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NPR 2010-06-06

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The government reaffirmed today that oil will continue to leak from a broken well in the Gulf1 of Mexico at least until August. NPR's Joe Palca has more.


Officials from both the federal government and the oil company BP say the only way to stop the flow of oil leaking into the Gulf is to seal shut the leaking well. To do that, BP is now drilling two wells that are intended to punch into the existing well at about 16,000 feet below the sea bottom. The plan is to cement shut the leaking well, so no more oil can reach the wellhead. But those so-called "relief wells" won't be completed until August. In the meantime, BP succeeded in placing a cap over the wellhead that captured 6,000 barrels in its first full day of operation. The number may go higher but not high enough to recover all the oil that's gushing2 out. Joe Palca, NPR News.


President Obama says his administration will make sure BP pays every single dime3 owed to the people along the Gulf Coast. Also today, the president named his choice to be director of national intelligence. It's retired4 Air Force General, James Clapper, the Pentagon's top intelligence official.


Israeli forces have seized an Irish ship trying to bring hundreds of tons of supplies into Gaza. Nine people were killed in a similar incident on Monday. Today's raid was peaceful. The BBC's Andrew North reports the passengers and crew of the Rachel Corrie are now in Israeli custody5.


We've been told by the Israeli authorities that they will be questioned. The expectation is that they will be deported6, and that the Israelis say also the cargo7 will be searched, and then if those things in there that they approve under the terms of their embargo8, they would take those, then to Gaza.


The BBC's Andrew North. The Israeli government says the blockade is necessary to keep weapons out of Gaza.


Financial policy makers9 from leading economic powers have completed two days of meetings in South Korea. Treasury10 Secretary Timothy Geithner is representing the US at the meeting. Steve Beckner of Market News International provides this wrap-up.


G20 finance ministers and central bankers declared that their response to the financial crisis has brought about a global recovery, but their communiqué acknowledged that recent financial market volatility11 due to the European debt debacle shows the recovery still faces significant challenges as debt-ridden countries like Greece have taken austerity measures; Germany and others have also moved to reduce their budget deficits13. But even before he arrived here, Geithner was urging such nations to go slow on deficit12 reduction until the world economy is stronger. The G20 agreed that members' fiscal14 policies should remain growth-friendly and tailor to their individual needs. Geithner failed to get backing for a tax on big banks to pay for future bailouts, but the G20 did say banks should help bear the burden. For NPR News, I am Steve Beckner in Busan.


This is NPR News from Washington.


Defense15 Secretary Robert Gates said today the US is considering additional options to hold North Korea accountable for the sinking of a South Korean warship16 last month. He would not elaborate. Pyongyang has denied any involvement. Gates told an international security summit in Singapore that for such an unprovoked attack to have no consequences would set a very bad precedent17.


In South Africa, the United States enjoyed its final rehearsal18 for the 2010 Soccer World Cup with a 3-1 win over Australia. Next stop, the US opening World Cup match against England on June 12th. Vicky O'Hara reports from Johannesburg.


The game took place at a nearly full 15,000-seat stadium west of Johannesburg. The spectators, no matter what flags they were waving, were in a good mood. The weather was sunny and warm. The vuvuzela, the plastic trumpet19 that's the signature of South African soccer, was fully20 employed. The sound was deafening21, but no one seemed to mind. The US scored in the opening minutes in what turned out to be a confidence-building match for the Americans, ranked 14th for the World Cup. Soccer is an up-and-coming sport in the US as demonstrated by the fans coming here for the tournament. The majority of foreign visitors are Americans despite the time and expense of travel from the US to South Africa. Tomorrow, the US players host 350 children at a practice session in Pretoria. For NPR News, I am Vicky O'Hara in Johannesburg.


In women's tennis, Francesca Schiavone won the French Open today, beating Samantha Stosur 6-4, 7-6. She became the first Italian woman to win a Grand Slam title.


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