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胡敏读故事记单词 马戏团的成立下

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  [00:00.00]decree-degrade Death of a defective1 company
[00:06.19]When the defective equipment sold throughout the country
[00:10.84]was shown to have degraded the ground water of a large park,
[00:16.40]there was no option but to deforest the area,
[00:21.16]burn the land and decree it off limits.
[00:26.12]That was the best defencethat would help the company
[00:30.80]deflect the intense criticism that was coming.
[00:35.84]It was,in fact,the only defensive2 position available.
[00:41.61]Defects in the company's equipment were becoming common
[00:47.18]and their opponents were becoming deft3
[00:51.25]at providing definitivedeductive evidence that the company should be shut down.
[00:58.20]The degradation4 they were causing was simply too great
[01:03.97]and the favor of the public was fading.
[01:08.13]At first,the company wanted to defy public opinion, however,
[01:14.89]and continue to operate.
[01:18.73]They renewed an advertisement campaign
[01:22.81]to show the public their dedication5 to fixing their deficiencies.
[01:28.45]They also promised in these ads that they would
[01:33.31]dedicateeven more efforts to environmental protection,
[01:38.87]pay for cleanup and fund environmental education.
[01:44.15]The public deduced that the ads were the last gasps6 of a degenerate7 company
[01:50.92]however, and deemed them unbelievable.
[01:55.77]They even called the advertisements a joke!
[02:00.35]That was when the company realized
[02:04.29]that it had failed to redefine itself to the public
[02:09.46]and agreed with the consensus8
[02:13.22]that they should cut their losses and close down.
[02:17.77]They defaulted on their loan payments and filed for bankruptcy9.
[02:23.54]It was the end of the company but definitely not the end of the battle.
[02:29.39]Numerous other companies were still out there,
[02:33.84]polluting the environment and selling defective products.
[02:38.88]The battle would be long, but the dedicated10 few
[02:44.75]knew that it would be worth it to everyone in the end.
[02:49.61]delay-depature Save the delta11
[02:54.97]"We are witnessing the demise12 of a unique demographic,"
[03:00.82]the delta-dwelling aborigines.
[03:04.69]said the famous scientist Dr.Walker.
[03:08.94]"They have never had a high population density,"
[03:13.59]but they have always needed a particular land form
[03:18.27]to be able to make the delectable13 food that outsiders have come to love.
[03:24.33]The process for making this food is very deliberate and quite demanding.
[03:30.57]It includes delayering the soil several layers to a certain depth,
[03:37.05]the planting of a delicate seed,
[03:40.81]and then a prolonged delay before harvest."
[03:45.67]"Several delegates who have recently visited the aborigines"
[03:51.24]were delighted to be able to study the process.
[03:55.70]They had a delightful14 time with the aborigines.
[03:59.83]But while they were there
[04:03.17]they saw that yet another area of the delta was demolished15.
[04:08.63]They tried to denounce this activity,
[04:13.31]but the company clearing the land denoted them as
[04:18.04]radical environmentalists who don't care about real jobs!"
[04:23.78]"Sir James,a noted16 professor of demographics, "
[04:28.83]was even injured as he tried to deliver a serving of the aboriginal17 food
[04:34.99]to the company president as a peace offering.
[04:39.22]They denied his access and, in hastening his departure ,
[04:45.07]caused him to fall and break a leg.
[04:49.15]Thankfully this is a great opportunity to bring more attention to this situation."
[04:55.92]"In other news "
[04:58.79]we have discussed demerging some of the larger populations.
[05:04.04]They are simply too dense18 in some areas.
[05:09.00]This option has been denounced as well, however,
[05:14.75]because that would simply be our solution for aculture
[05:20.31]that we should not alter.
[05:23.79]Our best option is to halt the destruction of this land type.
[05:29.25]So our new slogan is 'Save the delta!'
[05:34.00]depict-destitute19 Not destitute enough
[05:39.75]Lola was destitute for now,but she knew her destiny was for better things.
[05:46.51]Many men still found her desirable,
[05:50.59]despite her frequent problems with depression.
[05:55.03]And she knew that she could descend20 no further than where she was now.
[06:01.30]Her only destination was up!
[06:04.83]Depleted of energy, however,
[06:08.46]she told herself that she first deserved one more bit of heroin21.
[06:14.70]So she stood up,
[06:17.65]and in one last act of desperation, went over to the derelict house
[06:24.10]where she knew she could get some drugs.
[06:27.97]When she arrived,she deposited herself in the first roomnext to the door
[06:35.52]and began to design her argument for one last hit.
[06:40.38]When the police deployed22 to the house to arrest drug dealers23 burst through the door,
[06:47.04]she was the first one they designated for arrest.
[06:51.79]In the police holding cell that afternoon
[06:55.95]her situation became even more desperate
[07:00.31]when her body began shaking uncontrollably.
[07:05.06]They moved her to a hospital to restore the nutrient24 depleti-on in her body.
[07:11.41]Lying in the hospital bed,
[07:14.89]Lola listened as the nurse told her
[07:19.33]that she could not deprive herself of normal food any longer.
[07:24.79]Her physical descent had gone too far and her health was now critical.
[07:31.66]The nurse depicted25 her situation to her so strongly
[07:36.91]that Lola finally had the desireto beat her drug addiction26 and start life over.
[07:43.78]She knew that she had to finally derive27 wisdom from this experience.
[07:49.52]The next year,
[07:52.40]when a beautiful woman walked in to the hospital with a bunch of flowers,
[07:58.35]the nurse didn't recognize Lola.
[08:02.19]But Lola recognized her;
[08:06.14]she walked over, hugged the nurse and thanked her for saving her life.
[08:12.17]destroy-devise A devil's device
[08:19.02]Tommy deviated28 from being normal when he met the devil
[08:26.78]in a detached house in the woods.
[08:30.54]"Tommy!Come here!"
[08:33.78]Let me show you something that I have devised especially for you!"
[08:39.42]The devil said as he detached himself from a black horse.
[08:44.67]"Hey, you're the devil!My mom detests29 you!"
[08:49.95]She said that you are detrimental31 to the health of everyone you meet!
[08:55.51]She'd be devastated32 if I listened to you!"
[08:59.77]"Well,just take a small detour33 with me then,eh?" Said the devil,"
[09:06.12]determined to influence Tommy.
[09:09.88]"Look at this little device I have here."
[09:13.93]Holding up his staff the devil took off the detachable top piece"
[09:19.49]and handed it to Tommy,who had always been as curious as a detective.
[09:25.52]"This can change your life."
[09:29.16]"How?" Said Tommy,no longer deterred34 from talking with the devil."
[09:35.09]"Can it give me three wishes?"
[09:38.46]"Nonsense!Now be quiet and don't detract me from what I was saying."
[09:45.40]If you just keep this device you will be rich and famous.
[09:50.08]Only do not detach the lid or wash it with detergent35.
[09:55.36]And then the devil disappeared.
[09:58.80]From that day on Tommy always carried the device with him.
[10:03.98]His former politeness disappeared
[10:07.63]and he became a renowned36 deviant.
[10:11.47]His mother noticed his deviance, however,
[10:15.92]and when a conversation with Tommy
[10:20.15]quickly deteriorated37 into a vicious argument,
[10:24.88]Tommy pulled out the device.She never spoke38 again.
[10:29.94]Tommy did become rich;he even became famous.
[10:35.59]But the device destroyed everything good that he came in contact with.
[10:41.75]And while he knew that it was truly a detriment30 to his happiness,
[10:47.52]he enjoyed his riches and his fame.
[10:51.78]He could never part with it,taking it with him to the grave !
[10:57.24]devote-dimension The foolish dietician
[11:08.79]Beth the dietician was in a dilemma39.
[11:13.44]She was lying in a dilapidated room
[11:17.67]and the lights were so  dim
[11:21.61]that she couldn't differentiate40 the walls from the floor.
[11:26.58]It seemed as if there was an extra dimension.
[11:31.85]If she lifted her head it felt
[11:37.31]as if she was lifting it diagonal from the ground.
[11:42.77]But maybe her pupils just weren't dilating41 correctly.
[11:49.22]She had heard that it was sometimes difficult to focus in diffuse42 light.
[11:57.37]She rubbed her eyes and recalled how she had come to be in this place.
[12:05.24]She remembered that she had been working so much lately
[12:12.50]that her boss said that she was more than devoted;she was obsessed43.
[12:18.98]But he hadn't stopped her,he just kept on talking
[12:24.31]and she continued her dictation。
[12:28.15]But then he ceased to dictate44 and gave her a strange look.
[12:33.71]"Would you like to try the new diet I'm developing?" He asked.
[12:40.79]When she said yes,he began to dig in his pockets.
[12:45.94]He pulled out a few pills of small diameter
[12:50.38]and told her that they were called obkidnicks * .
[12:54.74]The name was from a lost dialect of Navajo* .It meant : skinny forever".
[13:01.40]Then he showed her the diagramhe had sketched45 about how the pill worked.
[13:07.75]Beth understood some of it,but not all.
[13:12.61]Beth fetched a glass of diluted46 water and devoured47 the pills.
[13:18.48]Even before she had had time to digest them,however,
[13:23.94]she began to feel strange.
[13:27.71]Now she was in an abandoned factory
[13:32.07]and she felt as if she had lost all of her dignity.
[13:36.74]She tried to pull herself up.No such luck,she couldn't move.
[13:43.69]Then she knew that she was stuck here until someone found her.
[13:50.17]She hoped it wouldn't be that long.


1 defective qnLzZ     
  • The firm had received bad publicity over a defective product. 该公司因为一件次品而受到媒体攻击。
  • If the goods prove defective, the customer has the right to compensation. 如果货品证明有缺陷, 顾客有权索赔。
2 defensive buszxy     
  • Their questions about the money put her on the defensive.他们问到钱的问题,使她警觉起来。
  • The Government hastily organized defensive measures against the raids.政府急忙布置了防卫措施抵御空袭。
3 deft g98yn     
adj.灵巧的,熟练的(a deft hand 能手)
  • The pianist has deft fingers.钢琴家有灵巧的双手。
  • This bird,sharp of eye and deft of beak,can accurately peck the flying insects in the air.这只鸟眼疾嘴快,能准确地把空中的飞虫啄住。
4 degradation QxKxL     
  • There are serious problems of land degradation in some arid zones.在一些干旱地带存在严重的土地退化问题。
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5 dedication pxMx9     
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  • Her dedication to her work was admirable.她对工作的奉献精神可钦可佩。
6 gasps 3c56dd6bfe73becb6277f1550eaac478     
v.喘气( gasp的第三人称单数 );喘息;倒抽气;很想要
  • He leant against the railing, his breath coming in short gasps. 他倚着栏杆,急促地喘气。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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8 consensus epMzA     
  • Can we reach a consensus on this issue?我们能在这个问题上取得一致意见吗?
  • What is the consensus of opinion at the afternoon meeting?下午会议上一致的意见是什么?
9 bankruptcy fPoyJ     
  • You will have to pull in if you want to escape bankruptcy.如果你想避免破产,就必须节省开支。
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  • He dedicated his life to the cause of education.他献身于教育事业。
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  • He has been to the delta of the Nile.他曾去过尼罗河三角洲。
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12 demise Cmazg     
  • He praised the union's aims but predicted its early demise.他赞扬协会的目标,但预期这一协会很快会消亡。
  • The war brought about the industry's sudden demise.战争道致这个行业就这么突然垮了。
13 delectable gxGxP     
  • What delectable food you cook!你做的食品真好吃!
  • But today the delectable seafood is no longer available in abundance.但是今天这种可口的海味已不再大量存在。
14 delightful 6xzxT     
  • We had a delightful time by the seashore last Sunday.上星期天我们在海滨玩得真痛快。
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15 demolished 3baad413d6d10093a39e09955dfbdfcb     
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  • The factory is due to be demolished next year. 这个工厂定于明年拆除。
  • They have been fighting a rearguard action for two years to stop their house being demolished. 两年来,为了不让拆除他们的房子,他们一直在进行最后的努力。
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17 aboriginal 1IeyD     
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18 dense aONzX     
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20 descend descend     
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21 heroin IrSzHX     
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22 deployed 4ceaf19fb3d0a70e329fcd3777bb05ea     
(尤指军事行动)使展开( deploy的过去式和过去分词 ); 施展; 部署; 有效地利用
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23 dealers 95e592fc0f5dffc9b9616efd02201373     
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25 depicted f657dbe7a96d326c889c083bf5fcaf24     
描绘,描画( depict的过去式和过去分词 ); 描述
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28 deviated dfb5c80fa71c13be0ad71137593a7b0a     
v.偏离,越轨( deviate的过去式和过去分词 )
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  • His statements sometimes deviated from the truth. 他的陈述有时偏离事实。 来自《简明英汉词典》
29 detests 37b235c8289f2557252c2fb26768fa22     
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30 detriment zlHzx     
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31 detrimental 1l2zx     
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32 devastated eb3801a3063ef8b9664b1b4d1f6aaada     
v.彻底破坏( devastate的过去式和过去分词);摧毁;毁灭;在感情上(精神上、财务上等)压垮adj.毁坏的;极为震惊的
  • The bomb devastated much of the old part of the city. 这颗炸弹炸毁了旧城的一大片地方。
  • His family is absolutely devastated. 他的一家感到极为震惊。
33 detour blSzz     
  • We made a detour to avoid the heavy traffic.我们绕道走,避开繁忙的交通。
  • He did not take the direct route to his home,but made a detour around the outskirts of the city.他没有直接回家,而是绕到市郊兜了个圈子。
34 deterred 6509d0c471f59ae1f99439f51e8ea52d     
v.阻止,制止( deter的过去式和过去分词 )
  • I told him I wasn't interested, but he wasn't deterred. 我已告诉他我不感兴趣,可他却不罢休。
  • Jeremy was not deterred by this criticism. 杰里米没有因这一批评而却步。 来自辞典例句
35 detergent dm1zW     
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  • He is one of the world's renowned writers.他是世界上知名的作家之一。
  • She is renowned for her advocacy of human rights.她以提倡人权而闻名。
37 deteriorated a4fe98b02a18d2ca4fe500863af93815     
恶化,变坏( deteriorate的过去式和过去分词 )
  • Her health deteriorated rapidly, and she died shortly afterwards. 她的健康状况急剧恶化,不久便去世了。
  • His condition steadily deteriorated. 他的病情恶化,日甚一日。
38 spoke XryyC     
n.(车轮的)辐条;轮辐;破坏某人的计划;阻挠某人的行动 v.讲,谈(speak的过去式);说;演说;从某种观点来说
  • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他们的轮辐螺帽是从我们公司获得的。
  • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.辐条是轮子上连接外圈与中心的条棒。
39 dilemma Vlzzf     
  • I am on the horns of a dilemma about the matter.这件事使我进退两难。
  • He was thrown into a dilemma.他陷入困境。
40 differentiate cm3yc     
  • You can differentiate between the houses by the shape of their chimneys.你可以凭借烟囱形状的不同来区分这两幢房子。
  • He never learned to differentiate between good and evil.他从未学会分辨善恶。
41 dilating 650b63aa5fe0e80f6e53759e79ee96ff     
v.(使某物)扩大,膨胀,张大( dilate的现在分词 )
  • Compliance is the dilating extent of elastic tissue below pressure. 顺应性是指外力作用下弹性组织的可扩张性。 来自互联网
  • For dilating the bearing life, bearing should keep lubricative well. 为延长轴承寿命,轴承应保持良好的润滑状态。 来自互联网
42 diffuse Al0zo     
  • Direct light is better for reading than diffuse light.直射光比漫射光更有利于阅读。
  • His talk was so diffuse that I missed his point.他的谈话漫无边际,我抓不住他的要点。
43 obsessed 66a4be1417f7cf074208a6d81c8f3384     
  • He's obsessed by computers. 他迷上了电脑。
  • The fear of death obsessed him throughout his old life. 他晚年一直受着死亡恐惧的困扰。
44 dictate fvGxN     
  • It took him a long time to dictate this letter.口述这封信花了他很长时间。
  • What right have you to dictate to others?你有什么资格向别人发号施令?
45 sketched 7209bf19355618c1eb5ca3c0fdf27631     
  • The historical article sketched the major events of the decade. 这篇有关历史的文章概述了这十年中的重大事件。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • He sketched the situation in a few vivid words. 他用几句生动的语言简述了局势。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
46 diluted 016e8d268a5a89762de116a404413fef     
  • The paint can be diluted with water to make a lighter shade. 这颜料可用水稀释以使色度淡一些。
  • This pesticide is diluted with water and applied directly to the fields. 这种杀虫剂用水稀释后直接施用在田里。
47 devoured af343afccf250213c6b0cadbf3a346a9     
吞没( devour的过去式和过去分词 ); 耗尽; 津津有味地看; 狼吞虎咽地吃光
  • She devoured everything she could lay her hands on: books, magazines and newspapers. 无论是书、杂志,还是报纸,只要能弄得到,她都看得津津有味。
  • The lions devoured a zebra in a short time. 狮子一会儿就吃掉了一匹斑马。
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