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NPR 2012-01-01

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 Parts of Nigeria are under a state of emergency today. President Goodluck Jonathan made the declaration and ordered the closure of some international borders. He acted after several recent attacks, which were blamed on a Muslim sect1 that he wants to impose Sharia law in Nigeria. The president also directed his top security officials to set up a special counterterrorism unit to help fight the group which is called Boko Haram, which means western education is forbidden. The sect is claiming responsibility for Christmas Day bombings directed at churches that killed dozens.

The two largest opposition2 groups in Syria are agreeing to a plan to bring democracy to their nation after President Bashar Assad steps down. The two factions3 signed the pact4 in Cairo last night. They agreed that there will be no military intervention5 by other nations, and that they will establish a civilian6 pluralistic parliamentary democratic system. The uprising in Syria began in March, inspired by similar protests in other Arab nations.
North Korean reports say that the new leader Kim Jong-un has been formally designated the supreme7 commander of North Korea's armed forces. NPR's Mike Shuster reports from Seoul that the declaration is part of a continuing process to cement his authority as successor to his late father Kim Jong-il.
Kim Jong-un is in his late 20s and has had virtually no military experience. Nevertheless, an unannounced meeting of the leaders of North Korea's Workers Party has bestowed8 on him the title Supreme Commander, according to a statement released by the Korean Central News Agency in Pyongyang. That places him atop an army of an estimated 1.2 million troops, possessing a vast arsenal9 of artillery10 and missiles, many of them deployed11 along the border with South Korea. The North Korean news release said it was the wish of Kim Jong-il expressed in his will that his son assume the position of Supreme Commander. The move consolidates12 power further in the young Kim's hands, a process that has been underway since Kim Jong-il died on December 17. Mike Shuster, NPR News, Seoul.
Authorities in Southern California are investigating more than two dozen fires set over the past two nights. NPR's Jeff Brady reports there were at least seven cars set on fire early this morning in North Hollywood.
In most cases, the fires involve parked cars. Sometimes just the car was damaged. But in a few cases, the fires spread to nearby buildings. Authorities tell the Associated Press they believe the fires set Friday in the Hollywood area are related to those set early this morning. No serious injuries have been reported. There one firefighter did suffer non-life-threatening injuries and has since been released from the hospital. On Friday, fire officials said damage was conservatively estimated at 350,000 dollars. Local authorities and the Federal ATF are offering a 60,000-dollar reward to anyone with information leading to an arrest and conviction. Jeff Brady, NPR News.
This is NPR News
Several hundred Somalis demonstrated in Minneapolis yesterday to protest the cutoff of money transfers to Somalia. Rupa Shenoy reports from Minnesota Public Radio.
US Somalis send millions of dollars to Somalia through money-wiring companies. Those companies need a US bank to facilitate the transfers. What's thought to be the last US bank to work with the money-wiring businesses closed their accounts, shutting down remittances13 to Somalia. The Minneapolis bank fears prosecution14 if its system is used to send money to terrorists. Samatalis Haille was among the crowd at a demonstration15 in Minneapolis to protest the cutoff.
"I'm quite surprised how the government did not take this seriously and did not come up with a solution that would somehow avoid this kind of situation, because there are now hundreds of people who want to send money back home, and they cannot do so."
Minnesota's congressional delegation16 is lobbying the State Department for a solution. For NPR News, I'm Rupa Shenoy.
British health officials today ordered an investigation17 into the safety of silicone breast implants18 made by a now-defunct French company. The devices were pulled off the market last year in several countries because of fears they could rupture19 and leak silicone into the body. Britain had said there was no need for women to remove the implants, but British Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said today he's received new information, and he wants to investigate. He declined to provide details. About 40,000 British women have such implants.
A North Carolina male bringing in the New Year in jail. Authorities told the Winston-Salem Journal he tried to buy some stuff at Wal-Mart with a million-dollar bill. He insisted that it was real. The largest bill now in circulation is $100.


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