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Donald Trump, The Master of the Deal

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Donald Trump1, The Master of the Deal

The institutions that finance what I have, they happen to be in love with Donald Trump, but they’re not in love with me because I’m a 1)nice guy or anything. They’re in love with me because everything I’ve done has been a tremendous winner.
-- Donald Trump

For the last two decades, the name Donald Trump has become almost 2)synonymous with the New York City 3)skyline. And as the 1990s headed to the end of the millennium2, he was there adding one of his latest Trump triumphs. It was almost as big as his ego3. It was his latest deal. He had taken control of the old Gulf5 and Western Building and 4)turned it around. He gave it the Trump touch of gold, crystal and a skin of gleaming glass. He has taken over the 5)penthouse for himself and his family. From there, they can look out over the city he has conquered. 

It wasn’t easy. Donald Trump was born across the East River in the Borough6 of Queens, into a middle-class family. When he graduated from the New York Military Academy in 1964, there were a lot of opportunities opening up for him.

May 4th, 1975, is a milestone7 in the life of Donald Trump’s deal-making. He called a press conference to announce that he had made a deal with the Hyatt chain to go into a partnership8 to rebuild the old Commodore. That was only part of his amazing deal. This unknown, 6)untried dealmaker applied9 for and received a 40-year tax 7)abatement10 from the City. Then, with Hyatt and the City in his corner, he made deals with banks and a prestigious11 private investment company, to give him 8)hefty loans. He still wasn’t finished. He then persuaded the City to accept his plan to cover the old concrete 9)facade12 of the Commodore with gleaming glass. The first master deal of his life became a whirlwind of successful negotiations13, a pattern for the rest of his life.

His whirlwind behavior carried over to his romantic life. The stylish14 woman who had captivated the playboy was Ivana Zelnicek Skoumalova Vinclomeir. She was an Olympic skier15 from Czechoslovakia, via Canada, where she had become a top fashion model. She had moved to New York after meeting Donald in Canada, and ten months later they were married in Marble Collegiate Church, where some of New York’s social 10)elite16 have said their vows17 for generations. They moved into a modern apartment overlooking Central Park. Donald had high regard for Ivanna’s taste in decorating, so he put her in charge of the interior design of the Hyatt Hotel. It took two years, but in September of 1980, the first major deal of his life finally became a 11)going concern. The Grand Hyatt Hotel opened its doors for business. 

The Grand Hyatt was just the beginning. While getting ready for the hotel’s grand opening, Donald Trump was involved already in his next deal, the biggest one so far. He bought the property next to Tiffany’s on New York’s 12)swanky Fifth Avenue. But more than that, he got the 13)air rights over the prestigious jewelry18 store. Air rights may not mean much anywhere else, but in crowded Manhattan, the right to build straight up is pure gold. Now, not just his presence but his name would tower over the city. Construction began on what he 14)dubbed “The Trump Tower”, a sixty-eight story building, the tallest residential20 concrete-walled building in Manhattan. 

Billions of dollars come and go, but Donald Trump has never lost his billion-dollar ego. Getting back operating control of his casinos has given him the cash flow to remain a major player in New York and Atlantic City, and he probably will never have trouble finding 15)backers. 

Cindy Adams (Columnist): He’s not purporting21 to be Mother Teresa. He is not purporting to be anything beyond what he is. He is what he is! He’s a high-class, 16)Wharton-educated, brilliant 17)conman. And I think he’s the best at it. 

Con4 man or master of the deal, where does he go from here?

Trump: First New York. Next, the world!

1) nice guy: trump 在非正式语中有“好人,好汉”的意思
2) synonymous [si5nCnimEs] a. 同义词的
3) skyline [5skailain] n.(建筑物、高山等在天空映衬下的)空中轮廓线
4) turn around 完全改变
5) penthouse  [5penthaus] n.(豪华的)顶层公寓
6) untried [5Qn5traid] a. 未经检查的;未试过的
7) abatement [E5beitmEnt] n. 消除
8) hefty [5hefti] a. 相当大(或多)的
9) facade [fE5sB:d] n.(建筑物的)正面,临街正面
10) elite [ei5li:t] n. [法] 精华,中坚分子
11) going concern 开张营业的商行;营业发达的商行
12) swanky [5swANki] a. 奢华的
13) air right(土地、不动产上面的)空间所有权
14) dub19 [dQb] v. 授予称号
15) backer [5bAkE] n. 支持者
16) Wharton 即Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania(宾夕法尼亚大学沃顿商学院),20世纪60年代,特朗普在那里学习商务。
17) conman [5kCnmEn] n. 骗子








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  • He was never able to trump up the courage to have a showdown.他始终鼓不起勇气摊牌。
  • The coach saved his star player for a trump card.教练保留他的明星选手,作为他的王牌。
2 millennium x7DzO     
  • The whole world was counting down to the new millennium.全世界都在倒计时迎接新千年的到来。
  • We waited as the clock ticked away the last few seconds of the old millennium.我们静候着时钟滴答走过千年的最后几秒钟。
3 ego 7jtzw     
  • He is absolute ego in all thing.在所有的事情上他都绝对自我。
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4 con WXpyR     
  • We must be fair and consider the reason pro and con.我们必须公平考虑赞成和反对的理由。
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6 borough EdRyS     
  • He was slated for borough president.他被提名做自治区主席。
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7 milestone c78zM     
  • The film proved to be a milestone in the history of cinema.事实证明这部影片是电影史上的一个里程碑。
  • I think this is a very important milestone in the relations between our two countries.我认为这是我们两国关系中一个十分重要的里程碑。
8 partnership NmfzPy     
  • The company has gone into partnership with Swiss Bank Corporation.这家公司已经和瑞士银行公司建立合作关系。
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9 applied Tz2zXA     
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  • This cream is best applied to the face at night.这种乳霜最好晚上擦脸用。
10 abatement pzHzyb     
  • A bag filter for dust abatement at the discharge point should be provided.在卸料地点应该装设袋滤器以消除粉尘。
  • The abatement of the headache gave him a moment of rest.头痛减轻给他片刻的休息。
11 prestigious nQ2xn     
  • The young man graduated from a prestigious university.这个年轻人毕业于一所名牌大学。
  • You may even join a prestigious magazine as a contributing editor.甚至可能会加入一个知名杂志做编辑。
12 facade El5xh     
  • The entrance facade consists of a large full height glass door.入口正面有一大型全高度玻璃门。
  • If you look carefully,you can see through Bob's facade.如果你仔细观察,你就能看穿鲍勃的外表。
13 negotiations af4b5f3e98e178dd3c4bac64b625ecd0     
协商( negotiation的名词复数 ); 谈判; 完成(难事); 通过
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  • Negotiations have failed to establish any middle ground. 谈判未能达成任何妥协。
14 stylish 7tNwG     
  • He's a stylish dresser.他是个穿着很有格调的人。
  • What stylish women are wearing in Paris will be worn by women all over the world.巴黎女性时装往往会引导世界时装潮流。
15 skier skier     
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  • The skier skimmed across the snow.滑雪者飞快地滑过雪地。
16 elite CqzxN     
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  • We have a political elite in this country.我们国家有一群政治精英。
17 vows c151b5e18ba22514580d36a5dcb013e5     
誓言( vow的名词复数 ); 郑重宣布,许愿
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18 jewelry 0auz1     
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20 residential kkrzY3     
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21 purporting 662e1eb2718c2773c723dc9acb669891     
v.声称是…,(装得)像是…的样子( purport的现在分词 )
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  • To prohibit certain practices purporting to be sales by auction. 本条例旨在对看来是以拍卖方式作出的售卖中某些行为予以禁止。 来自互联网
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