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NPR 2010-02-08

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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh.


Police on the scene of today's deadly explosion in Middletown, Connecticut are asking surrounding communities for help. They are bracing1 for mass casualties that may include at least two deaths and as many as 100 people injured. From member station WNPR, Diane Orson reports.


The explosion took place at Kleen Energy Systems, a 620-megawatt gas-fired power plant in an industrial area in Middletown, Connecticut, about 20 miles south of Hartford. The plant was undergoing a test of its power generating systems. Residents as far as 10 miles away mistook the explosion for an earthquake. Smoke was seen for miles. Emergency crews are searching for survivors2 amid the rubble3. Victims are being airlifted to local hospitals. For NPR News, I'm Diane Orson in New Haven4.


Mid-Atlantic States are starting to assess damage from the snowstorm that one newspaper has called a historic mess. Communities were hit with anywhere from one to three feet of snow this weekend. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people lost electricity and are getting messages like this when they call their utility company. “We do expect this to be a multiple-day event and ask customers to plan accordingly.” An audio recording5 from Pepco to residents in Washington, D.C. and parts of Maryland.


The candidate, once marked by critics as the Kremlin's puppet, may be the winner in Ukraine's presidential election. Exit polls show Viktor Yanukovych defeating Yulia Tymoshenko. If confirmed, the Yanukovych victory would be a major comeback since the tumultuous Orange Revolution in 2004, when Ukrainians took to the streets, demanding fair elections. NPR's David Greene has more.


Many Ukrainians like Viktor Kostin say they remember standing6 in Kiev's Independence Square five years ago, fighting for democracy. But it's been five years of disappointment, the 70-year-old said. The leaders who took over in 2004, he said, promised to fight corruption7 but never did. Still, Kostin is willing to grant more time to one Orange Revolution leader, the current Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. She's lost much of her popularity over five years, and she's in a tough campaign against former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych. He's tapped into the frustrations8 of many Ukrainians, who feel the democratic revolution in 2004 hasn't made their lives better. Yanukovych grew up in the Ukraine's Russian-speaking east. He's vowed9 to sign a law protecting the rights of Russian-speaking Ukrainians. David Greene, NPR News, Kiev.


Today, NASA postponed10 space shuttle Endeavour's lift-off from Florida until tomorrow. The launch was called off this morning after a band of low clouds moved into the Cape11 Canaveral area. Endeavour is going to deliver parts for another room on the International Space Station, the last major construction job for the orbiting outpost. Only five more shuttle missions remained.


This is NPR News.


Treasury12 Secretary Timothy Geithner says the US government “will never lose its credit rating even though the deficit13 keeps climbing”. Geithner told ABC today that he thinks international investors14 will keep buying US bonds because they are safe. But Moody's Investors Service recently warned that the government’s credit rating is at risk. The US debt limit has topped 14 trillion dollars.


In Japan, there are reports that Toyota will recall its Prius Hybrid15 because of brake trouble. NPR's Louisa Lim has this from Tokyo.


This would be a new blow for the world's biggest automaker which is already struggling with the recall of more than eight million cars for faulty gas pedals and floor mats. Japanese media say 170,000 3rd Generation Prius cars will be recalled here for software fix. Drivers have complained of a momentary16 delay while braking. Media say five complaints alleged17 this led to crashes. In the US, dealers18 say they've been told a Prius repair plan will be announced early next week. Kyodo News agency reports the fix can be made at dealerships in under one hour. The Prius has been a symbol of Toyota's technological19 prowess, so any flaws are deeply embarrassing. Toyota's President Akio Toyoda apologized on Friday, but Japan's press have criticized his response as slow and insincere. Louisa Lim, NPR News, Tokyo.


An earthquake struck several small islands off Japan's southern coast today, briefly20 triggering tsunami21 warning, but there have been no reports of injuries.


Updating our story of the hour. In Connecticut, there has been a deadly explosion at an energy plant in Middletown. Associated Press reporting now that fewer than 50 people have been hurt.


This is NPR.


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