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NPR 2011-10-31

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 Not the usual sound for a New England fall day, but in many parts of the East, residents are digging out from a rare October snowstorm. National Weather Service forecaster Bruce Sullivan says several areas got heavier accumulations.

"We've seen snow totals across Pennsylvania as high as 16 inches; New York: we have 17.9; New Jersey1: 19.0; Maryland: the highest at 11.5."
The wet heavy snow weighed down trees still covered with autumn leaves. Gusting2 winds toppled some lame3 limbs off of others, and as many as three million people are now without power.
Winter-like weather isn't freezing out anti-Wall Street protestors in Providence4 Rhode Island. They are ignoring an eviction5 deadline set for today. Flo Jonic from member station WRNI reports the occupiers are staying on despite a dusting of snow.
With a small generator6 powering space heaters, Occupy Providence protestors are holding their ground in Burnside Park. About 200 people have been camped out for the past two weeks. Although the weather's gotten considerably7 colder and it snowed overnight, Occupy spokeswoman Amanda Magee characterized the mood as "wicked chipper".
"There's a couple of snowball fights already. We're all ready for today. I mean the snow's definitely not going to bring us down. It's a really good mood, high spirits, happy people." 
The protestors have ignored an eviction notice, but city officials are determined8 to avoid violence. Their plan is to seek a court injunction forcing the demonstrators from the park. For NPR News, I'm Flo Jonic in Providence.
Australia's Labor9 Relations Tribunal has ruled in favor of Qantas Airlines over a labor dispute. The carrier grounded its entire fleet yesterday, locking out striking workers. But as Stuart Cohen reports from Sydney, Qantas' planes could be flying again by this evening.
Fair Work Australia has ordered the three unions in contract negotiations10 with Qantas to terminate all of their rolling work stoppages and other industrial action that have been going on for months. That's the outcome that Qantas hoped for and the government had wanted when it referred the dispute to the labor relations board. Australia's Assistant Treasure Bill Shorten says he now expects both sides to work to get the airline flying again.
"We are pleased that after 24 hours of turmoil11, common sense will be restored to the aviation, tourism sectors12 of Australia."  
Qantas will now have to be recertified by the government as safe to fly again, a process that should take just a few hours. It could be back in the air as early as Monday evening local time. For NPR News, I'm Stuart Cohen in Sydney.
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is warning western countries not to intervene after anti-government protestors called for international protection from his crackdown. Assad says he is avoiding another Afghanistan.
This is NPR.
Rescue crews in Atchison, Kansas have been forced to suspend their search for those missing after a massive explosion at a grain elevator last night. City manager Trey Cocking.
"We do have three confirmed fatalities13 and we have three missing at this time." 
The blast shook the ground four miles away. 
A California agency is giving the go-ahead for plans to celebrate next year's 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge. From member station KQED, Joshua Johnson reports the occasion comes amid significant changes for the bridge.
Starting next year, you will be able to do something visitors can not do now–walk the bridge at night. In 2012, special evening tours will show off the engineering feats14 that made the bridge possible. There will also be a new visitors' pavilion, an education building and even a locally composed symphony, the Golden Gate Opus. These honors come amid big changes including plans for a suicide barrier to stop jumpers and replacing the toll15 collectors with a fully16 automated17 system. Out-of-state drivers will pay online or get a bill in the mail. The Golden Gate Bridge turns 75 on May 27th. For NPR News, I'm Joshua Johnson in San Francisco.
An unmanned Russian cargo18 spaceship is on its way to the International Space Station. It's carrying some three tons of food, fuel, oxygen, clothes, even iPads to the three-member crew. And it's due to arrive at the orbiting outpost Wednesday. Today's successful launch is the first to head to the International Space Station since a supply vehicle crashed in August. Russia is the Space Station's only flight provider.
I'm Barbara Klein, NPR News, in Washington.


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