
4 evolutionary Ctqz7m     
  • Life has its own evolutionary process.生命有其自身的进化过程。
  • These are fascinating questions to be resolved by the evolutionary studies of plants.这些十分吸引人的问题将在研究植物进化过程中得以解决。
5 malfunction 1ASxT     
  • There must have been a computer malfunction.一定是出了电脑故障。
  • Results have been delayed owing to a malfunction in the computer.由于电脑发生故障,计算结果推迟了。
6 generosity Jf8zS     
  • We should match their generosity with our own.我们应该像他们一样慷慨大方。
  • We adore them for their generosity.我们钦佩他们的慷慨。
7 memorable K2XyQ     
  • This was indeed the most memorable day of my life.这的确是我一生中最值得怀念的日子。
  • The veteran soldier has fought many memorable battles.这个老兵参加过许多难忘的战斗。
8 humanitarian kcoxQ     
  • She has many humanitarian interests and contributes a lot to them.她拥有很多慈善事业,并作了很大的贡献。
  • The British government has now suspended humanitarian aid to the area.英国政府现已暂停对这一地区的人道主义援助。
9 forage QgyzP     
  • They were forced to forage for clothing and fuel.他们不得不去寻找衣服和燃料。
  • Now the nutritive value of the forage is reduced.此时牧草的营养价值也下降了。
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