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NPR 2011-08-13

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 The US markets are reacting in part to more upbeat economic news this time in retail1. The Commerce Department reports consumers spent more money in the last three months than previously2 thought. In July, retail sales rose 0.5%, and the government revised up sales figures from the previous two months. A day after hearing that fewer people filed for jobless insurance last week, today's retail report is more welcome news for investors3 who experienced a turbulent week on Wall Street. Most Asian markets also posted modest gains, and European stocks ended the week up after countries temporarily banned short selling. Now the Italian cabinet is holding an emergency session to talk about cuts and tax increases to meet European Central Bank demands to sharply reduce Italy's mountain of debt. NPR's Sylvia Poggioli reports Italian officials remain divided over where to cut costs. 

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi briefed local government officials on the emergency measures. Lombardy Governor Roberto Formigoni said they include raising value-added tax, imposing4 a solidarity5 tax on high earners and raising the retirement6 age for many workers. The government needs to find 20 billion euros, almost 30 billion dollars, in savings7 and revenue next year and another 25 billion euro in 2013. The cabinet reportedly intends to cut funding to local governments by more than eight billion dollars next year and by five billion the year after that. Regional officials literally8 oppose the plan cuts, saying local services from schools and transport to health and welfare services are always the first austerity targets. Sylvia Poggioli, NPR News, Rome.
Famine-stricken Somalia is now dealing9 with a cholera10 epidemic11. That warning today from the World Health Organization, which is responding to the Horn of the Africa's worst drought in decades. The WHO says poor sanitation12 and dirty water are driving up the number of people who fall victims to the disease.
The man convicted of killing13 11 women and concealing14 their bodies in and around his home is getting the death penalty in Ohio. We have more details from reporter Bill Rice of member station of WCPN on the case surrounding Anthony Sowell.
Sowell was impassive throughout the trial but appeared to completely detach as family members of the victims got the chance to speak their piece at sentencing. Here's Dorothy Pollard, the aunt of victim Diane Turner.
"No matter what type of lifestyle these women had lived, Anthony Sowell had no right to play God by taking their lives. It is our hope that he'll meet his Maker15 sooner rather than later."
Sowell's victims were all poor black women with histories of addiction16 to crack cocaine17 and alcohol which he used to lure18 them to his home before killing them. Three survivors19 of attacks by Sowell testified at trial that he had choked and raped20 them. 
This is NPR News.
Harry21 & David, the mail-order company known for fruit baskets and gifts, is preparing to emerge from bankruptcy22. More from NPR's Jeff Brady.
Part of the deal includes terminating the pension plans for 2,700 current and former employees. Creditors23 will get pennies on the dollar, and Harry & David will receive new operating capital. The company's primary business of selling fruit, nuts and baked goods through the mail has continued through bankruptcy. Harry & David's management submitted the filing in March after disappointing sales during last winter's holiday season. Jeff Brady, NPR News.
In China, a human rights activist24 went on trial in Beijing four months after she was detained amid the government's crackdown on dissent25. Kathleen McLaughlin reports on the latest example of China's pushback against critics.
Wang Lihong does not fit the mode of a stereotypical26 Chinese dissident, but the 56-year-old business woman who was born into an army family has long been involved in China's rights and justice movements. On Friday, she was tried in a Beijing court on charges of creating a disturbance27, which could land her in prison for up to five years. Wang was taken by police four months ago in the massive crackdown on critics following failed calls for a "Jasmine Revolution" in China. China has released several other critical voices, including internationally known artist Ai Weiwei in recent weeks. Ai broke his post-detention silence, specifically on Wang's case, saying on Twitter: "If you don't speak out for Wang Lihong, you are not just a person who will not stand up for fairness and justice, you do not have self-respect." For NPR News, I'm Kathleen McLaughlin in Beijing.
At last check on Wall Street, the Dow was up 151 points, 1.3% higher, at 11,294, and the NASDAQ was up 19 points at 2,512.


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