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NPR 2011-02-18

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From NPR news in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh.
In Wisconsin a movement to strip away collective bargaining rights of public workers has hit a new snag. There are no democratic senators to be found in the state capital. The republicans who hold a 19:14 majority, lead at least one democrat1 in the senate present before a vote can be held on republican governors Scott Walker's bill. State police announced searching for them, meanwhile, MantiMichaelson in the member station of WUWM, says teachers and other public workers are outing for forth2 again on Madison to protest the measure.
There people are avowing3 agency wants of this year. School children with school teachers sit in counting workers. Many children are out of school today, because public school teachers in the Madison area fall in steps, and the law speaker inspiring you know, sound everything is wrong, what they discussed is union made to brew4 spring team fallen the USA.
MantiMichaelson of member station, WUU, WUWM.

President Barack Obama is due to leave this hour for the west coast. NPR's JoeSxxx reports Mr.Obama will be meeting with Facebook founder5 Mark Zuckerberg, as he focuses on the plan to increase spending on education.
The meet with Zuckerberg and other business executives in the San Francisco bay area, comes as president's new budget proposal as congress to spend billions more on science and techology education. Even as he calls for a five-year freeze on government spending else well.
Engineering men, critical frankly6, problems are weak. These are the kinds of subjects and skills that I give the needs to achieve susccess in the 21st century. 
The president was speaking earlier this weekend in Mxxx. Mr.Obama will have dinner with San Francisco business executive Sxxx, who will be in Oregon, the two will entire manufacturing facility and meet with a chip-maker CEO and other intellectual executives. JxxSxxx NPR news, Washington.

A quick resolution to a diplomatic stand of involving American drone in Pakistan on murder charges are suffering a setback8. A court in Lahore will remain David works as the US consulate9, give Pakistan government three more weeks to determine his status as a diplomat7 entitle to community. From Lahore NPR's Julie McCarthy reports that the delay is likely to aggravate10 US-Pakistan relations already tested by this case.
The failure of the Pakistan govenment to clarify its position on whether remain David has diplomatic community, mean said he is likely to remain in jail at least until March 14th, when the next hearing is scheduled. As the weeks drag on, the case is becoming mild in dozens of unseal?/ private potentials, they challenge everything from David's claims to a community to his conditions in jail. The US council general in Lohore issued a statement, saying David has been treated like every other Pakistani prisoners, adding he sleeps on the phone matches on a concrete pad. Julie McCarthy NPR news, Lahore.
The Dow is up nearly 30 at 12,300. This is NPR.

US economy is growing that today according to conference board in industry research group, its gage11 of leading indicators12 inched up to 0.10% last month. Even though it's the 17th consecutive13 increase, Danielle Karson reports only six of the ten components14 were up. The journalist is saying it means economic growth is far from robust15.
There are fresh signs of life in the economy, it grew in the first quarter. Stocks are rallied. Exports are up. Consumer spending is on the road again. But last month index which major states are on building permits jobless claims in the financial markets, suggest while the economy is growing, is still not going gain busters. Bank of American Merrill Lynch economist16 Michael Hanson.
We have targets that ahead within the economy, so labor17 market is taking its time, the housing market I think is going to take several years before we really fundamentally say that turned round, on that's the near term getting a way located on growth.
The federal reserve forecasts growth could reach for 3% this year. The economy needs to grow a 5% for a full year to lower the jobless rate by a percentage point. For NPR news, I am Danielle Karson in Washington.

Taking a look at consumer core prices, the government says it's on 0.20% increase in January, the largest labor department has more than a year. However, include the voluntary categories of gas and food cost, and rising of the consumer price index closed to 0.40%.

Loaning was seriously looking at a buyer home maybe that much more encourage by news that mortgage rates were down this week. The mortgage giant Freddie Mac says year average has been around 5% for thirty years fixed18 rate loans, and just over 4.25% on fifteen-year loans.


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