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NPR 2010-03-21

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From NPR news in Washington I am Lakshmi Singh.
President Obama is on Capitol Hill attending a democratic pipe rally of sorts ahead of tomorrow’s land mark health care vote in the House.
“This debate has been a difficult debate. This process has been a difficult process,and this year has been a difficult year for the American people.”
Democratic leaders say despite some hold out still over abortion1 language they have the commitment to have enough members to pass this bill. However tomorrow there won’t be just one vote on health care. As NPR’s Julie Rovner reports three are on the line.
In order to get the health overhaul2 finished,House democrats3 were going to use something called the self executing role to allow members to vote indirectly4 on the bill the senate passed in December. Many House members dislike major portions of the senate bill. But thanks to a favorable ruling from the parliament area now the House can vote on the senate bill after it vote on a bill to make changes to that measure. So tomorrow show down vote would consist of three votes instead of two. One on the rule to structure the debate one on the bill with the changes to the senate bill and one on the senate bill itself. That will take away a key source of criticism from republicans they have called the plan for the executing rule also known as demon5 pass in abuse of House roles. Julie Rovner NPR news the capital.

Pope Benedict the 16th is apologizing today to survivors6 of child abuse by Irish clergy7 members. NPR’s Rob Gifford reports the pontiff is also accusing bishops8 of committing grave errors in the way they dealt with allegations of abuse. 
In a pastoral letter to Irish catholic Pope Benedict acknowledged the sense of betrayal felt by victims and their families. Addressing the victims he wrote “you have suffered grievously and I am truly sorry. Your trust has been betrayed and your dignity violated” he went on “and I openly express the shame and remorse9 that we all feel.”the Pope also said there have been serious mistakes made by Irish bishops in responding to allegations of pedophilia. Ireland’s main group of cleric abuse victims said it was deeply disappointed by the letter because it failed to lay blame with the Vatican for what it called a deliberate policy of the church’s highest level to protect sex offenders10. The letter address only Ireland but the Vatican said it could be read as applied11 to other countries hundreds of new allegations of abuse recently come to light across Europe. Rob Gifford NPR news London.

Thousands of people across Russia protesting government's economic policies are also calling for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s resignation. Rallies have been held in several cities including Saint Petersburg. There have been no immediate12 reports of violence, meanwhile anti war protest were held across the US today. People were marking the 7th anniversary the start of the Iraq war.

You are listening to NPR news.

The streets of Bangkok are again crowded with tens of thousands of protestors calling for new elections,many of them wearing red shirts to show support for ousted13 former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. This was the latest series of mass demonstration14 in the Thai capital. Activists15 are vowing16 to keep protesting until new elections are held.

Residents of Fargo North Dakota nearby Moorhead Minnesota are breathing a little easier today after hearing the Red River may not crest17 tomorrow morning as high as expected. The national weather service predicted the water will rise around 37 feet that still about 19feet above flood stage. ..Paul.L says the situation is unpredictable.
Right now we got the river almost high as point as going to be there for a while we need to you know we need to .. the rain we got under snow storms and that are some we had to be cautious another rainy forward,so right now it’s quite clear we are not looking like that
More details from Minnesota public radio’s A.A
Local state and federal agencies reported they had more time to prepare and train for the flood disaster. They arrived early to get familiar with the flood trained. Officials also say they are communicating better among one another. The national weather service expect water levels to climb more quickly than original expected. Flooding could continue to threaten homes and roads for much of next week. Fargo officials report or breaches18 in the temporary levies19 index as flood water continues to rise slowly. About 800national guard troops are on duty in the Red River valley for flood support. That’s .. reporting.


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