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NPR 2010-12-25

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The EPA is announcing it'll propose new standards for power plants in July and for oil refineries1 next December. The Obama administration is moving unilaterally to clamp down on greenhouse gas emissions2 after Congress did not act on climate change legislation this year. EPA administrator3 Lisa Jackson says emissions from power plants and refineries constitute about 40 percent of the greenhouse gas pollution in this country.

Wintry weather is causing more travel problems at a number of airports in Europe today. The BBC's Matthew Price says Belgium has been especially hard hit.

Shoveling and skidding4, a two sounds you'll hear today in Brussels. The capital city's main airport had about ten inches of snow overnight. It's struggling to cope. Aircraft are being diverted elsewhere, and many have been delayed from taking off.

The BBC's Matthew Price.

Richard and Kathy Broughton are among the passengers stranded5 in Brussels. They say they were sent from London to Brussels in the hope of getting on a flight to Washington, DC.

"Our kids are over there. All the rest of the family are there."


"But not us this time. So, anyway."

"Oh, well."

"Merry Christmas."

"The Christmas that wasn't."

A spokesman for the Brussels Airport is warning travelers to prepare to spend the night.

The lower house of Russia's parliament's given preliminary approval to the New START nuclear arms agreement with the US. From Moscow, Peter Van Dyk reports lawmakers are expected to give final approval in the New Year, but not before studying it closely.

The State Duma voted overwhelmingly for the treaty. The ratification6 bill will now have second and third readings next year, with lawmakers taking time to fully7 consider the significance of the Senate resolution. Russia's foreign minister told the parliament that the treaty ensured Russia's security, but he criticized the Senate for painting Russia as the bad guy. The Russian parliament's final document may include language laying out Moscow's position on aspects of the treaty, particularly the link between strategic offensive capabilities8 and missile defense9. The issue was one of the biggest sticking points in the negotiations10, and Russian officials have threatened to withdraw from the treaty, if they feel threatened by US missile defense capabilities. For NPR News, I'm Peter Van Dyk in Moscow.

Meanwhile, Russia is agreeing to buy at least two helicopter carriers from a France-led consortium. A statement out today does not put a price on the deal, but it's being dubbed11 one of the largest military deals ever to take place between Russia and a NATO country. The French warships12 will boost Moscow's deployment13 abilities. Worrying some of Russia's neighbors, especially after its brief war with Georgia in 2008.

More setbacks today for the man refusing to concede defeat after Ivory Coast's presidential elections. Officials cut off incumbent14 Laurent Gbagbo's access to the state funds used to pay soldiers, and state TV remains15 off the air.

This is NPR News.

The Obama administration's main foreclosure prevention program once aimed at keeping three to four million people in their homes is slated16 to fall short. As NPR's Nathan Rott tells us, Florida and California lead the nation in foreclosure activity.

In the waning17 weeks of this year, just over half a million homeowners have received permanent help from the mortgage aid program, help that should allow them to keep their homes. Still, that was hardly the impact hoped for when the program launched in 2009. More than 1.4 million people had applied18 for the program, but over half have since dropped out. That's according to numbers released by the Treasury19 Department Wednesday. November's foreclosure filings fell to their lowest points since 2005, but the government has warned the drop is likely temporary. Nathan Rott, NPR News, Washington.

No talk about politics or the president. Republicans are using their weekly address to ask Americans to remember those in the military serving overseas. Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Pitts recorded the address. USO President Sloan Gibson is also making a similar call today. He's reminding Americans there are many ways to help deployed20 service members.

"Make it possible to send a care package over. Make it possible to deliver that phone call and allow the family to connect with their deployed loved one. Let them know that they are okay."

Some soldiers are able to be home for the holidays. Massachusetts is among states welcoming home National Guard soldiers who had been serving in Iraq. Belmont welcomed home National Guard members this week after their service in Afghanistan.

It's been a long time since Atlanta's seen any measurable snowfall on Christmas Day, not since 1882, but it could happen this year.


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