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NPR 2010-12-30

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rescue workers are reportedly, are trying to get two people still trapped in the wreckage1 of Berlin furniture stores burnt and destroyed, a third person was rescued earlier today hours after apparent natural gas explosion, when city manager JohnZetode told CNN the expolosion around 19:00 of local time was last.
city hall is about four blocks, from the scene and people in the city hall where I am now, they need something seriously occured.
nearby buildings had to be evacuated2.

Danish and Swedish authorities have custodies five men suspected of plotting attacks on a newspaper, that five year ago published controversial cartoons of Islam's prophet Mohamud, the BBC's MichealRich says most of the suspectes were arrested in Denmark.
Danish justice minister described the plot as terror fine, probably the most serious terror attempt in the country, the authority said underlines of the threat directly particularly against the institutions and individuals related to the publications of the cartoons in 2005, today news Cuty service says three of the four men arrested in Denmark, had entered from Sweden during the nights, several of those arrested appeared to be militant3 activists4, with links to international terror networks, and police has seized a machine gun with a matching silencer around ammunition5. a spokesman for the muslim council of Denmark, called the revelation of the latest plot extremely worry, and he said he condemned6 any active terrorism recoveries of the motives7. the BBC's MichealRich.

the blizzard8 hit northeastern US is as known in its winter misery9, a powerful storm is palm link the west as well, Airisona public radios JuliaFils called the reports blizzard conditions are expected across that state.
the national weather service has issued a rare blizzard warning from mountainous areas in southern and northern Airisona, between 2 and 3 feet of snow are expected to fall before evening and another foot is predicted overnight. the Airisona department and transportation are preparing for heavy closures, as snow fall increses and snow level drops throughout the day, down to about 3,000 feet, some norhtern areas and communities are still recovering from last week's winter weather, when flood waters washed away six homes and civilian11 damage, at least a dozen others. for NPR news, I am JilianFerisco, in Flexdef.

oil prices are holding a near two-year high, as around 91 dollars a barrel, former Shell oil president Johnhafmaster, who now leads an energy development A basic group, says prices are likely to keep rising.
we use 20 million barrels a day, we produce about 7, we're not drilling, we're going to produce about 6 a year, year a haf from now, that means we have to import more oil, while the whole rest of the world is also importing oil, it's a petrol demands upset pressure on the crude oil price.
hitting oil another energy commodities usually cost as more as the weather gets colder.
let us check on wall street, Dow is up more than 0.50%, at 11,617. this is NPR.

doctor BillTailer has died, NPR's NatherWolerbi reports that the jazz, pianist, composer, and educator, past away last night, following heart failure at a NewYork city hospital, he was 89 years old.
BillTailer's contribution to American music's / / around, he was / ,just world's presidents from the days of world war 2, and true  embassador of the form, before hosting shows on NewYork radio, national television and NPR for decades, he tutors the streets and jazz more / teach kids about the music, among his consilience conservations, was this civilized12 song made famous "/ moon" .  BillTailer was awarded a national metal award in 1992, he won a grani, and anni, and peabody, but his greatest legacy13 maybe the numerable fans and students of a form he talked to love. NaitoWolerbi, NPR news.

a donor14 in what's widely recognized, as the world's first successful organ transplant, has died. RoonleEric past away Monday, in May at the age of 79, on December 23rd, 1954, Eric donated a kedney to his twin brother, allowing his sibling15 to live fore10 8 more years, the lead surgeon, doctor JoeSefmorry, when on to win the nobel prize.

after days of heavy rainfall, river levels are rising across already severely16 flooded parts of northeastern Australia, media Roligi say high waters are making their way towards the sea making communities down string more vulnerable.


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