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NPR 2011-07-16

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A short-term approach to the nation's pressing debt limit deadline falls well short of what Washington should be doing. Says President Obama:

"This notion that we're going to go through a multiyear process instead of seizing the moment now and taking care of our problems is a typical Washington response. We don't need more studies. We don't need a balanced budget amendment1. We simply need to make these tough choices and be willing to take on our bases."

The president spoke2 to reporters not to congressional negotiators. Top House Republicans did the same thing. Speaker of the House John Boehner:

"Our stand on the debt limit has been clear: There can be no tax hikes because tax hikes destroy jobs; we need real spending cuts and real spending cuts that will exceed the amount of increase in the debt limit."

Republicans will take a House vote next week on a balanced budget constitutional amendment.

The British News of the World phone-hacking scandal drew grave condemnations. Onward4, the paper had hacked5 into the cell phone of a missing girl. Now, Larry Miller6 tells us the extinct tabloid7's owner Rupert Murdoch has met with the girl's family.

When Murdoch left the meeting, members of the public shouted "shame on you." A 'shaken' Murdoch retreated back into the hotel. Moments later, the family of slain8 teenager Milly Dowler emerged with her lawyer Mark Lewis, who says Murdoch appeared humbled9 and contrite10.

"Yes he did apologize. He apologized many times; I don't think somebody could have held their head in their hands so many times and say that they were sorry."

Murdoch has placed full-page ads in Britain's Saturday newspapers to apologize, saying his News of the World tabloid failed, and that he's deeply sorry for the hurt suffered by those hacked by the paper. For NPR News, I'm Larry Miller in London.

There'll be a longer-than-two-day closure on part of the heavily traveled Interstate 405 in California this weekend. Helicopter pilot Lan Strong says he's offering discount helicopter rides from Van Nuys to Los Angeles International Airport.

"Cost thousands of dollars to charter helicopters from us. But since I was born and raised here, I thought it'd be a great opportunity to try to help out. So for 150 dollars, if you have four people, we'll take [you] in one of our jet-powered helicopters, and in 12 minutes we'll have you at LAX."

The part of the freeway that's to be closed is north of the airport.

The United States is joining more than 30 nations in formally recognizing Libya's main opposition11 group as the legitimate12 governor there pending3 creation of a new interim13 authority.

On Wall Street, approaching the close, the Dow was up 35 points at 12,472 in trading of three billion shares.

This is NPR News.

The Clorox Company's considering a 10-billion-dollar takeover bid from its biggest shareholder14 billionaire investor15 Carl Icahn. From member station KQED, Joshua Johnson reports Icahn could get much more from the deal than just a bleach16 maker17.

Pine-Sol, Hidden Valley, Formula 409, Kingsford charcoal18 and even Fresh Step kitty litter, Icahn could control all the Clorox Company's diverse brands if it accepts his bid. In his offer letter, he urged the Oakland-based company to consider his offer alongside other perhaps better deals, but it's unclear how hot a commodity Clorox could be. Sales are up, but the company's latest financial outlook disappointed some analysts19. For NPR News, I'm Joshua Johnson in San Francisco.

BP is promising20 to meet strict new standards if it's allowed to return to drilling in the Gulf21 of Mexico. NPR's Jeff Brady says the oil giant is campaigning to mine the Gulf's rich oil fields again.

BP's new self-imposed standards are designed to address concerns that emerged from investigations22 into the Deepwater Horizon accident. BP, in a letter to the country's top offshore23 drilling regulator, says the new rules will apply only to wells in the Gulf of Mexico where BP is the designated operator, and the company promises not to transfer operatorship just for the purpose of avoiding its new self-imposed requirements. While BP has interests in wells drilled since last year's disaster, the company has not yet been given permission to lead drilling operations in the Gulf. Jeff Brady, NPR News.

Harry24 Potter fans lined up for the midnight showing of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2," the last in the series. Ticket sales 43 million.

I'm Louise Schiavone, NPR News, Washington.


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