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胡敏读故事记单词 打败儿子下

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  [00:00.00]prey1 -- proclaim The privileged
[00:04.78]Relaxing in his tent,
[00:08.44]the principal was in the process of reviewing his primer
[00:14.21]on using primitive2 techniques to capture a prey
[00:19.17]when his privacy was rudely interrupted.
[00:23.85]A man was standing3 in the entrance of his tent with a gun in his hand.
[00:30.01]"Out!"The man said."
[00:33.25]As the principal walked out into the pristine4 woods
[00:38.53]he prioritized the needs of the moment.
[00:42.58]His first priority was to make sure the other members of his team were all right.
[00:49.11]They were.
[00:51.67]Then he probed the camp with his eyes for any tool that he could use.
[00:57.52]He saw a piece of wood that he had sharpened the prior afternoon.
[01:02.98]Picking it up he pretended to use it as a walking stick.
[01:09.04]"Put that down!" The man said.
[01:12.91]"But I can't walk without it.I injured my leg the other day. "
[01:18.55]Assenting,the man looked at his prizes."No women?" He asked.
[01:26.00]"Six men and no women?How's a man supposed to have any fun out here?"
[01:32.47]"Our primary focus is hunting."Replied the principal.
[01:38.12]"Our procession chose to leave the women behind"
[01:42.79]so that our prime goal would be the animal.
[01:47.23]We want to proclaim our manhood in the hunt,not by womanizing!"
[01:53.79]"But womanizing is the most important hunt!"
[01:58.54]Oh I hate you privileged upper class people.
[02:03.22]You always think you know better than us normal folk.
[02:08.47]Well let me tell you,
[02:11.81]ever since I've been on probation5
[02:15.65]it's people like you that I keep having problems with.
[02:20.41]All of your procedures. Do this.Don't do that."
[02:26.05]As he turned to the others,
[02:29.58]the principal proceeded to lift the stick and throw it into his body.
[02:35.35]As the intruder fell to the ground,dying,he heard the principal say mockingly,
[02:42.61]"Well you shouldn't have messed with us!"
[02:46.66]proclamation --ronounceable The potion
[02:54.99]"This potion will produce a prodigious6 amount of energy for you every day!"
[02:59.12]"这种药水能让您每天 产生巨大的能量!"
[03:03.25]said a traveling salesman promoting his newest product.
[03:08.00]"And if you follow my unique production instructions you can make it on your own!"
[03:14.48]I don't want any profit.I just want to help people!"
[03:19.21]"Aw,that's nonsense."A prominent leader in the town said.
[03:25.24]"This promotion7 is all hype."
[03:29.29]You and your people are prolific8 liars9.
[03:33.37]I'm prone10 to call the police on you
[03:37.73]to prohibit you from selling that stuff here!"
[03:41.88]"No sir.Not this time."
[03:46.43]I have promising11 lab results of this potions' performance in a medical project
[03:52.59]to back up my proclamations.
[03:56.12]They show the proficiency12 of this product.
[04:00.98]It can prolong your life.
[04:04.24]It can slow the profuse13 flow of blood after an accident.
[04:09.81]It can really have a profound impact on your life!
[04:15.09]Please,is there anyone here with health problems?
[04:20.23]You can try it now!
[04:23.29]When a young man prompted his crippled grandmother to raise her hand,
[04:29.84]the profile of the prominent leader became rigid14.
[04:34.39]As the women came forward the salesman said the name of the product.
[04:40.92]It was hardly pronounceable,so he just told everyone to call it the C drink!
[04:47.48]Then the old woman drank.
[04:52.05]The crowd gasped15 when a minute later she moved a leg and stood up.
[04:58.24]She hadn't walked for years!
[05:01.48]The crowd began to proliferate16 as people came forward to buy the product.
[05:08.04]The prominent leader frowned and walked away.
[05:13.00]After he turned around five minutes later and headed back to buy some potion
[05:19.63]he had arrived too late.They were all gone.
[05:24.18]If he had turned his head,however,
[05:29.33]he would have seen the old woman standing up straight
[05:33.56]taking off a wig17 and dress to reveal a beautiful young woman!
[05:39.12]pronouncement-- provoke Greedy heirs
[05:48.26]The provenance18 of the book of prose was clear;
[05:53.72]it had belonged to aristocrats19, a provincial20 Duke and even a King.
[06:00.07]Now,however,it was the property of a common man.
[06:05.43]And he wanted to keep it to himself.
[06:09.40]The heirs of the former owners,
[06:13.16]who had already received the much larger proportion of the inheritance,
[06:19.32]were proponents21 of having it published so that they could make even more money.
[06:25.20]But the new owner
[06:28.36]had obtained the book as a provision of the will of the former owner.
[06:33.72]He refused each of their propositions.
[06:38.08]Their prospects22 were looking bleak23
[06:42.23]when they discovered that the new owner
[06:46.18]was letting a professor's assistant proofread24 the book as part of her research.
[06:52.45]This assistant thought the book was the prototype of a whole literary genre25.
[06:59.40]She had even written a grant proposal to conduct research
[07:05.27]that she was sure would propel her to academic acclaim26.
[07:10.24]The heirs saw this assistant
[07:14.68]as an opportunity to increase their prosperity by getting access to the book.
[07:21.13]They found her proposal
[07:25.57]and agreed to fund her research provided she share a photocopy27 of the book.
[07:32.10]The assistant did not protest and was ecstatic about her prospective28 supporters
[07:38.76]But the strange names that the heirs had written
[07:44.22]provoked the curiosity of the new owner.
[07:48.30]He discovered what was happening and made the pronouncement
[07:53.26]that he would take his prosperous opponents to court.
[07:57.83]He was sad to find the assistant the next day dead,
[08:04.68]lying on a floor with an ax protruding29 from her head.
[08:09.72]All evidence of the proposal had disappeared!As had the book!
[08:15.91]prowess -- pursue The pulverizer30
[08:24.56]Marcus had proved his prowess in the ring by pulverizing31 all challengers.
[08:33.02]They crumbled32 before his punches and left the ring as bloody33 pulps34
[08:39.68]in need of psychiatric care even as doctors were taking their pulse
[08:45.56]to make sure they were still alive.
[08:49.01]Marcus would pump his arms in the air in victory each time,
[08:55.17]huffing and puffing35 that he was the best!
[08:59.01]And then he would take off his sweaty pullover and throw it in to the crowd.
[09:05.36]They loved it!
[09:08.13]Marcus was so good that he didn't even need publicity36;
[09:14.08]organizers would announce a fight
[09:18.34]and it would be publicized for free over the news and in every publication.
[09:24.58]He became so rich and famous that he could pursue any woman,
[09:30.83]purchase anything he wanted and walk in the proximity37 of government leaders.
[09:36.99]No one knew that he was operating under a pseudonym38,
[09:42.74]His real name was Clarence and he was guilty of three counts of murder.
[09:48.90]If any reporter had really pried39
[09:53.87]they would have found that Marcus had only been 'discovered' six years earlier,
[09:57.04]一定能发现马科斯是 在六年前才被"发现"的,
[10:00.22]two months after a well-known boxer40 and murderer Clarence had escaped from prison.
[10:07.48]But Clarence had plastic surgery and an excellent proxy41
[10:13.64]who handled all inquiries42 into his past.
[10:17.72]he had purified himself from his past!
[10:21.79]When Marcus announced his retirement43 from boxing at the peak of his career
[10:29.16]the world was stunned44.
[10:32.22]They didn't know that his plastic surgery
[10:37.18]was too damaged to hide his secret anymore.
[10:41.44]The pungent45 smell of the rotting skin had almost even alerted the authorities
[10:47.99]at his last fight.
[10:51.15]It wasn't prudent46 for him to fight anymore.
[10:55.70]Marcus found time to have another surgery.
[11:00.74]His punctual arrival at a final press conference amazed
[11:05.99]and erased47 all animosity from the press.
[11:10.64]Marcus was the greatest and if he wanted to retire,he could.
[11:16.60]He did!
[11:19.05]pursuit -- radiate The spy catcher
[11:27.31]The sun radiated brilliantly as McGee stepped on to the quay48.
[11:34.86]He walked around the customs queue and out into the city.
[11:40.63]The quartz49 in his pocket made little sound,
[11:44.99]but he fingered it and thought of his quest.
[11:49.25]It was a quest against time and he knew he would have to race
[11:54.89]if he wanted to meet his quota50 of captured spies.
[12:00.07]But this one might not be so easy.
[12:05.32]The spy he was chasing had many quirks51,
[12:09.68]including an uncanny knack52 of escaping the most qualified53 personnel.
[12:16.13]That was where McGee had been called in.
[12:21.30]McGee's qualification wasn't that he was the best;he was the worst!
[12:29.35]The worst for his prize,that is.He never quit.
[12:34.10]Other spy catchers might be more qualified,
[12:38.78]but McGee had high quality efficiency- he hadn't let one get away.
[12:45.73]The only downside of McGee
[12:49.88]was that he always gave quotations54 that demanded quadruple pay.
[12:56.25]McGee began his query55 in Rome.
[13:01.90]Then,after he had walked through his own qualitative56 questionnaire,
[13:07.85]he had found a piece of quartz once favored by the spy.
[13:13.10]The quantitative57 approach of the other spies would have missed the quartz.
[13:19.16]That was why McGee was now here in Egypt,
[13:24.31]taking his pursuit to the pyramids.
[13:28.28]He recognized the quartz and where it came from.
[13:32.93]McGee racked up another degree of respect when,
[13:38.60]several days later,he returned with the captured spy
[13:43.75]that everyone thought was uncatchable.
[13:47.72]Damn that he was so expensive!
[13:51.97]radiation -- reation Radiation poisoning
[14:01.20]There was no rational explanation for the random58 deaths of his cattle,
[14:09.35]the rancher thought as he hauled another dead cow back to the farm.
[14:14.49]But the rate of death had increased
[14:19.04]ever since he had taken them to a certain ravine
[14:23.79]near the edge of their range.
[14:27.13]That was when therancher held a raffle59 among his workers
[14:32.70]to see who would go with him to investigate.
[14:37.06]Two lucky workers were selected regardless of rank and they set out the next morning.
[14:43.83]After they had traveled for two days across the rangeland
[14:50.38]they arrived at the ravine.
[14:53.62]The rancher went to a region where the grass was a slightly lighter60 color
[15:01.20]and ran his hand through the dirt.
[15:04.86]His reaction shocked the workers.
[15:09.58]He yelled and jumped up,holding his raw hand as the flesh was falling off.
[15:16.04]There,just under the grass,the soil was glowing.
[15:22.20]There was no rationale to it,but the land was poisoned with radiation!
[15:28.47]There was no other way to react but grab the rancher and run.
[15:34.92]The rancher raged in anger and pain as he was carried home.
[15:40.67]He would never use his hand again.
[15:44.51]After returning home and calling the ranking city official,
[15:50.39]a team of government experts swarmed61 to the rancher's house.
[15:55.95]He was sick with a high ratio of radiation poisoning
[16:01.52]and he needed radical62 emergency attention.
[16:05.98]He was quickly put on a special raft and sent to a deep-sea facility for treatsent.
[16:13.24]When he died,officials tried to rationalize the radiation dump.
[16:20.69]But there was no rationality among the workers
[16:25.55]and the government had to arrest them all
[16:29.81]until they agreed to never speak of the event again.
[16:34.48]The whole herd63 of cows was exterminated64
[16:40.05]and the land was seized by the government and declared off-limits.
[16:45.69]readily --recommendation A recipe for success
[16:55.25]Sally reckoned that she could exchange the TV she had just bought
[17:02.69]for an item of reciprocal value.
[17:06.64]Its reception was bad and she still had the receipt,
[17:11.92]so she just figured that she could do an exchange.
[17:16.46]Boy was she wrong.
[17:19.52]When she went to the reception desk of the store
[17:24.69]they first readily reassured65 her that she could do an exchange.
[17:31.25]They told her to step to the rear of the room
[17:35.69]and fill out forms for reclaiming66 credit equal to the value of the TV.
[17:41.85]After wading67 through the dark realm of the bureaucrat68,
[17:48.09]Sally kept her mood from receding69 into frustration70 and stayed reasonable.
[17:55.04]She thought she would soon reap a reward
[17:59.30]for filling out countless71 forms in triplicate!
[18:03.74]Back at the desk the receptionist apologized
[18:09.20]and said the company had recalled
[18:13.07]that she paid the TV she had purchased the day by cheque!
[18:18.21]They couldn't help her!
[18:21.37]She recommended that Sally speak directly with the company.
[18:26.36]Acting on that recommendation,Sally called the company.
[18:33.03]They were,however,less than receptive
[18:37.75]and went through a recital72 of reasons why they couldn't refund73 her the money!
[18:44.00]They even blamed the recession!
[18:48.15]Well Sally became reckless and lost control of her reasoning abilities.
[18:55.41]She started to yell!
[18:58.76]As it turned out,this was the only recipe for success at this company.
[19:06.02]They did not want to become the recipient74 of yet another lawsuit75
[19:12.18]and quickly became polite.
[19:15.45]They wrote a check to Sally and she went home worn out,
[19:21.27]but glad that the whole ordeal76 was finally over!
[19:26.45]reconcile -- reel Restoring the ocean
[19:35.41]When the ocean recreational area became too polluted to visit,
[19:42.67]locals recounted the promises of the government
[19:47.11]and approached it to support a restoration project.
[19:51.97]The governsent surprised everyone by agreeing to help,
[19:57.32]realizing that they would become redundant77 if they did not.
[20:02.36]The restoration project began.
[20:07.22]Locals recruited experts to help restore the quality of the reefs
[20:12.79]where people loved to scuba78 dive.
[20:16.55]Companies redeemed79 bonds
[20:21.41]to fund pollution reduction and recycling projects.
[20:26.27]And small,local fisherman negotiated with large fishing companies
[20:32.43]to work together to help recover the fish population
[20:37.11]that had been reduced to almost nothing from over fishing.
[20:42.36]Everyone became part of the recovery project,
[20:47.82]looking to it for the redemption of the failed economy.
[20:52.88]The project wasn't always easy.
[20:57.53]When arguments occurred,locals mediated80 to reconcile both parties.
[21:04.51]Conflicting ideas on how to reconstruct the reef itself also lead to conflict.
[21:11.35]68 experts on ecology,reef dynamics81, oceanography, engineering,etc.
[21:20.42]attended one large meeting
[21:24.49]held in a large beach that had the shape of a rectangle.
[21:30.06]At this meeting,after much discussion,
[21:35.70]they were finally able to rectify82 the conflicts
[21:40.74]and remove the redundancy that had caused the initial problem.
[21:45.78]Some arguments recurred,but were never as serious as before.
[21:52.55]When the reef had been reconstructed,
[21:57.90]experts noted83 that it had been done in record time
[22:04.38]and declared it a success to be modeled throughout the world.
[22:09.24]Reels of film that had recorded the process were made into advertisements
[22:17.78]inviting recreation to return to an area
[22:22.46]that was now protected and environmentally safe.
[22:26.90]And the ocean breathed a sigh of relief!


1 prey g1czH     
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  • The lion was hunting for its prey.狮子在寻找猎物。
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  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
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  • He hung his coat on a nail protruding from the wall. 他把上衣挂在凸出墙面的一根钉子上。
  • There is a protruding shelf over a fireplace. 壁炉上方有个突出的架子。 来自辞典例句
30 pulverizer 9a350e99a4a306b59d407ab6927a258a     
  • Mixer, extruding machine, double screw rod extruding machine, breaker, sheeting breaker, pulverizer. 混合机,挤出机,双螺杆挤出机,破碎机,压片破碎机,磨粉机,制粉设备。 来自互联网
  • For pellet mill, extruder, hammer mill, pulverizer, crumbler, rotary screener. 制粒机、膨化机、粉碎机、微粉碎机、破碎机、分级筛等设备配件、易损件。 来自互联网
31 pulverizing 84724cfb5af69c4f3283a4497345a250     
v.将…弄碎( pulverize的现在分词 );将…弄成粉末或尘埃;摧毁;粉碎
  • Marcus had proved his prowess in the ring by pulverizing all challengers. 拳击台上,马科斯彻底击败了所有挑战者,从而证明了他高超的本领。 来自互联网
  • Its large caliber enables fast and pulverizing of material. 进料口径大可快速粉碎进料。 来自互联网
32 crumbled 32aad1ed72782925f55b2641d6bf1516     
(把…)弄碎, (使)碎成细屑( crumble的过去式和过去分词 ); 衰落; 坍塌; 损坏
  • He crumbled the bread in his fingers. 他用手指把面包捻碎。
  • Our hopes crumbled when the business went bankrupt. 商行破产了,我们的希望也破灭了。
33 bloody kWHza     
  • He got a bloody nose in the fight.他在打斗中被打得鼻子流血。
  • He is a bloody fool.他是一个十足的笨蛋。
34 pulps 2554e419f471b74a814361b370c3d4de     
水果的肉质部分( pulp的第三人称单数 ); 果肉; 纸浆; 低级书刊
  • They seem satisfied with the pulps. 他们似乎满足于看低级书刊。
  • The lymphocytes of white pulps of spleen broke apart and disappeared. 脾脏白髓内淋巴细胞崩解、消失,法氏囊滤泡内淋巴细胞明显减少。
35 puffing b3a737211571a681caa80669a39d25d3     
v.使喷出( puff的现在分词 );喷着汽(或烟)移动;吹嘘;吹捧
  • He was puffing hard when he jumped on to the bus. 他跳上公共汽车时喘息不已。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • My father sat puffing contentedly on his pipe. 父亲坐着心满意足地抽着烟斗。 来自《简明英汉词典》
36 publicity ASmxx     
  • The singer star's marriage got a lot of publicity.这位歌星的婚事引起了公众的关注。
  • He dismissed the event as just a publicity gimmick.他不理会这件事,只当它是一种宣传手法。
37 proximity 5RsxM     
  • Marriages in proximity of blood are forbidden by the law.法律规定禁止近亲结婚。
  • Their house is in close proximity to ours.他们的房子很接近我们的。
38 pseudonym 2RExP     
  • Eric Blair wrote under the pseudonym of George Orwell.埃里克·布莱尔用乔治·奧威尔这个笔名写作。
  • Both plays were published under the pseudonym of Philip Dayre.两个剧本都是以菲利普·戴尔的笔名出版的。
39 pried 4844fa322f3d4b970a4e0727867b0b7f     
v.打听,刺探(他人的私事)( pry的过去式和过去分词 );撬开
  • We pried open the locked door with an iron bar. 我们用铁棍把锁着的门撬开。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • So Tom pried his mouth open and poured down the Pain-killer. 因此汤姆撬开它的嘴,把止痛药灌下去。 来自英汉文学 - 汤姆历险
40 boxer sxKzdR     
  • The boxer gave his opponent a punch on the nose.这个拳击手朝他对手的鼻子上猛击一拳。
  • He moved lightly on his toes like a boxer.他像拳击手一样踮着脚轻盈移动。
41 proxy yRXxN     
  • You may appoint a proxy to vote for you.你可以委托他人代你投票。
  • We enclose a form of proxy for use at the Annual General Meeting.我们附上委任年度大会代表的表格。
42 inquiries 86a54c7f2b27c02acf9fcb16a31c4b57     
n.调查( inquiry的名词复数 );疑问;探究;打听
  • He was released on bail pending further inquiries. 他获得保释,等候进一步调查。
  • I have failed to reach them by postal inquiries. 我未能通过邮政查询与他们取得联系。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
43 retirement TWoxH     
  • She wanted to enjoy her retirement without being beset by financial worries.她想享受退休生活而不必为金钱担忧。
  • I have to put everything away for my retirement.我必须把一切都积蓄起来以便退休后用。
44 stunned 735ec6d53723be15b1737edd89183ec2     
adj. 震惊的,惊讶的 动词stun的过去式和过去分词
  • The fall stunned me for a moment. 那一下摔得我昏迷了片刻。
  • The leaders of the Kopper Company were then stunned speechless. 科伯公司的领导们当时被惊得目瞪口呆。
45 pungent ot6y7     
  • The article is written in a pungent style.文章写得泼辣。
  • Its pungent smell can choke terrorists and force them out of their hideouts.它的刺激性气味会令恐怖分子窒息,迫使他们从藏身地点逃脱出来。
46 prudent M0Yzg     
  • A prudent traveller never disparages his own country.聪明的旅行者从不贬低自己的国家。
  • You must school yourself to be modest and prudent.你要学会谦虚谨慎。
47 erased f4adee3fff79c6ddad5b2e45f730006a     
v.擦掉( erase的过去式和过去分词 );抹去;清除
  • He erased the wrong answer and wrote in the right one. 他擦去了错误答案,写上了正确答案。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • He removed the dogmatism from politics; he erased the party line. 他根除了政治中的教条主义,消除了政党界限。 来自《简明英汉词典》
48 quay uClyc     
  • There are all kinds of ships in a quay.码头停泊各式各样的船。
  • The side of the boat hit the quay with a grinding jar.船舷撞到码头发出刺耳的声音。
49 quartz gCoye     
  • There is a great deal quartz in those mountains.那些山里蕴藏着大量石英。
  • The quartz watch keeps good time.石英表走时准。
50 quota vSKxV     
  • A restricted import quota was set for meat products.肉类产品设定了进口配额。
  • He overfulfilled his production quota for two months running.他一连两个月超额完成生产指标。
51 quirks 45fdbe6cf154fe3b8bcba6cba262afa0     
n.奇事,巧合( quirk的名词复数 );怪癖
  • One of his quirks is that he refuses to travel by train. 他的怪癖之一是不愿乘火车旅行。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • All men have their own quirks and twists. 人人都有他们自己的怪癖和奇想。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
52 knack Jx9y4     
  • He has a knack of teaching arithmetic.他教算术有诀窍。
  • Making omelettes isn't difficult,but there's a knack to it.做煎蛋饼并不难,但有窍门。
53 qualified DCPyj     
  • He is qualified as a complete man of letters.他有资格当真正的文学家。
  • We must note that we still lack qualified specialists.我们必须看到我们还缺乏有资质的专家。
54 quotations c7bd2cdafc6bfb4ee820fb524009ec5b     
n.引用( quotation的名词复数 );[商业]行情(报告);(货物或股票的)市价;时价
  • The insurance company requires three quotations for repairs to the car. 保险公司要修理这辆汽车的三家修理厂的报价单。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • These quotations cannot readily be traced to their sources. 这些引语很难查出出自何处。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
55 query iS4xJ     
  • I query very much whether it is wise to act so hastily.我真怀疑如此操之过急地行动是否明智。
  • They raised a query on his sincerity.他们对他是否真诚提出质疑。
56 qualitative JC4yi     
  • There are qualitative differences in the way children and adults think.孩子和成年人的思维方式有质的不同。
  • Arms races have a quantitative and a qualitative aspects.军备竞赛具有数量和质量两个方面。
57 quantitative TCpyg     
  • He said it was only a quantitative difference.他说这仅仅是数量上的差别。
  • We need to do some quantitative analysis of the drugs.我们对药物要进行定量分析。
58 random HT9xd     
  • The list is arranged in a random order.名单排列不分先后。
  • On random inspection the meat was found to be bad.经抽查,发现肉变质了。
59 raffle xAHzs     
  • The money was raised by the sale of raffle tickets.这笔款子是通过出售购物彩券筹集的。
  • He won a car in the raffle.他在兑奖售物活动中赢得了一辆汽车。
60 lighter 5pPzPR     
  • The portrait was touched up so as to make it lighter.这张画经过润色,色调明朗了一些。
  • The lighter works off the car battery.引燃器利用汽车蓄电池打火。
61 swarmed 3f3ff8c8e0f4188f5aa0b8df54637368     
密集( swarm的过去式和过去分词 ); 云集; 成群地移动; 蜜蜂或其他飞行昆虫成群地飞来飞去
  • When the bell rang, the children swarmed out of the school. 铃声一响,孩子们蜂拥而出离开了学校。
  • When the rain started the crowd swarmed back into the hotel. 雨一开始下,人群就蜂拥回了旅社。
62 radical hA8zu     
  • The patient got a radical cure in the hospital.病人在医院得到了根治。
  • She is radical in her demands.她的要求十分偏激。
63 herd Pd8zb     
  • She drove the herd of cattle through the wilderness.她赶着牛群穿过荒野。
  • He had no opinions of his own but simply follow the herd.他从无主见,只是人云亦云。
64 exterminated 26d6c11b25ea1007021683e86730eb44     
v.消灭,根绝( exterminate的过去式和过去分词 )
  • It was exterminated root and branch. 它被彻底剪除了。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • The insects can be exterminated by spraying DDT. 可以用喷撒滴滴涕的方法大量杀死这种昆虫。 来自《用法词典》
65 reassured ff7466d942d18e727fb4d5473e62a235     
adj.使消除疑虑的;使放心的v.再保证,恢复信心( reassure的过去式和过去分词)
  • The captain's confidence during the storm reassured the passengers. 在风暴中船长的信念使旅客们恢复了信心。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
  • The doctor reassured the old lady. 医生叫那位老妇人放心。 来自《简明英汉词典》
66 reclaiming 4b89b3418ec2ab3c547e204ac2c4a68e     
v.开拓( reclaim的现在分词 );要求收回;从废料中回收(有用的材料);挽救
  • People here are reclaiming land from the sea. 这儿的人们正在填海拓地。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • How could such a man need reclaiming? 这么一个了不起的人怎么还需要别人拯救呢? 来自英汉文学 - 嘉莉妹妹
67 wading 0fd83283f7380e84316a66c449c69658     
(从水、泥等)蹚,走过,跋( wade的现在分词 )
  • The man tucked up his trousers for wading. 那人卷起裤子,准备涉水。
  • The children were wading in the sea. 孩子们在海水中走着。
68 bureaucrat Onryo     
n. 官僚作风的人,官僚,官僚政治论者
  • He was just another faceless bureaucrat.他只不过是一个典型呆板的官员。
  • The economy is still controlled by bureaucrats.经济依然被官僚们所掌控。
69 receding c22972dfbef8589fece6affb72f431d1     
v.逐渐远离( recede的现在分词 );向后倾斜;自原处后退或避开别人的注视;尤指问题
  • Desperately he struck out after the receding lights of the yacht. 游艇的灯光渐去渐远,他拼命划水追赶。 来自辞典例句
  • Sounds produced by vehicles receding from us seem lower-pitched than usual. 渐渐远离我们的运载工具发出的声似乎比平常的音调低。 来自辞典例句
70 frustration 4hTxj     
  • He had to fight back tears of frustration.他不得不强忍住失意的泪水。
  • He beat his hands on the steering wheel in frustration.他沮丧地用手打了几下方向盘。
71 countless 7vqz9L     
  • In the war countless innocent people lost their lives.在这场战争中无数无辜的人丧失了性命。
  • I've told you countless times.我已经告诉你无数遍了。
72 recital kAjzI     
  • She is going to give a piano recital.她即将举行钢琴独奏会。
  • I had their total attention during the thirty-five minutes that my recital took.在我叙述的35分钟内,他们完全被我吸引了。
73 refund WkvzPB     
  • They demand a refund on unsatisfactory goods.他们对不满意的货品要求退款。
  • We'll refund your money if you aren't satisfied.你若不满意,我们愿意退款给你。
74 recipient QA8zF     
a.接受的,感受性强的 n.接受者,感受者,容器
  • Please check that you have a valid email certificate for each recipient. 请检查是否对每个接收者都有有效的电子邮件证书。
  • Colombia is the biggest U . S aid recipient in Latin America. 哥伦比亚是美国在拉丁美洲最大的援助对象。
75 lawsuit A14xy     
  • They threatened him with a lawsuit.他们以诉讼威逼他。
  • He was perpetually involving himself in this long lawsuit.他使自己无休止地卷入这场长时间的诉讼。
76 ordeal B4Pzs     
  • She managed to keep her sanity throughout the ordeal.在那场磨难中她始终保持神志正常。
  • Being lost in the wilderness for a week was an ordeal for me.在荒野里迷路一星期对我来说真是一场磨难。
77 redundant Tt2yO     
  • There are too many redundant words in this book.这本书里多余的词太多。
  • Nearly all the redundant worker have been absorbed into other departments.几乎所有冗员,都已调往其他部门任职。
78 scuba YjDzRf     
  • I first got hooked on scuba diving when I was twelve.12岁时我开始迷上了带水中呼吸器潜水。
  • While on honeymoon in Bali,she learned to scuba dive.她在巴厘岛度蜜月时学会了带水肺潜水。
79 redeemed redeemed     
adj. 可赎回的,可救赎的 动词redeem的过去式和过去分词形式
  • She has redeemed her pawned jewellery. 她赎回了当掉的珠宝。
  • He redeemed his watch from the pawnbroker's. 他从当铺赎回手表。
80 mediated b901b5da5d438661bcf0228b9947a320     
调停,调解,斡旋( mediate的过去式和过去分词 ); 居间促成; 影响…的发生; 使…可能发生
  • He mediated in the quarrel between the two boys. 他调解两个孩子之间的争吵。
  • The government mediated between the workers and the employers. 政府在工人与雇主间搞调和。
81 dynamics NuSzQq     
  • In order to succeed,you must master complicated knowledge of dynamics.要取得胜利,你必须掌握很复杂的动力学知识。
  • Dynamics is a discipline that cannot be mastered without extensive practice.动力学是一门不做大量习题就不能掌握的学科。
82 rectify 8AezO     
  • The matter will rectify itself in a few days.那件事过几天就会变好。
  • You can rectify this fault if you insert a slash.插人一条斜线便可以纠正此错误。
83 noted 5n4zXc     
  • The local hotel is noted for its good table.当地的那家酒店以餐食精美而著称。
  • Jim is noted for arriving late for work.吉姆上班迟到出了名。
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