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NPR 2012-04-16

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 Labor1 reforms in Colombia have cleared the way for the US-Colombia free trade agreement. NPR's Scott Horsley tells us the announcement came at the end of the Summit of the Americas.

The free trade agreement was passed by Congress last fall, but its effective day was on hold until Colombia satisfied a variety of labor conditions. The US labor secretary and the US trade representative say those conditions have now been met. The announcement means that most US exports to Colombia will be duty-free, beginning May 15th, and all remaining tariffs2 will phase out over the next ten years. President Obama's been stressing the promise of increased exports throughout this weekend's summit meeting with leaders from around the Western Hemisphere. Scott Horsley, NPR News, Cartagena, Colombia.
Afghan insurgents3 launched a series of attacks early today. NPR's Quil Lawrence says they hit major targets.
A string of explosions in Kabul's diplomatic neighborhood announced what may be the beginning of the Taliban's "spring offensive" against US and Afghan government troops. Witnesses said a group of armed insurgents took over a building near several embassies and a NATO military base. The government launched rockets and locked down the city center with sniper fire. Within an hour, the Afghan government's quick reaction force along with NATO soldiers arrived and laid siege to the building. Witnesses reported several other bombing attacks in Kabul, including one near the parliament building. At about the same time, insurgents hit government targets in three other eastern provinces. Quil Lawrence, NPR News, Kabul.
Tornados5 have left a trail of destruction across the Midwest and the Plain States. Kansas Public Radio's Bryan Thompson describes how the weather assault unfolded.
Across a large part of Kansas, residents heard this sound Saturday night, in some cases, repeatedly. Tornado4 sirens warned people to take cover, and in many cases, they did. That may help explain why no deaths have been reported in Kansas at least so far, and neither have any severe injuries. Wichita sustained extensive damage, including two large aircraft plants and McConnell Air Force Base. Some of the worst damage and at least a few injuries took place at a mobile home park on the south side of Wichita. There were at least 120 reports of tornados in the four states. For NPR News, I'm Bryan Thompson in Salina, Kansas.
From oysters6 a la Russe to seared foie gras, rack of lamb and at least a dozen more specialties7, Ryan Roberts of Cullen's restaurant in Houston pulled out all the stops for a 12,000-dollar a person Titanic8 memorial dinner.
"A lot of the dishes are classic French and Russian dishes 'cause the Czar was still in power. So there's some Russian influence there."
The menu was drawn9 from the last dinner served on the Titanic, which sank 100 years ago. Proceeds went to charity.
This is NPR News in Washington.
An uncollected class of artists became part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this weekend. Amanda Rabinowitz of member station WKSU has details on a group of musicians ranging from Laura Nyro to Guns N' Roses.
Members of the rock band Guns N' Roses reunited and performed some of their hits without lead singer Axl Rose, who last week declined to attend the induction10 ceremony. Another LA '90s rock band inducted is the Red Hot Chili11 Peppers. Bassist Flea12 says the band had released its first album in 1984, feels like it's just getting started.
"All we've wanted to do is to resonate the way that our own hearts beat with music and make our own music the way we make it, and I feel like we've barely scratched the surface of what's possible."
Other 2012 inductees include The Beasties Boys, British bands The Small Faces and The Faces and the late singer-songwriter Laura Nyro. For NPR News, I'm Amanda Rabinowitz in Cleveland.
In a boating race off the coast of San Francisco, a powerful wave engulfed13 a yacht, leaving one sailor known dead, four missing. Three other crew members were rescued. Seas were rough with waves running at about ten feet when a larger wave washed over the 38-foot Low Speed Chase. All of the competitors were wearing life vests and cold weather gear.
At the box office this weekend, "The Hunger Games" took the No. 1 spot for the fourth week in a row with ticket sales of 21.5 million dollars just this weekend. Debuting14 in second place, "The Three Stooges" followed by the horror movie "Cabin in the Woods."
I'm Louise Schiavone, NPR News, Washington.


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  • With the new tablet device that is debuting next week, Apple Inc. 苹果公司的新型平板电脑将于下周发布。
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