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NPR 2010-03-28

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From NPR News in Washington, I’m Lakshmi Singh.


Sarah Palin’s charging up a crowd of Tea Party activists1 in Nevada where people are launching a national bus tour to protest the new health care overhaul2 law. On a windy day in Searchlight today, Palin took several swipes at the Democratic leadership.


It’s like that old bumper3 sticker that says, government: “if you think our problems are bad, wait until you see our solutions”.


Palin traveled to Nevada from Arizona where she’s been campaigning for the reelection of a former presidential running mate, Senator John McCain.


The Tea Party activists are also calling for the ouster of Senate Majority Leader Harry4 Reid who’s from Searchlight. One of the chief organizers Mark Williams says the rally is just the beginning.


“We’re doing, I believe it’s up to 44 stops now between Searchlight and Washington, D.C. where we wind up on the 15th of April, or in its end there will actually be a number of events on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.”


GOP critics of the bill say the Democrats5’ plan will severely6 undermine the quality of health care and drive the economy deeper into debt. But Democrats argue not only will it help millions of Americans, but will also lead to huge savings7 for the country over the next decade.


The Senate has adjourned8 for a two-week recess9 without extending unemployment insurance benefits that are due to expire in the middle of the congressional break. As NPR’s David Welna tells us, both Democrats and Republicans agree the benefits should be continued, but they don’t agree on how to pay for them.


A temporary extension of unemployment benefits expires April 5th. The House approved another one-month extension, but Senate Republicans balked10, saying it would add another nine billion dollars to the deficit11. Iowa Democratic Senator Tom Harkin disagrees.


“This is an emergency. And yet, it’s being obstructed12 by the minority, by the Republicans. Let’s say it for what it is. Republicans are stopping this. It’s simply inexplicable13.”


Republican Senators say the unemployment benefits should be paid for with funds from last year’s stimulus14 bill. Their leader in this fight is Oklahoma’s Tom Coburn.


“Somebody has to start saying ‘no’ to the addiction15 that we have is that every time we have a problem, we just spend money.”


The Senate votes to end the filibuster16 on extensions when it returns April 12th. David Welna, NPR News, the Capitol.


President Obama is making 15 recess appointments. In a White House statement today, the president says posts include key members of his economic team, as well as members of the National Labor17 Relations Board and the head of Customs and Border Protection.


The families of South Korean marines still missing from a naval18 accident in the Yellow Sea yesterday are demanding answers today. A group turned up at a naval base south of Seoul angry; they weren’t being told more. Yesterday, a South Korean military ship sank near the disputed sea border. Officials say there was an explosion but did not offer a cause.


From Washington, this is NPR News.


The head of the Arab League says that Arab leaders should be looking ahead to the day when the Israeli-Palestinian peace process collapses20. Amr Moussa also counseled more direct contact with Iran. NPR’s Peter Kenyon has details from Cairo.


The Arab League summit in Libya is focusing on the recent controversy21 surrounding Jewish settlement activity in East Jerusalem. Israel says it will not stop building in the eastern part of the city which Palestinians see as the capital of a future Palestinian state. The Arab League recently gave its blessing22 to indirect talks between the Palestinian Authority and the Israelis, but Moussa says those talks are impossible, unless Israel imposes a settlement freeze, and he warned that the settlements could cause the peace process to collapse19 altogether. Moussa also said Arab states concerned about Iran’s nuclear program and its regional ambitions should open a dialog with Iranian leaders. Moussa proposed a forum23 involving both Iran and Turkey, a proposal that may be at odds24 with US and Israeli desires to isolate25 and punish Iran. Peter Kenyon, NPR News, Cairo.


A political dispute is brewing26 in Iraq where Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is pledging to appeal the results of this month’s parliamentary elections. Meanwhile, the declared winner Iyad Allawi is pledging to work with all factions27 to form a coalition28 government.


While days after signing landmark29 legislation to revamp health care, President Obama’s planning to do the same with an education bill on Tuesday. In his weekly address, the president says that he believes the student loan measure can make graduation rates in the US among the highest in the world. He says the law will spur more student lending, including more money for minority colleges and universities.


I’m Lakshmi Singh, NPR News.


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