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  194. The rural life乡村生活 rumble1-sanctuary2
The rural life is the life for me. I like living out in the wide-open spaces where you can smell the fresh air and see the beautiful grasslands3. I like seeing lightning flash and hearing the rumble of thunder. I like watching the cows ruminate4 in the pasture, often with saliva5 dripping. The farm life is simple, unlike the city where you are met with a sally of buses and cars everyday, but there is lots of hard work. Here are a few salient samples of what I mean:
Milking cows every morning involves squeezing their utters to release the milk contained in the milk sac. A saline solution needs to be prepared for the cows as their salinity6 has to be maintained, but they can’t receive too much salt, or else the saltiness of their milk will be too high. Feeding the chickens is something else that must be done each day. You have to get a sack of chicken feed, go into the chicken yard, and spread it around until all of the chickens have eaten. Another job is salvaging7 old farm equipment. If anything gets rusted9, you have to sand off the rust8 and paint it with rustproof10 paint. At the end of everyday, you have to put the saddle on the horse and go out and round up the cows before it gets dark.
After dinner, we usually sit around the fire telling stories often western sagas12 about sagacious cowboys who work hard all day and fight off bandits and savages13 for the sake of their families.
The farm life is also salutary for the soul. The farm is a rustic14, quiet sanctuary from the sanctimonious15 behavior of the city people. People in the country are honest and straight forward. Rural neighbors help each other. It is a sacred way of life for them.
You may not sanction the rural life, but it’s the only life for me.
rumble v.隆隆行驶,低沉地说
ruminate v.沉思,(指动物)反刍,咀嚼
rural adj.农村的,田园的
rust n.锈,生锈,(植)患
rustic adj.乡村的,乡下风格的
rustproof adj.不锈的vt.使不生锈,防锈
sac n.(动,植物组织中的)囊,液囊
sack n.(一)袋,麻袋
sacred adj.宗教的,祭祀的,神圣的,不可冒犯的
saddle n.鞍子,马鞍
saga11 n.传说,英雄事迹,冒险故事
sagacious adj.有洞察力的,精明的
sake n.缘故,原因
salient adj.显著,突出的
saline adj.含盐的,咸的
salinity n.盐分,盐浓度
saliva n.口水,唾液
sally n.(尤指部队等的)出击,突围
saltiness n.盐度
salutary adj.有益的,有益健康的
salvage16 v.(从灾难中)抢救,(尤其指)海上救助,打捞
sample n.范例,样品
sanctimonious adj.假装诚实的,伪装虔诚的
sanction n.制裁,批准,同意,支持,认可
sanctuary n.圣所,圣殿,保护之所,动物保护区


1 rumble PCXzd     
  • I hear the rumble of thunder in the distance.我听到远处雷声隆隆。
  • We could tell from the rumble of the thunder that rain was coming.我们根据雷的轰隆声可断定,天要下雨了。
2 sanctuary iCrzE     
  • There was a sanctuary of political refugees behind the hospital.医院后面有一个政治难民的避难所。
  • Most countries refuse to give sanctuary to people who hijack aeroplanes.大多数国家拒绝对劫机者提供庇护。
3 grasslands 72179cad53224d2f605476ff67a1d94c     
n.草原,牧场( grassland的名词复数 )
  • Songs were heard ringing loud and clear over the grasslands. 草原上扬起清亮激越的歌声。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • Grasslands have been broken and planted to wheat. 草原已经开垦出来,种上了小麦。 来自《简明英汉词典》
4 ruminate iCwzc     
  • It is worth while to ruminate over his remarks.他的话值得玩味。
  • The cow began to ruminate after eating up grass.牛吃完草后开始反刍。
5 saliva 6Cdz0     
  • He wiped a dribble of saliva from his chin.他擦掉了下巴上的几滴口水。
  • Saliva dribbled from the baby's mouth.唾液从婴儿的嘴里流了出来。
6 salinity uYvx9     
  • In the sea water sampled the salinity is two parts per thousand.在取样的海水中,盐度为千分之二。
  • In many sedimentary basins the salinity of the formation water increases with depth or compaction.在许多沉积盆地中,地层水的含盐量随深度或压实作用而增高。
7 salvaging e65753a5869b6a7f4a2f75038af94195     
(从火灾、海难等中)抢救(某物)( salvage的现在分词 ); 回收利用(某物)
  • A shipping company has made a claim for the cost of salvaging a sunken ship. 某轮船公司要求赔赏打捞沉船的费用。(make a claim 要求)
  • It is not uncommon to hear that a shipping company has made a claim for the cost of salvaging a sunken ship. 航运公司为打捞沉船的费用而提出要求,这并非奇闻。
8 rust XYIxu     
  • She scraped the rust off the kitchen knife.她擦掉了菜刀上的锈。
  • The rain will rust the iron roof.雨水会使铁皮屋顶生锈。
9 rusted 79e453270dbdbb2c5fc11d284e95ff6e     
v.(使)生锈( rust的过去式和过去分词 )
  • I can't get these screws out; they've rusted in. 我无法取出这些螺丝,它们都锈住了。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • My bike has rusted and needs oil. 我的自行车生锈了,需要上油。 来自《简明英汉词典》
10 rustproof gjrz8V     
  • Stainless products are sll the time popular since them're rustproof.不锈钢制品因为能防锈,所以很受欢迎。
  • This new product is rustproof,dustproof and unbreakable.这种新产品防锈,防尘并且摔不坏。
11 saga aCez4     
  • The saga of Flight 19 is probably the most repeated story about the Bermuda Triangle.飞行19中队的传说或许是有关百慕大三角最重复的故事。
  • The novel depicts the saga of a family.小说描绘了一个家族的传奇故事。
12 sagas e8dca32d4d34a71e9adfd36b93ebca41     
n.萨迦(尤指古代挪威或冰岛讲述冒险经历和英雄业绩的长篇故事)( saga的名词复数 );(讲述许多年间发生的事情的)长篇故事;一连串的事件(或经历);一连串经历的讲述(或记述)
  • Artwork depicted the historical sagas and biblical tales for the illiterate faithful. 墙上的插图为不识字的信徒描绘了历史传说和圣经故事。 来自互联网
  • It will complete one of the most remarkable transfer sagas in English football. 到时候,英格兰史上最有名的转会传奇故事之一将落下帷幕。 来自互联网
13 savages 2ea43ddb53dad99ea1c80de05d21d1e5     
未开化的人,野蛮人( savage的名词复数 )
  • There're some savages living in the forest. 森林里居住着一些野人。
  • That's an island inhabited by savages. 那是一个野蛮人居住的岛屿。
14 rustic mCQz9     
  • It was nearly seven months of leisurely rustic living before Michael felt real boredom.这种悠闲的乡村生活过了差不多七个月之后,迈克尔开始感到烦闷。
  • We hoped the fresh air and rustic atmosphere would help him adjust.我们希望新鲜的空气和乡村的氛围能帮他调整自己。
15 sanctimonious asCy4     
  • It's that sanctimonious air that people can't stand.人们所不能容忍的就是那副假正经的样子。
  • You do not have to be so sanctimonious to prove that you are devout.您不必如此伪善。
16 salvage ECHzB     
  • All attempts to salvage the wrecked ship failed.抢救失事船只的一切努力都失败了。
  • The salvage was piled upon the pier.抢救出的财产被堆放在码头上。
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