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NPR 2012-04-06

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 President Obama surrounded by a bipartisan congressional group has signed the JOBS Act. 

“Because of this bill, startups and small business will now have access to a big new pool of potential investors1 — namely the American people.”
This was the second major bill signed at the White House in as many days.
The bills bipartisan supporters say they are confident of job growth under the new law adding to optimism about the jobs market in the US. The Labor2 Department says new applications for unemployment insurance are down to the lowest level in nearly four years. NPR's Craig Windham has more on the latest indication of a strengthening of this market.
The number of new jobless benefit claims has been dropping steadily3 since last fall. The four-week moving average of claims, which is a less volatile4 measure, is at the lowest level since April, 2008. Sam Stovall is chief equity5 strategist for S&P Capital IQ.
“Now that we are seeing an improvement in economic growth, employers are now responding.”
Responding he says by adding jobs instead of just working current employees harder. A separate report out today shows the number of planned layoffs6 by businesses fell in March to the lowest level in ten months. Craig Windham, NPR News, Washington. 
A British TV news broadcaster that's part of Rupert Murdoch's media empire is admitting it has twice authorized7 a journalist to hack8 into email. NPR's Philip Reeves reports it happened at Sky News.
Sky News says its executives authorized a journalist to hack into emails on two occasions. It says both cases were in the public interest as they involved suspected criminals. One was a man accused of faking his own death. Sky says the resulting material helped the police secure a successful prosecution9. Sky News is part of the TV satellite giant, BSkyB, in which Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. has a controlling stake. An independent regulator is investigating whether News Corp. is a fit and proper proprietor10. On Tuesday, Murdoch's son James resigned as BSkyB's chairman, indicating he wanted to prevent the company being damaged by scandals in Gulf11 and other parts of the Murdoch media empire. Philip Reeves, NPR News, London.
A wealthy Egyptian businessman is formally the Muslim Brotherhood12's candidate for president of Egypt. Today Khairat el Shater registered to run in an election, whereas main rivals will be other Islamists and those who served under ousted13 leader Hosni Mubarak. Meanwhile, members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been making the rounds in Washington this week to reassure14 the US they’re committed to democracy. Egyptian lawmaker Abdul Mawgoud Dardery explains why his group reversed its decision and he entered the race.  
“People are demanding. We would like to see the result of the revolution. We would like to see different fruits of revolution.”
Dardery speaking to NPR's “All Things Considered.”
Dow was down more than 20 points.
This is NPR News.
Two years ago today, an explosion ripped through Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch coal mine in West Virginia. NPR's Howard Berkes reports 29 workers were killed in a tragedy blamed on company practices and failed regulation.
Two years after the nation's worst mine disaster in four decades, multiple investigations16 blamed mine owner Massey Energy for putting production before safety. The Mine Safety and Health Administration is also blamed for failing to use its toughest enforcement tools despite repeated and persistent17 safety violations18. The mine safety agency has since targeted troublesome minds with surprise inspections19. But Congress has failed to enact20 tougher mine safety laws. Federal prosecutors21 have one criminal conviction and two guilty pleas so far, but not for anything directly related to the explosion. They say their investigation15 is ongoing22. Howard Berkes, NPR News.
A health care think tank founded by Newt Gingrich has filed for bankruptcy23. The Center for Health Transformation's debt is reported to be as much as ten million dollars. Gingrich's attorney says the Republican candidate divested24 his interest in the think tank as he prepared to run for the president. 
In Greece, more protests expected tonight against the country's austerity measures. The public was moved to rally yesterday just hours after an elderly retiree killed himself out of an apparent despair that he would not be able to survive on his pension. He left behind a suicide note in which he rails against the country's political leaders for their handling of the financial crisis. But the prime minister is offering a glimmer25 hope today. He says the economy could grow as much as 3% in the next two years.


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