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NPR 2011-02-28

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on her way to Geneva to consult with US allies on the crisis in Libya. Last night, the United Nations Security Council voted to impose sanctions against Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi because of the violent crackdown on anti-government protesters. Meanwhile, thousands of people are trying to flee Libya into Tunisia. Joe Lowry is a spokesman for the International Federation1 of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Tunisia. He says refugees waiting to cross the border are facing crowded condition and cold overnight temperatures.

"The weather actually is the biggest enemy. It's causing a huge problem to people who want to start crossing the border. There, people who can't move as a line are stuck without food, without water, without sanitation2, without blankets and standing3. Whereas, people who're on the other side can at least lie down and rest a bit, but it's not very tough for anyone who's trying to pass through."

Tunisia was the first Arab country to rise up in revolt against its rulers. Today, the prime minister of Tunisia resigned following a new round of demonstrations4. NPR's Tom Gjelten is in Tunis. He says that Mohammad Ghannouchi was seen as a carryover from the old regime.

This past Friday was the one-month anniversary of the so-called "Jasmine Revolution" in Tunisia that led to the exile of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali. Not a long time for a new government to bring change, but many Tunisians wanted more evidence of genuine reform in their country. In the last few days, protesters have once again been out in the streets here in Tunis, clashing violently with security forces. One of their demands was that Mohammad Ghannouchi resign. He'd been held over from Ben Ali's regime in order to guide the transition to new presidential elections in July, but that was not acceptable here. In appearance on state television, Ghannouchi said he was resigning now as a service to his country. Tom Gjelten, NPR News, Tunis.

The foreign minister of France has become the first European casualty of the Trans-Arabic uprising. Frank Browning reports from Paris that Michèle Alliot-Marie has resigned over deepening scandals, concerning relations with the deposed5 Tunisian President Ben Ali.

First, Aliott-Marie accepted a family vacation courtesy of Ben Ali during the early days of the rebellion. Then, it turned out her family was involved in a business deal with a Ben Ali confidant. Then, the new ambassador to Tunisia Boris Boillon reportedly made insulting remarks to the new Tunisian authorities. Calls for Aliott-Marie's resignation have intensified6 daily. And tonight, President Sarkozy addressed the nation and announced a new cabinet shuffle7, naming Defense8 Minister Alain Juppé as the new foreign minister. For NPR News, I'm Frank Browning in Paris.

You're listening to NPR News from Washington.

There's been more violence in Ivory Coast prompting fears of a renewed civil war. NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton reports fighting has spread from the commercial capital to the lawless west to other parts of the troubled West African nation.

Ivorians are fearful. A three-month post-election presidential power struggle has ballooned into open armed conflict. Confrontation9 in Abidjan between the security forces and supporters loyal to the presidential challenger Alassane Ouattara has spiraled into deadly clashes between pro-Ouattara rebels and forces fighting on behalf of his rival Laurent Gbagbo. Ivory Coast disputed incumbent10 has ordered his troops to push back rebels in the volatile11 west. His military chief has vowed12 to restore order in anti-Gbagbo neighborhoods and Abidjan after days of clashes and heavy gunfire in Quattara stronghold and the commercial capital. Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, NPR News, Accra.

The Oscars will be presented tonight at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. The King's Speech is believed to be the frontrunner for Best Picture, but its competitors include The Social Network, Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception13 and True Grit14, the story of a teenager pursuing her father's killer15 in the Old West.

"Can we depart this afternoon?"

"We?! You're not going. That is no part of it."

"Well, you have misjudged me if you think I am silly enough to give you fifty dollars and watch you simply ride off."

"I am a bonded16 U.S. marshal!"

"That weighs but little with me. I will see the thing done."

Fourteen-year-old newcomer Hailee Steinfel has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress. The leading candidate for Best Actor is Colin Firth in the title role of The King's Speech.

I'm Nora Raum, NPR News in Washington.


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