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NPR 2011-01-11

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Through displays of flowers and candlelit vigils, people across the US are paying tribute to the victims of Saturday's shooting rampage in Arizona. President Obama, who led the nation in a moment of silence this morning, said all anyone could do now is pray.

"The main thing we're doing is to offer our thoughts and prayers to those who've been impacted, making sure that we're joining together and pulling together as a country. And as President of the United States, but also as a father, obviously I'm spending a lot of time just thinking about the families and reaching out to them."

The alleged1 gunman, Jared Loughner, is accused of gunning down 19 people, six of whom were killed. Several are still hospitalized in Tucson, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head. Doctors say she can move her toes and fingers, and there's no more swelling2 in the brain, but they say Giffords remains3 in critical condition.

Loughner was expected to appear in court within hours. The shooting raised new concerns about the political atmosphere that might fuel the attack, but lawmakers such as New York Senator Charles Schumer say the median narrative4 should not be political. More from Charles Lane of member station WSHU.

Schumer said the shooting was an opportunity to cool overheated political rhetorics seen on blogs and TV.

"This ought to be a time to take a time out, where everyone sort of looks into themselves, whether in their respective corners, coming together and realizing what we have in common."

He added that he is not assigning blame and instead wants to focus on political unity5. Schumer had no visible security detail, though local police were more vigilant6 than usual, checking press credentials7 and standing8 guard over the event. For NPR News, I'm Charles Lane.

Parts of the Southern US are trying to thaw9 out of following snow and freezing rain that snarled10 traffic and grounded airline flights. Alabama Public Radio's Pat Duggins reports it could take days for things to get back to normal.

Airline flights are trickling11 out of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Delta12 and AirTran canceled Sunday night departures ahead of the snow. Icy roads prompted the state of Alabama to close interstate highways around Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Huntsville. State DOT spokesman Tony Harris says conditions are getting better, but not quickly.

"It may take with temperatures that continue to hover13 around freezing or just below or maybe just above. It may take on into the week before we get to fall far going."

Governors of Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee declared emergencies as cold air from the North mixed with weather from the Gulf14 of Mexico to create sheets of snow and ice. For NPR News, I'm Pat Duggins in Tuscaloosa.

At last check on Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average down nearly 40 points at 11,637; the NASDAQ is up slightly three points at 2,706 with S&P 500 down two at 1,269. This is NPR.

Vice15 President Joe Biden is visiting Afghanistan to assess a shift in security operations to local forces before American troops start withdrawing this summer. Biden's trip was not announced in advance.

Jury selection has begun in a Pennsylvania trial of three former police officers who are accused of obstructing16 an investigation17 into the beating death of an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. Authorities say the defendants18 orchestrated a coverup to protect high school football players involved in the 2008 death of Louis Ramirez. Two suspects were convicted in October on federal hate crime charges. They could get up to life in prison during sentencing this month.

General Motors is the winner of the coveted19 North American Car of the Year award for its extended-range electric car, the Chevy Volt20. Michigan Radio's Tracy Samilton is at the international auto21 show in Detroit and reports the win's another indication that GM is regaining22 its competitive standing in the marketplace just a year and a half after emerging from bankruptcy23

Vehicles that win the North American Car of the Year award are usually groundbreaking in some way. The Volt surely is. It's a car that can go 25 to 50 miles on battery power alone with the gasoline engine for longer trips. Micheal Robinet is an analyst24 with IHS Automotive.

"GM was busy, despite the bankruptcy, really working hard to get this vehicle on the road. And,um, with the rate application, it definitely is a technology tour de force."

GM won't sell many Volts25 in the first year, but Robinet says that's typical for a new kind of vehicle just as it was for the first year or two of the Toyota Prius. For NPR News, I’m Tracy Samilton in Detroit.

And I'm Lakshmi Singh, NPR News in Washington.


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