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NPR 2012-06-23

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 President Obama's aides are hoping to draw far more Latino votes this election year than in 2008, and his appearance in central Florida today may have helped. He spoke1 of economic and education equality in his address to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials. And in a swipe at Republican critics, the president brought up the DREAM Act, which, if passed, would have created a path to citizenship2 for some children of undocumented immigrants.

“I've said time and again: Send me the DREAM Act; I will sign it right away. And I’m still waiting to work with anyone from either party who is committed to real reform.”
Last week, the president announced an initiative to give around a million younger undocumented immigrants who’d grown up here a chance to avoid deportation4. A couple hours before President Obama spoke, Florida Senator Marco Rubio took the stage in an impassioned speech. He railed against what he described as efforts to politicize the immigration issue.
“I was accused of supporting apartheid. I was accused of supporting a DREAM Act without a dream. Of course, a few months later the president takes a similar idea and implements6 it through executive action, and now it's the greatest idea in the world.”
Rubio has been widely reported to be a possible running mate for the GOP's presumptive nominee7 Mitt3 Romney, who seemed to get a cooler reception than Obama from NALEO yesterday. 
Former UN chief Kofi Annan is turning to Iran for help. He says the Islamic republic should be part of the solution of the Syrian crisis where thousands of people have died in a more than year-old uprising. 
“It's time for countries of influence to raise the level of pressure on the parties on the ground and to persuade them that it is in their interest to stop the killing8.”
But the US is strongly opposed to involvement by Iran which it accused of fomenting9 violence and remaining a nuclear threat. 
A French and German-backed proposal to start taxing financial transactions throughout the entire European Union is dead. Teri Schultz reports opposition10 was too strong from some countries, including the US that feels such a move would be bad for business.
Even leadership from EU powerhouse Germany couldn't win over the majority of states to the idea of charging banks a small fee on sales of products such as stocks and bonds. Britain claimed that would drive investors11 to go elsewhere. The EU estimated such a tax could bring in more than 60 billion dollars a year. Taxation12 commissioner13 Algirdas Semeta regrets it didn't get support from all 27 governments.
“We cannot reach unanimity14 unfortunately. But at the same time, there is a strong  group of member states so, which want to introduce this tax.”
Some EU governments now plan to band together and implement5 such a levy15 amongst themselves to fund possible future bank bailouts without taxpayer16 money. Supporters call it the “Robin Hood17 tax.” For NPR News, I'm Teri Schultz in Brussels.  
Dow’s up 77 points. 
This is NPR.
A Roman Catholic Church official convicted of child endangerment in a clergy18 abuse trial in Philadelphia reportedly has been taken to prison. Monsignor William Lynn is the first US church official convicted of a crime for how he handled sex abuse accusations19. He was convicted of one count of endangerment. Lynn was acquitted20 of another endangerment count and a conspiracy21 charge. However, the jury could not agree on a verdict for Lynn's codefendant, the Rev22. James Brennan, who is accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy. 
Rangers23 with Mount Rainier National Park are trying to recover one of their own who had fallen yesterday more than 3,000 feet to his death during a rescue operation. More details from Sara Lerner of member satiation KUOW.
Nick Hall was helping24 rescue four injured climbers. They have traveled to Washington from Texas to climb Rainier and did successfully summit the mountain's 14,400-foot peak. But on the way down, two fell on a glacier25. During the rescue, Hall fell as well and died. He slid more than 3,000 feet down the side of the mountain. A storm was on the way at the time of the incident, but three of the climbers were able to be rescued with helicopters borrowed from a nearby military base. A fourth had to stay overnight with help from park rangers. For NPR News, I'm Sara Lerner in Seattle.
The Arkansas Supreme26 Court has ruled the state's execution law is unconstitutional and cited with ten death row inmates27 who argued that only the legislature can set execution policy. Three years ago, legislators voted to give that power to the Department of Correction. 
Before the close on Wall Street, the Dow was up more than 70 points, more than 0.5%, at 12,645.


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