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NPR 2011-10-29

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 From NPR News in Washington, I’m Lakshmi Singh.

        While US stocks trading lower and investors1 focusing more on the US economy that the European debt crisis deal reached earlier this week.
        At last check the Dow was down 8 points at 12,201; NASDAQ’s off about 7 at 2,732 and whilst S&P 500 down slightly, it’s at 1,282.
        Church and local government officials in London are turning to the court system to evict2 anti-capitalism demonstrators who’ve been camped outside St. Paul’s Cathedral for weeks. Today, Prime Minister David Cameron said during a visit to Australia that the activists4 need to find a better way to conduct their campaign.         
        “I’m all in favor of the freedom to demonstrate, but I didn’t quite see why the freedom to demonstrate has to include the freedom to pitch a tent almost anywhere you want to in London.”  
        The church that typically attracts many tourists reopened the week after the shutdown because of what officials called health and safety hazards by the encampment. 
        Anti-Wall Street activists entrenched5 in camps across the US are vowing6 to stand affirm this weekend against police, politicians and even really cold weather. Meanwhile, the rally in cry “if we’re all Scott Olsen” persist. So since the debt graded, the awkward veteran who was seriously injured early this weekend open when police clashed with demonstrators. 
        We move from anti-Wall Street and to anti-government in Syria where activists say today’s demonstrations7 have turned deadly. Human rights groups say at least 30 people have been killed during protests across that country. The BBC’s Jim Muir told us that activists are blaming government forces for the fatalities8.
        Activist3 organizations said despite the shooting and a heavy security presence in many areas there was a mount increased number of demonstrations around the country after Friday prayers, their traditional time for protests. They said there were nearly 170 different demonstrations in various places. Most of the deaths were reportedly in or around the cities of Hama and Homs to the north of Damascus. Protestors said the dead included an 80-year-old man shot near Homs as well as a young boy near Deraa in the south.
        That’s the BBC’s Jim Muir reporting.
        In the US report was released today by the Commence Department that reveals 6.3% increasing consumer spending in September. But the economists9 say while people spend more, they actually save less and their incomes remain just about the same. 
        Residents in tourist land, Mexico’s Yucatan coast may be breathing a sigh of relief. Now the region’s latest major storm is weaker, Rina which was once feared to grow into a powerful hurricane hits now. The tropical depression it has top winds of 35 miles/hour.
        The Dow is up slightly at 12,209; and last glance NASDAQ was off 5 points at 2,733; S&P 500 also down slightly. 
        You’re listening to NPR News.
        Today marks the 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty. As NPR’s Joel Rose reports officials in New York are celebrating the occasion with fireworks, musical performances and a naturalization ceremony.
        The National Park Service says today’s events are intended to mirror those about October 28th,1886, the day the Statue of Liberty was dedicated10. The day began with a naturalization ceremony for 125th new Americans which also were what start to display currency of boats from New York Fire Department and fireworks are scheduled for this evening. Park officials are also unveiling a new torch webcam that would provide online visitors with the use of New York Harbor from Lady Liberty’s torch. On Saturday, Park officials plan to close the statue for up to a year for major renovations to its interior but Liberty Island will remain open to visitors. Joel Rose, NPR News.
        Thousands of businesses and homes in Colorado’s Front Range have no electricity after a snow storm took out power lines in the last couple of days, most of the outages in the area such as Denver, Boulder11 and Greeley. Federal services by Xcel Energy, the state’s largest fertility. However, authorities said they’ve expected the power would be restored to most customers by the afternoon. 
        In New York, 16 city police officers have pleaded not guilty to charges of corruption12. Union official say most turn themselves today to face charges that included fixing tickets for relatives, colleagues and friends. The majority of the officers were said to be officials in the city’s largest police union. 
        I’m Lakshmi Singh, NPR News in Washington.


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