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  232. A vocation1 for the vigorous 充满活力者的职业 vigor2-vocational
The vigor and vitality3 that one must possess to be a doctor is amazing. Perhaps many have the vision, but only the truly vigorous can handle such a vocation. Virtuosity4 is a must. So is patience. You spend many years studying. Some of the topics are quite mundane5, such as the ancient vitalists. Modern vitalism is, of course, much more important and exciting. I still have vivid memories of my vocational pitfalls6 and accomplishments7. I remember working in the emergency room during third year rotations8. The ER can be a strange place, at times violent, at all times filled with virtually every section and class of society. On one foggy night when visibility was low, violence broke out in the ER. A certain person wandered in and began asking the secretary about a patient’s private information. As this violates the patient’s privacy, the secretary would not answer his questions. He became a bit too vivacious9 and began scaring the secretary. I have certain standards of virtue10 that I follow. Included in those standards is peaceful mutual11 respect. But this guy was a bit too loud and disruptive and appeared a little too dangerous. I was also very tired that night. So, I hit him on the head really hard with a bottle and knocked him out. I, of course, checked his vital signs to make sure he was okay. Some people thought my act cruel and unwarranted, but later I was nicely vindicated12. The guy was suffering from a rare viral infection. He didn’t know about if and neither did anyone else at the time. He caught it from coming into contact with a rare species of vine while on a hiking trip searching for beautiful vistas14. This virus was also highly communicable. The only known cure was to pump a high viscosity16 liquid, a special medicine, into his veins17. Such viscous18 material does not always work, but in his case, it did.
I have many crazy stories along those lines to tell, but I’ll leave you with just one.
vigor n.精力,活力
vigorous adj.健壮的,精力旺盛的,有力的
vindicate13 v.证明…正确,证明…无辜
vine n.葡萄藤,蔓
violate vt.违犯,违背,侵犯
violence n. 暴力,强暴
violent adj.暴力引起的,暴烈的,激烈的,强烈的
viral adj.病毒的
virus n.病毒
virtually adv事实上,实质上
virtue n.美德
virtuosity n.艺术鉴别力,精湛的技术
viscosity n.黏度,黏性
viscous adj.黏滞的,黏性的
visibility n.可见度
vision n 视觉,幻象
vista15 n.景色
vital adj.极重要的,致命的,生命的
vitalism n.活办论,生机说
vitalist n.活力论者
vitality n.活力,生命力
vivacious adj.活泼的,快活的
vivid adj.(光线、色彩)鲜艳的,强烈的,生动的,逼真的
vocation n.职业
vocational adj.职业的


1 vocation 8h6wB     
  • She struggled for years to find her true vocation.她多年来苦苦寻找真正适合自己的职业。
  • She felt it was her vocation to minister to the sick.她觉得照料病人是她的天职。
2 vigor yLHz0     
  • The choir sang the words out with great vigor.合唱团以极大的热情唱出了歌词。
  • She didn't want to be reminded of her beauty or her former vigor.现在,她不愿人们提起她昔日的美丽和以前的精力充沛。
3 vitality lhAw8     
  • He came back from his holiday bursting with vitality and good health.他度假归来之后,身强体壮,充满活力。
  • He is an ambitious young man full of enthusiasm and vitality.他是个充满热情与活力的有远大抱负的青年。
4 virtuosity RHQyJ     
  • At that time,his virtuosity on the trumpet had no parallel in jazz.那时,他高超的小号吹奏技巧在爵士乐界无人能比。
  • As chemists began to pry out my secret they discovered my virtuosity.化学家开始探讨我的秘密,他们发现了我的精湛技巧。
5 mundane F6NzJ     
  • I hope I can get an interesting job and not something mundane.我希望我可以得到的是一份有趣的工作,而不是一份平凡无奇的。
  • I find it humorous sometimes that even the most mundane occurrences can have an impact on our awareness.我发现生活有时挺诙谐的,即使是最平凡的事情也能影响我们的感知。
6 pitfalls 0382b30a08349985c214a648cf92ca3c     
(捕猎野兽用的)陷阱( pitfall的名词复数 ); 意想不到的困难,易犯的错误
  • the potential pitfalls of buying a house 购买房屋可能遇到的圈套
  • Several pitfalls remain in the way of an agreement. 在达成协议的进程中还有几个隐藏的困难。
7 accomplishments 1c15077db46e4d6425b6f78720939d54     
n.造诣;完成( accomplishment的名词复数 );技能;成绩;成就
  • It was one of the President's greatest accomplishments. 那是总统最伟大的成就之一。
  • Among her accomplishments were sewing,cooking,playing the piano and dancing. 她的才能包括缝纫、烹调、弹钢琴和跳舞。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
8 rotations d52e30a99086786b005c11c05b280215     
旋转( rotation的名词复数 ); 转动; 轮流; 轮换
  • Farmers traditionally used long-term rotations of hay, pasture, and corn. 农民以往长期实行干草、牧草和玉米轮作。
  • The crankshaft makes three rotations for each rotation of the rotor. 转子每转一周,曲轴转3周。
9 vivacious Dp7yI     
  • She is an artless,vivacious girl.她是一个天真活泼的女孩。
  • The picture has a vivacious artistic conception.这幅画气韵生动。
10 virtue BpqyH     
  • He was considered to be a paragon of virtue.他被认为是品德尽善尽美的典范。
  • You need to decorate your mind with virtue.你应该用德行美化心灵。
11 mutual eFOxC     
  • We must pull together for mutual interest.我们必须为相互的利益而通力合作。
  • Mutual interests tied us together.相互的利害关系把我们联系在一起。
12 vindicated e1cc348063d17c5a30190771ac141bed     
v.澄清(某人/某事物)受到的责难或嫌疑( vindicate的过去式和过去分词 );表明或证明(所争辩的事物)属实、正当、有效等;维护
  • I have every confidence that this decision will be fully vindicated. 我完全相信这一决定的正确性将得到充分证明。
  • Subsequent events vindicated the policy. 后来的事实证明那政策是对的。 来自《简明英汉词典》
13 vindicate zLfzF     
  • He tried hard to vindicate his honor.他拼命维护自己的名誉。
  • How can you vindicate your behavior to the teacher?你怎样才能向老师证明你的行为是对的呢?
14 vistas cec5d496e70afb756a935bba3530d3e8     
长条形景色( vista的名词复数 ); 回顾; 展望; (未来可能发生的)一系列情景
  • This new job could open up whole new vistas for her. 这项新工作可能给她开辟全新的前景。
  • The picture is small but It'shows broad vistas. 画幅虽然不大,所表现的天地却十分广阔。
15 vista jLVzN     
  • From my bedroom window I looked out on a crowded vista of hills and rooftops.我从卧室窗口望去,远处尽是连绵的山峦和屋顶。
  • These uprisings come from desperation and a vista of a future without hope.发生这些暴动是因为人们被逼上了绝路,未来看不到一点儿希望。
16 viscosity ehPwf     
  • The viscosity shows a rather pronounced variation with temperature.温度对粘度的影响十分明显。
  • The reciprocal of viscosity is known as fluidity.粘度的反意就是流动性。
17 veins 65827206226d9e2d78ea2bfe697c6329     
n.纹理;矿脉( vein的名词复数 );静脉;叶脉;纹理
  • The blood flows from the capillaries back into the veins. 血从毛细血管流回静脉。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • I felt a pleasant glow in all my veins from the wine. 喝过酒后我浑身的血都热烘烘的,感到很舒服。 来自《简明英汉词典》
18 viscous KH3yL     
  • Gases are much less viscous than liquids.气体的粘滞性大大小于液体。
  • The mud is too viscous.You must have all the agitators run.泥浆太稠,你们得让所有的搅拌机都开着。
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