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NPR 2010-06-07

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BP says the containment1 cap that are rigged on its shattered oil well in the Gulf2 of Mexico is working, but US officials say the effort to contain the spill has only just begun. NPR's Brian Mann reports.


In its first day of operation Friday, the cap on the seafloor oil pipe sucked up only a fraction of the gushing3 crude, but BP executive Tony Hayward told the BBC today that the amount of captured oil increased dramatically yesterday. "As we speak, the containment cap is producing around 10,000 barrels of oil a day to the surface, probably the vast majority." In an interview with CNN this morning, Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen said that the right progress is being made, but he added that nobody should be pleased until a relief well is dug that stops the leak entirely4. Oil has been discovered on more Gulf Coast beaches from Louisiana to the Florida Panhandle. Brian Mann, NPR News, New Orleans.


The Florida Panhandle's economy depends on tourism. Governor Charlie Crist told CNN he was disappointed by the oil debris5, but said it's being cleaned up quickly. The governor of Mississippi appeared on another Sunday morning talk show with a similar message. Haley Barbour told Fox News his state's beaches have only a few tar6 balls, and he said the coast is clear, come on down.


Federal officials say two New Jersey7 men were arrested last night on charges of conspiracy8 to commit terrorism. The men were picked up at JFK International Airport before they could board separate flights to Egypt with the intention of flying on to Somalia to join a Jihadist group. Investigators9 say the suspects are both American citizens and had planned the trip for several months. They saved money, watched terrorist videos online and lifted weights to get into condition.


Secretary of Defense10 Robert Gates today threw his support behind President Obama's pick to serve as the country's next director of national intelligence. Gates made his endorsement11 after attending a security conference in Singapore. NPR's Rachel Martin is traveling with the secretary.


A key challenge for the director of national intelligence is to get the country's 16 intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense all on the same page. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says James Clapper is equipped to do just that. The two worked together at the CIA and the Pentagon for decades and are personal friends. It's an important endorsement for Clapper who's faced tough criticism from some on Capitol Hill who say he doesn't value congressional oversight12 of the intelligence community, a claim that Gates rejects. The DNI position was created after 9/11, but many US officials including Gates say the position wasn't given enough power to be effective. If confirmed, Clapper will replace the former director of national intelligence Dennis Blair who stepped down last month. Rachel Martin, NPR News.


A car bomb exploded outside a police station in Baghdad this morning. Officials say four people were killed, all civilians13. Twelve police officers were injured.


You are listening to NPR News from Washington.


Rescue workers are searching demolished14 homes in northwest Ohio after tornadoes15 and thunderstorms overnight. Officials say at least five people were killed. Authorities in the Lake Township say at least 50 homes were destroyed, another 50 severely16 damaged. The local high school was also hit hard. The roof of the gym was torn off where graduation was supposed to take place today. Storms also struck Michigan and Illinois, no death reported in those states.


South Africa is hosting its first World Cup this week, and frenzy17 over the soccer tournament is building. Today there was a stampede when thousands of fans tried to get into a stadium for a warm-up match between Nigeria and North Korea. Vicky O'Hara reports from Johannesburg.


Police say nine people were injured in a stampede along with a police officer. Typically, tickets for preliminary matches are free, distributed by embassies of the countries involved. A lot of fans don't understand that and show up at the gates trying to gain admission. Yesterday, South African men, who couldn't get into a US-Australia game, stayed outside. They danced and blew their vuvuzelas. That's the traditional horn that’s the backdrop of local soccer. South African mania18 for the 2010 games is increasing by the day. Flags of participating countries fly from car windows, and South Africans are busy practicing steps for what some say is the official World Cup dance. It's called the Diski. The steps are supposed to mimic19 people playing soccer. For NPR News, I am Vicky O'Hara in Johannesburg.


Rafael Nadal won the men's final at the French Open today. He beat Robin20 Soderling in straight sets, 6-4, 6-2, 6-4.


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