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NPR 2012-04-11

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 From NPR News in Washington, I'm Louise Schiavone.

Two weeks away from a GOP presidential primary in his home state, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum is suspending his campaign. He says it was a family decision.
“This was a time for prayer and thought over this past weekend, and just like it was, frankly1, when we decided2 to get into this race.”
He spoke3 at a news conference in Gettysburg. Mitt4 Romney, the front-runner congratulated Santorum on his campaign. 
In southern Afghanistan, a Taliban attack has left at least four police officers dead, five more wounded in a suicide bombing. NPR's Ahmad Shafi has details.
According to a provincial5 spokesperson, three men wearing traditional coats approached the gates of a police compound in Helmand province at noon. The police opened fire when two of the men set off explosive belts strapped6 to their bodies. A third suicide bomber7 was killed in the subsequent firefight. The Taliban issued a statement to the media claiming responsibility for the attack. Helmand is one of the most volatile8 provinces in Afghanistan. It produces most of the world's opium9. Officials say the Taliban has stepped up their attacks on the police to protect poppy fields. Ahmad Shafi, NPR News, Kabul.
The White House says a rocket launch planned by North Korea this week would be a clear and serious violation10 of UN resolutions. But as NPR's Louise Lim reports, Pyongyang insists it's merely sending a science satellite into orbit.
Space officials told reporters in Pyongyang that the communication satellite was being mounted on the rocket today, completing preparations. One official dismissed as nonsense, assertions that the launch could be a cover for developing missile technology. The rocket will be fired between April the 12th and 16th to commemorate11 the 100th birthday of North Korea's late founder12 Kim Il-Sung. China is repeating calls for calm and restraint amid a diplomatic coercive condemnation13. Russia is criticizing the launch is showing disregard for UN Security Council resolutions restricting such actions. And here in Seoul, the Unification Ministry14 is warning the North that it will bring further isolation15 and sanctions upon itself. Louise Lim, NPR News, Seoul.
The Federal Communications Commission has revealed a plan to quickly disable a cellphone after it's reported stolen. Chairman Julius Genachowski told reporters in Washington the FCC is working closely with wireless16 companies.
“Creating a database to prevent use of stolen smartphones and tablets, this database will enable carriers to disable stolen smartphones and tablets, dramatically reducing their value on the black market.”
It should take about six months to set up the database. 
On Wall Street, a losing day for the Dow, now down 199 points at 12,740; NASDAQ down 48.
This is NPR News.
Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen says he is sad and embarrassed for remarks he made about Fidel Castro. The baseball team placed in the city's Little Havana neighborhood and now would suspend Guillen for five games without pay after he told Time magazine he loves and respects Fidel Castro. At a news conference, he commented on the suspension.
“The way I feel right now, I cannot say it's unfair or fair. I think that they make that decision.”
He says he just wants to apologize.
Baylor acknowledging what it calls a three-year joint17 investigation18 with NCAA enforcement staff of possible rules violations19 in both the men's and women's basketball programs. NPR's Wade20 Goodwyn reports.
The ESPN.com first reported that more than 1,200 impermissible phone calls and text messages were sent to recruits by Baylor's basketball coaches. Baylor has shown a concealed21 quality in Division 1 competition in football and basketball. The problem has been following the rules while doing so. In 2003, the men's basketball program erupted in the scandal after one player shot and murdered his teammate. The subsequent investigation turned up recruiting violations, widespread player drug and alcohol abuse and illicit22 player tuition payments made by then head coach Dave Bliss23. Wade Goodwyn, Dallas.  
Off the coast of Great Britain, a medical emergency delayed the passage of a cruise ship retracing24 the route of the Titanic25, 100 years after it set sail on its ill-fated voyage, the ship carrying over 1,000 passengers.
I'm Louise Schiavone, NPR New, Washington.


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