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决胜六级听力必备 mode17

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Section A     1.M:Congratulation
[00:04.88]You certainly did quite well and I must say you deserve that grade.
[00:10.63]W: Well,I really studied hard for that exam.
[00:15.36]I've been prepared for it for more than a month.
[00:19.83]Now I can relax for a while.
[00:23.77]Q: Why is the woman so happy?
[00:27.53]2.M:It's hard to believe that Susan has already finished her homework.
[00:33.99]W: Well,she copied Jack's homework and made a few changes.
[00:39.03]Q: What does the woman say about Susan?
[00:43.08]3. W: Mr.Johnson,have you heard the morning news report.
[00:49.14]Regan resigned his post as Prime Minister.
[00:53.89]M: I didn't turn on the radio this morning
[00:57.84]but I did see the headlines
[01:01.49]If you remember he threatened to the office at the last cabinet meeting.
[01:07.45]Q: How did Mr.Johnson learn that the Prime Minister had resigned.
[01:13.09]4. M:If you are in a hurry, you can take a subway.
[01:19.02]If you want to go sightseeing, take a bus.
[01:24.19]W: Actually I don't have to be at the conference before noon.
[01:30.23]Q: What will the woman probably do?
[01:33.88]5. W: How did your interview go?
[01:37.93]M: I couldn't feel better about it.
[01:41.69]The questions were very fair and I seemed to find the answers for all of them.
[01:48.04]Q: How does the man feel about the interview?
[01:52.69]6. W:I'm very impressed by all the work you've done on your house,Mr.Miller1.
[01:59.64]How long have you been working on it?
[02:03.38]M:I first became interested in doing things myself several years ago.
[02:09.23]I have been doing something on it every now and then for almost a year now.
[02:14.90]You know I couldn't afford to pay workmen to do it.
[02:19.83]Q: What do you learn about Mr.Miller?
[02:23.70]7.W:I just made a jar of jam this morning and now I can't find it anywhere.
[02:30.94]Do you know what happened to it?
[02:34.91]M: Do you hear a crash.
[02:38.04]That was it.I am just as clumsy as ever.
[02:42.80]Q: What is the problem?
[02:46.06]8. M:I read in a newspaper that the novel you're reading is excellent.
[02:52.02]W: I've also read some negative reviews.
[02:56.17]Q: What can we learn from the conversation?
[03:00.61]9. W:John told me he had bought a second hand car.
[03:06.78]Do you know how much he paid for it?
[03:10.72]M: Well,he said he paid $ 800 for it.
[03:15.76]I think he got a real bargain.
[03:19.42]Q: What does the man think of the price of the car?
[03:23.78]10. M Hello.This is Doctor Marita from the emergency department.
[03:30.23]I have a 70-year-old patient with an heart attack.
[03:35.48]W: O.K.Send him to Ward2 3.
[03:39.85]Q: What are they talking about on the phone?
[03:43.79]Section B   Passage One
[03:48.23]Packaging is an important form of advertising3.
[03:53.09]A package can sometimes motivate someone to buy a product.
[03:58.55]For example,a small child might ask for a breakfast food
[04:04.40]that comes in a box with a picture of a TV character.
[04:09.55]The child is more interested in the picture than in breasfast food.
[04:15.29]Pictures for children to colour or cut out.
[04:20.13]games printed on a package or small gifts inside a box
[04:26.68]also motivate many children to buy products--or to ask their parents for them.
[04:33.63]Some packages suggest that a buyer will get something for nothing.
[04:39.48]Food products sold in reusable containers are examples of this.
[04:45.44]Although a similar product in a plain container might cost less
[04:51.79]people often prefer to buy the product in a reusable glass or dish
[04:58.84]because they believe the container is free.
[05:03.49]However,the cost of the container if added to the cost of the product.
[05:09.84]The size of a package also motivates a buyer.
[05:14.59]Maybe the package has "Economy Size" or "Family Size" printed on it.
[05:21.04]This suggests that the large size has the most product for the least money.
[05:28.18]but that is not always true. To find out,
[05:33.22]a buyer has to know how the product is sold and the price of the basic unit.
[05:39.57]The information on the package should provide some answers.
[05:45.13]But the important thing for any buyer to remember
[05:50.07]is that a package is often an advertisement.
[05:55.03]The words and pictures do not tell the whole story.
[06:00.07]Only the product inside can do that.
[06:04.64]11. What does "motivate" mean according to this passage?
[06:10.29]12.What does "A buyer will get something for nothing"most probably mean?
[06:17.55]13. Which of the following statements is NOT mentioned in the passage?
[06:24.29]14. What suggestion does the author give in the passage?
[06:30.45]Passage Two
[06:33.51]Artificial flowers are used for scientific as well as for decorative4 purposes.
[06:40.35]They are made from a variety of materials.
[06:45.00]Such as wax and glass
[06:48.76]so skillfully that they can scarcely be distinguished5 from natural flowers
[06:54.90]In making such models painstaking6 skill artistry are called for
[07:01.36]as well as thorough7 knowledge of plant structural8.
[07:06.50]The collection of glass flowers in the Botanical Museum of Harvard University
[07:12.85] is the most famous in North America
[07:17.00]and is widely known throughout the scientific world.
[07:21.84]In all, there are several thousand models in colored glass
[07:27.37]the work of two artist--naturalists
[07:31.92]Leopold Blaschka and his sone Rudolph.
[07:37.09]The intention was to have the collection represent
[07:41.43]as least one member of each flower family native to the United States
[07:47.77]Although it was never completed
[07:51.54]it contains more than seven hundred species9
[07:56.40]representing 164 families of flowering plant
[08:02.74]a group of fruits showing the effect of fungus10 disease
[08:08.10]and thousands of flower parts and exaggerated detail
[08:13.64]Every detail of these is accurately11 reproduced12 in color and structure
[08:20.38]The models are kept in locked cases
[08:24.53]as they are too valuable and fragile13 for classroom use.
[08:30.09]15.Which of the following statements about Leopole and Rudolph Blashchka is true?
[08:37.83]16.What was the goal of Leopole and Rudolph Blaschka?
[08:44.28]17.Which of the following is not included
[08:49.35]in the display at the Botanical Museum of Harvard University?
[08:56.19]Passage Three   Cheating:
[09:00.34]The income-tax deadline approaches and some tax-payers'thoughts turn to it.
[09:07.19]Test time approaches and some students' thoughts turn to it.
[09:12.52]"You want something you can't get by behaving within the rules
[09:18.34]and you want it badly enough you'll do it regardless of any guilt14 or deep regreet
[09:25.19]and you're willing to run the risk of being caught
[09:29.73]That's how Ladd Wheele
[09:33.28]psychology professor at the University of Rochester in New York defines15 cheating.
[09:40.44]Many experts believe cheating is on the rise.
[09:45.20]"We're suffering a moral breakdown," Pindard says.
[09:50.13]"We're seeing more of the kind of person
[09:54.47]who regards the world as a series of thing to be dealt with.
[09:59.51]Whether to cheat depends on whether it's in the person's interest.
[10:04.94]He does,however,see less cheating among the youngest students.
[10:10.61]Richard Dienstbier,psychology professor at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln,
[10:17.35]believes that society's attitudes account for much of the increasing in cheating.
[10:24.12]"Twenty years ago if a person cheated in college."society said:
[10:30.36]'That is extremely serious.
[10:34.23]you will be dropped for a semester if not kicked out permanently,"he says.
[10:40.47]"Nowadays,at the University of Nebraska,for example,
[10:45.93]it is the stated policy of the College of Arts and Sciences
[10:51.78] that if a student cheats on an exam
[10:56.04]the student must receive an 'F' on what he cheated of.
[11:01.19]That's nothing
[11:04.03]If you're going to fall in the examination anyway, why not cheat?"
[11:09.88]Cheating is mostly in situation where the vital interests are high
[11:16.23]and the chances of getting caught are low


1 miller ZD6xf     
  • Every miller draws water to his own mill.磨坊主都往自己磨里注水。
  • The skilful miller killed millions of lions with his ski.技术娴熟的磨坊主用雪橇杀死了上百万头狮子。
2 ward LhbwY     
  • The hospital has a medical ward and a surgical ward.这家医院有内科病房和外科病房。
  • During the evening picnic,I'll carry a torch to ward off the bugs.傍晚野餐时,我要点根火把,抵挡蚊虫。
3 advertising 1zjzi3     
n.广告业;广告活动 a.广告的;广告业务的
  • Can you give me any advice on getting into advertising? 你能指点我如何涉足广告业吗?
  • The advertising campaign is aimed primarily at young people. 这个广告宣传运动主要是针对年轻人的。
4 decorative bxtxc     
  • This ware is suitable for decorative purpose but unsuitable for utility.这种器皿中看不中用。
  • The style is ornate and highly decorative.这种风格很华丽,而且装饰效果很好。
5 distinguished wu9z3v     
  • Elephants are distinguished from other animals by their long noses.大象以其长长的鼻子显示出与其他动物的不同。
  • A banquet was given in honor of the distinguished guests.宴会是为了向贵宾们致敬而举行的。
6 painstaking 6A6yz     
  • She is not very clever but she is painstaking.她并不很聪明,但肯下苦功夫。
  • Through years of our painstaking efforts,we have at last achieved what we have today.大家经过多少年的努力,才取得今天的成绩。
7 thorough zILzR     
adj. 彻底的,完全的,精心的
  • He made a very thorough analysis on the situation.他对形势的分析很透彻。
  • The committee reported its findings after a thorough investigation.委员会在彻底调查以后报告了调查结果。
8 structural itXw5     
  • The storm caused no structural damage.风暴没有造成建筑结构方面的破坏。
  • The North American continent is made up of three great structural entities.北美大陆是由三个构造单元组成的。
9 species FTizN     
  • Are we the only thinking species in the whole of creation?我们是万物中惟一有思想的物种吗?
  • This species of bird now exists only in Africa.这种鸟现在只存在于非洲。
10 fungus gzRyI     
  • Mushrooms are a type of fungus.蘑菇是一种真菌。
  • This fungus can just be detected by the unaided eye.这种真菌只用肉眼就能检查出。
11 accurately oJHyf     
  • It is hard to hit the ball accurately.准确地击中球很难。
  • Now scientists can forecast the weather accurately.现在科学家们能准确地预报天气。
12 reproduced 3700921c5a38fcacd4e33d3302724a49     
复制( reproduce的过去式和过去分词 ); 重现; 再版; 生殖
  • a manuscript reproduced in facsimile 精确复制的手稿
  • The article was reproduced by the special permission of the President. 由于总统的特殊允许,这篇文章被复印了一份。
13 fragile gfzzs     
  • The old lady was increasingly fragile after her operation.那位老太太手术后身体越来越虚弱。
  • This glass disc looks very fragile.这个玻璃盘子看起来很容易碎。
14 guilt 9e6xr     
  • She tried to cover up her guilt by lying.她企图用谎言掩饰自己的罪行。
  • Don't lay a guilt trip on your child about schoolwork.别因为功课责备孩子而使他觉得很内疚。
15 defines e5ce027803090c376e63626f7fc5c76b     
规定( define的第三人称单数 ); 使明确; 精确地解释; 画出…的线条
  • This name defines us all. 这个名字造就了我们。 来自演讲部分
  • The range of incomes over which this happens defines the 'poverty trap'. 发生在这种情况的收入范围,称为“贫困陷阱。”
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