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听电影学英语-生活大爆炸第一季 10.The Loobenfeld Decay(Loobenfeld衰变)

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 [00:02.68]no,see,the liquid-metal termators were created in the future by skynet, 不对 液态金属人是在未来由天网创造

[00:06.60]and skynet was developed by miles dyson, 而天网是由Miles Dyson开发
[00:08.64]but that future no longer exists due to dyson's death in terminator 2. 但Dyson在<终结者2>里死掉 所以这个未来将不存在
[00:13.80]Okay,then riddle me this: 好吧 那么解释下这个
[00:16.40]Assuming all the good terminators were originally evil terminators created by skynet 假设所有好终结者最初都是 由天网设计的坏终结者
[00:21.88]but then reprogrammed by the future john connor,why would skynet, 但却被后来的John Connor改写程序 为什么天网--
[00:23.64]an artificial computer intelligence, 一台人工智能电脑
[00:24.76]bother to create a petite,hot,17-year-old killer robot? 会想到去制造一个 苗条性感的17岁机器人杀手?
[00:31.72]Skynet is kinky? 天网是个色鬼?
[00:34.68]I don't know. 我不知道
[00:35.20]artifici intelligences do not have teen fetishes. 人工智能可不会追星
[00:37.76]All right.Wait! They use it to. 好吧 等等! 他们用它来...
[00:39.72]too late.I win. 太迟了 我赢了
[00:58.88]what the hell is that? 那是什么鬼东西?
[01:01.28]I don't know,but if cats could sing. 我不知道 但如果猫能唱歌
[01:02.84]they'd hate it,too. 它们也会觉得难听
[01:15.32]hey,guys! 嘿! 伙计们
[01:17.80]Where you going? 你们去哪里?
[01:18.88]What? 什么?
[01:19.32]We just had to mail some letters and. 我们要去寄些信
[01:23.88]throw away some chicken. 扔掉些鸡肉
[01:43.40]You'll never guess what just happened. 你们绝对猜不到刚才发生了什么
[01:43.100]Oh,I give up. 噢 我放弃
[01:45.08]I don't guess. 我不会猜
[01:46.08]As a scientist,I reach conclusions based on observation and experimentation. 做为一个科学家 我是通过观察和实验得出结论的
[01:51.68]although as I'm saying this, 尽管我这么说
[01:53.44]it occurs to me you may have been employing a rhetorical device rendering my response moot. 但我发觉 你刚才那句话运用了修辞格 导致了我的反驳抗议
[01:57.96]What was that? 什么意思?
[01:58.84]Believe it or not,personal growth. 不管你信不信 这是个人成长的表现
[02:02.68]What happened? 发生了什么事?
[02:03.88]All right,remember when i auditioned for that workshop production of rent, 记得我上次去音乐剧<吉屋出租>试镜吗?
[02:04.88]but I didn't get it and I couldn't figure out why. 我没有被录取 也想不通为什么
[02:06.04]I have a conclusion based on an observ ion. 我有个结论 通过观察得出的
[02:08.08]No,you don'T. 不 你没有
[02:09.60]No,he doesn'T. 不 他没有
[02:12.12]Well,the girl they picked to play mimi-- 那个被选中扮演Mimi的女孩...
[02:12.64]she dropped out,and they asked me to replace her. 她不干了 他们叫我代替她出演
[02:14.36]Congratulations. 恭喜你!
[02:15.72]What a lucky break. 好幸运呀
[02:16.80]It's not that big a deal,just a one-night showcase, 也不是件大事 只是一个晚上的表演
[02:18.56]but they invite a lot of casting people and agents. 但是他们邀请了很多选角人和经纪人
[02:21.28]So,you never know. 谁知道会怎样呢
[02:21.92]I think I know. 我想我知道
[02:22.04]No,you don'T. 不 你不知道
[02:24.52]He doesn'T. 他不知道
[02:27.68]It's this friday night at 8:00. 这个周五晚上8点
[02:28.64]You guys want to come? 你们来吗?
[02:29.08]No. 不
[02:32.04]Because. 因为...
[02:34.56]friday we are attending a symposium on molecular positronium. 周五我们要参加分子正电子素的研讨会
[02:37.52]I think that's a week from tuesday,at 6:00. 我记得是下星期二6点
[02:41.96]No,it's this friday. 不 是这个星期五
[02:42.92]At 8 80. 8点
[02:43.20]Oh,too bad. 噢 真不巧
[02:46.88]Well,I gotta get to rehearsal. 我要去排练了
[02:45.32]See you guys. 回见
[02:52.12]you just lied to penny. 你刚刚跟Penny撒谎
[02:54.40]Yes,I did. 是的
[02:55.28]And you did it so casually-- no rapid breathing, no increase in perspiration. 而你表现得如此随意 脸不红心不跳
[03:01.76]so? 那又怎样?
[03:01.72]So,lack of a physiological response while lying is characteristic of a violent sociopath. 撒谎不眨眼是暴力反社会者的特征
[03:06.68]Sheldon,are you worried about your safety? Sheldon 你在担心你的人身安全吗?
[03:09.64]No,I imagine if you were going to kill me, 不 我想如果你想杀我
[03:11.92]you'd have done it a long time ago. 估计500年前就已经把我干掉了
[03:13.28]That's very true. 非常正确
[03:53.76] TBBT Season 1 Episode 10  天才理论传 第一季 第10集 
[04:01.72]Leonard? Leonard? Leonard? Leonard?
[04:03.76]What? 干嘛?
[04:07.88]I need to speak to you. 我得跟你谈谈
[04:10.28]It's 2:00 in the morning! 现在是凌晨两点呀!
[04:12.84]It's important. 很重要
[04:11.32]I highly doubt that. 我严重怀疑
[04:14.00]Go away. 走开
[04:20.96]Are you still out there? 你还在?
[04:23.12]Yes. 是的
[04:27.40]What? 什么事?
[04:28.68]You're right; it can wait until morning. 你说的对 我可以等到早上再说
[04:35.00]What,what,what,what,what? 什么? 什么? 什么?
[04:36.92]Never mind. 没事
[04:35.60]I clearly woke you up in the middle of a rem cycle. 很显然我把你从梦中叫醒 (快眼动睡眠周期)
[04:39.32]You're in no state of mind to talk. 你根本没状态进行谈话
[04:40.28]Sheldon,what is it? Sheldon 什么事?
[04:44.64]I'm uncomfortable having been included in your lie to penny. 被牵扯到你对Penny的谎言中 我感到很不舒服
[04:47.32]What was i supposed to say? 否则你要我怎么说?
[04:48.72]You could have told her the truth. 你可以告诉她真相
[04:51.68]That would have hurt her feelings. 那样做会伤害到她
[04:52.92]Is that a relevant factor? 这是相关要素?
[04:57.00]Yes. 是的
[04:56.76]Then I suppose you could've agreed to go. 那么你就该答应她的邀请
[04:59.40]And what would i have said afterwards? 那然后我怎么说呢?
[05:03.40]I would suggest something to the effect of: 我会建议如下
[05:03.52]Singing is neither an appropriate vocation nor avocation for you, 唱歌对你来说不是合适的职业和业余爱好
[05:09.20]and if you disagree,I'd recommend you have a cat scan to look for a tumor 如果你不同意我的观点 我建议你去照下X光
[05:11.24]pressing on the cognitive processing centers of your brain. 看看你的大脑认知处理中心有没有肿瘤
[05:15.24]I couldn't say that.I would have to say, 我不会这么说 我只会说
[05:17.28]"you wererterrific and I can't wait to hear you sing again. "你太棒了 我等不及想再听你唱一次"
[05:21.80]Why? 为什么?
[05:23.40]That's the social protocol. 这叫交际礼仪
[05:25.72]It's what you do when you have a friend who's proud of something they really suck at. 当朋友为某件事感到骄傲时 就算她真很烂 你也应该这么做
[05:32.72]I was not aware of that. 我还不知道这点
[05:33.12]Well,now you are. 现在你知道了
[05:37.72]Leonard? Leonard?
[05:38.20]Yes? 什么?
[05:38.60]When we played chess earlier,you were terrific, 之前我们下国际象棋 你真的很棒
[05:41.68]and I can't wait to play you again. 我等不及想再跟你下一局
[05:43.44]Good night. 晚安
[05:47.24]leonard? Leonard? Leonard? Leonard?
[05:51.88]this would be so much easier if i were a violent sociopath. 如果我真是个暴力反社会者就好了
[05:60.92]What? 干吗?
[05:59.20]I was analyzing our lie,and I believe we're in danger of penny seeing through the ruse. 我分析了我们的谎言 我相信有被Penny会看穿的危险
[06:06.28]How? 怎么会?
[06:06.12]***If she were to log onto www.Socalphysixsgroup.Org /activities/other, 很简单 如果她上网到 www.Socalphysixsgroup.Org/activities/other
[06:13.00]click on "epcoming events," scroll down to "seminars," 点击"近期活动" 拉到下面的"研讨会"
[06:16.04]download the pdf schedule,and look for the seminar on molecular positronium, 下载PDF时间表 查找分子正电子素研讨会
[06:18.24]well then,bippity,boppity,boo-- 然后 噼里啪啦砰
[06:19.16]our pants are metaororally on fire. 我们就火烧屁股啦
[06:28.36]Well,sir,my trousers will not be igniting today. 好吧 先生 我可不要我的裤子今天着火!
[06:33.96]Penny? Penny? Penny? Penny?
[06:39.08]Good morning. 早上好
[06:40.48]Do you have any idea what time it is? 你知道现在是几点吗?
[06:42.72]Of course I do. 我当然知道
[06:43.64]My watch is linked to the atomic clock in boulder,colorado. 我的手表和科罗拉多州 博尔德市的原子钟连在一起
[06:47.08]It's accurate to one-tenth of a second. 精确度达到1/10秒
[06:48.28]But as I'm saying this,it occurs to me that,once again, 但正如我说的 我又一次想到
[06:51.04]your question may have been rhetorical. 你的问题又运用修辞手法了
[06:54.64]What do you want? 你想怎么样?
[06:56.36]Remember how leonard told you we couldn't come to your performance 还记得Leonard告诉你 我们不能去看你表演是因为
[06:57.64]because we were attending a symposium on molecular positronium? 我们要去参加分子正电子素研讨会吗?
[07:04.20]I remember "symposium." 我记得"研讨会"
[07:06.24]Yes. 是的
[07:08.36]he lied. 他撒谎了
[07:11.24]Wait.What? 等等 什么?
[07:13.00]He lied,and I'm feeling very uncomfortable about it. 他撒谎了 而且我因此感到很不舒服
[07:15.48]Well,imagine how I'm feeling. 想象看我的感觉
[07:19.76]Hungry? 饥饿?
[07:22.24]Tired? 疲劳?
[07:23.88]I'm sorry,this really isn't mytrong g it. 对不起 我真的不擅长这个
[07:26.00]You told her I lied? 你告诉她我撒谎了?
[07:28.72]Why would you tell her I lied? 你为什么要告诉她啊?
[07:32.12]To help you. 为了帮助你
[07:34.60]I'm sorry,I'm not seeing the help. 对不起 我没看到有什么帮助
[07:35.68]She was going to see through your lie eventually, 她最终会看穿你的谎言
[07:38.84]so I told her that you were lying to protect me. 所以我告诉她你撒谎 这样我就能赦免了
[07:43.88]I'm getting a bad feeling. 我有不好的预感
[07:45.28]Hunger? 饥饿?
[07:46.76]Indigestion? 消化不良?
[07:47.56]I'm sorry,I'm really not very good at this. 对不起 我真的不擅长这个
[07:52.52]Anyway,penny now believes that,on friday night, 不管怎样 Penny现在相信 星期五晚上
[07:53.52]we're going to participate in my cousin leopold's drug intervention. 我们要去参加我表弟Leopold的戒毒交流会
[07:59.44]Your cousin leopold. 你的表弟Leopold?
[08:02.04]Who most people call leo,but he also answers to lee. 大部分人都叫他Leo 但也有人叫他Lee
[08:03.60]Remember that.It's important. 记住这点 很重要
[08:04.76]What's important? 什么很重要?
[08:06.44]Details,leonard-- the success or failure of our deceitful enterprise turns on details. 详细资料 Leonard 我们的欺诈事业成败与否就在此
[08:13.52]Do you have a cousin leopold? 你有个叫Leopold的表弟?
[08:12.84]No.I made him up. 不 我编出来的
[08:15.36]I think you'd call him lee. 我想你该叫他Lee
[08:20.64]I don't get it.I already told her a lie. 我不明白 我已经跟她编了谎
[08:21.64]Why replace it with a different lie? 为什么要用另外的谎言代替之前的?
[08:24.72]Well,first of all,your lie was laughably transparent, 首先 你的谎言很可笑 容易识破
[08:27.00]where mine is exquisitely convoluted. 而我的谎言很精确周密
[08:29.80]While you were sleeping,I was weaving an un-unravelable web. 你睡觉的时候 我织了个天衣无缝的网
[08:34.12]Un-unravelable? 天衣无缝?
[08:36.68]Yes. 是的
[08:37.56]If she googles "leopold houston," she'll find a facebook page, 如果她用google搜索"Leopold Houston" 她会搜到一个相册
[08:40.88]an online blog depicting his descent into drug use 和网络日志 描述了他沉迷毒药的经过
[08:42.00]and a desperate yet hopeful listing on eharmony.Com. 还能在eharmony.com(交友网站)上 找到绝望而又不失希望的好友列表
[08:49.60]Okay,why would i go to a drug intervention for your cousin? 为什么我要去你表弟的戒毒会?
[08:52.52]Because it's in long beach,and I don't drive. 因为在长滩那里 而我不会开车
[08:57.28]We're going to long beach? 我们要去长滩?
[08:59.16]No,of course not. 不 当然不去
[08:59.48]There's no cousin leo. 没有叫Leo的表弟
[08:60.68]There's no interntntn. 没有什么交流会
[09:01.60]Focus,leonard. 专心点 Leonard
[09:02.92]Aw,come on. 啊 拜托
[09:04.20]We just leave the house on friday night and we return in the wee hours,emotionally wrung out, 我们周五晚出门 凌晨再回来 情绪上来说...
[09:10.04]from the work of convincing leo to go back into rehab. 已因说服Leo回戒毒所而疲惫不堪
[09:13.20]He goes back into rehab? 他回去戒毒所?
[09:13.52]Yes,but,he can relapse if penny ever invites us to hear her sing again. 是的 但如果Penny又邀请我们听她唱歌 他可以出来旧病复发
[09:19.76]You still told her I lied. 你还是告诉了她我撒了谎
[09:23.56]For a noble purpose-- to spare me the social embarrassment of having a drug-addled first cousin-- 你是为了崇高的理由 保全我的面子--有第一个吸毒的表弟
[09:27.20]which I'm assuming is embarrassing,yes? 这照理说应该让我丢脸 是不是?
[09:32.48]How am I supposed to member all of this? 我怎么记得住所有这些?
[09:34.92]Oh,that's the best part. 噢 这点是最棒的
[09:35.48]You don't have to. 你不需要记住
[09:35.96]See,I told penny that you would be embarrassed if you knew that she found out that you had lied, 我告诉Penny 如果你的谎言被拆穿 你会觉得难为情
[09:40.12]so she's agreed to operate as if the original lie is still in force. 所以她答应当作原来的谎言是真的
[09:45.100]So she's expecting me to lie about going to a symposium in pasadena, 那么她希望我骗她有关研讨会的事
[09:50.52]when,in actuality,we're pretending to go to a drug intervention in long beach. 实际上 我们要假装去长滩劝人戒毒
[09:57.84]Un-unravelable. 天衣无缝
[10:01.20]Oh,hey,penny.Wow,look at you,all ready for your showcase. 嘿 Penny 打扮好去表演啊
[10:05.68]You look great. 真漂亮
[10:06.60]Thanks. 谢谢
[10:07.20]I just wanted to come by and wish you guys luck 我过来跟你们祝一声
[10:09.80]with your.symposium. 研讨会好运
[10:12.40]Well,thank you. 谢谢你
[10:13.28]You know,I got to tell you,a lot of friends would let their friend go alone, 跟你说 很多人会让朋友一个人去
[10:16.20]but that's not who you are. 但你不是这种人
[10:17.48]You are thf kind oe guy who stands by a friend when. 你会站在朋友身边
[10:21.60]when he has a symposium to go to. 陪他出席...研讨会
[10:28.20]I don't know what to say. 我不知道说什么好
[10:30.56]It's okay,leonard. 没关系的 Leonard
[10:32.52]Oh,okay,all right,good. 噢 没事 好
[10:35.92]Oh,boy,group hug. 呦 团抱
[10:39.68]So,what's up? 怎么回事?
[10:40.88]Well,penny is on her way to perform in a one-night showcase production of rent, Penny今晚要去演音乐剧<吉屋出租>
[10:45.84]which we are unable to attend, 我们没法去参加
[10:47.20]because we're going to a symposium on molecular positronium given by dr.Emil farmanfarmian. 因为要参加Emil Farmanfarmian博士 主持的分子正电子素研讨会
[10:53.48]Wait a minute-- farmanfarmian is speaking and you're bogarting the symposium? 等等 Farmanfarmian的研讨会 你们竟然藏私不报?
[10:57.96]Howard,I'm sorr. Howard 对不起
[10:60.84]no,no,you're quark-blocking us. 别说了 你这就是夸克阻挠
[11:05.92]I dot know what to say. 我不知道说什么好
[11:08.84]Howard,listen. Howard 听我说
[11:09.08]no,it's okay.It's your millennium falcon. 不必 没关系 那是你的千年隼号 (出自<星战>)
[11:11.76]You and chewbacca do whatever you want to do. 你和朱巴卡想干什么都行
[11:13.92]Me and princess leia here will find some other way to spend the evening. 我和莱亚公主找别的事打发今晚
[11:19.96]Howard,wait. Howard 等等
[11:20.80]sheldon,I think we should tell them. Sheldon 我想应该告诉他们
[11:24.32]Okay,sure. 好吧 当然
[11:26.84]I don't see a problem with that. 我觉得没问题
[11:28.16]There's no symposium. 没有什么研讨会
[11:30.12]Leonard lied to me. Leonard说谎了
[11:31.44]Isn't that right,leonard? 对不对Leonard?
[11:33.16]Well. 这个...
[11:36.68]I don't know what to say! 我不知道说什么好
[11:38.60]It's okay; I do. 没关系 我知道
[11:39.68]Look,leonard is helping sheldon through a family crisis. Leonard在帮助Sheldon应对家庭危机
[11:42.08]He made up the whole story about the symposium with dr.Farman. 整个都是他编的 这个博士 Farmen--
[11:44.100]farmian. Farmian
[11:46.12]good for you. - 你真行 - 是啊
[11:48.40]because he didn't want sheldon to be embarrassed. 他不想让Sheldon丢脸
[11:52.44]And there is nothing to be embarrassed about,okay? 没什么好丢脸的 对吗?
[11:54.32]Every family in america has a relative holed up in a garage somewhere huffing paint thinner. 每个美国家庭都有一门亲戚 躲在某个车库里吸油漆溶剂
[11:60.80]No,I'm lost,too. 没 我也没理解
[11:60.08]I think she skipped a step. 我想她忽略了一个步骤
[12:03.68]No,look. 听我说
[12:03.52]Sheldon's cousin leo escaped rehab,and he's in a motel 8 in long beach. Sheldon的表弟Leo从戒毒所出逃 躲在长滩的超八连锁汽车旅馆
[12:07.52]The whole family's going out for an intervention. 全家都去那里开交流会劝他
[12:09.92]Leonard is driving sheldon down there to help him through this,because he's such a good man. Leonard要开车载Sheldon 去帮他面对 因为Leonard人就是这么好
[12:13.64]Oh,another hug? Thank you. 又抱? 谢谢
[12:19.48]All right,you guys,good luck. 好了大伙儿 好运
[12:19.76]Thanks,penny. 谢谢 Penny
[12:20.56]Oh-- break a leg. 祝演出成功
[12:21.24]Break a leg. 演出成功
[12:25.56]So,road trip to long beach. 开车去长滩啊
[12:24.84]No.We're not going to long beach. 不 我们不去长滩
[12:27.40]Why not? 为什么不?
[12:27.52]Because sheldon doesn't have a drug-addicted cousin leopold. 因为Sheldon并没有吸毒表弟Leopard
[12:30.56]Oh,too bad. 太糟了
[12:35.20]I've always wanted to go to long beach. 我一直想去长滩
[12:37.48]It's a very nice community. 那里社区环境不错
[12:37.36]The queen ry is docked there. 玛丽皇后号就停泊那里
[12:40.68]Once the largest ocean line tr inhe world, it's now a hotel and restaurant, 曾经是世界上最大的跨洋游轮 现在成了酒店和餐馆
[12:42.52]where they host a surprisingly gripping murder mystery dinner. 那里每晚都有 悬疑惊悚谋杀案晚餐
[12:47.08]- Sounds fun.Shotgun! - I'm game. - 好像不错 我要坐前面! - 我去
[12:49.32]No,no,no. 不不不
[12:51.64]Leonard gets nauseous unless he sits in front,and even then,it's iffy. Leonard坐后面会晕车 就算坐前面也难保
[12:57.32]Wait,are we.really going to long beach? 等等 我们真的要去长滩?
[13:07.32]Leonard? Leonard? Leonard? Leonard?
[13:08.100]Let it go,sldld. 省省吧 Sheldon
[13:12.60]The murderer was the first mate whether it makes sense to you or not. 凶手是那个大副 不管你觉得合不合理
[13:16.28]No,that's the least of our worries. 这个我并不担心
[13:18.84]I've been doing some research on addiction-- 我在研究成瘾行为
[13:19.64]both the biochemical and behavioral aspects-- 包括从生化角度和行为学角度
[13:23.60]and I think there's a problem with the current version of our lie. 我认为当前版本的谎话存在纰漏
[13:25.08]What are you talking about? 你说什么呢?
[13:26.92]It's fine-- she bought it; it's over. 没关系 她信了 没事了
[13:32.04]Sadly,it's not. 可惜不是
[13:35.00]Substance abuse is a lifelong struggle,but beyond that, 滥用药物是一生的挣扎 除此之外
[13:37.12]I have realized that the leo I described would not have agreed to go to rehab. 我发现我构造的Leo不可能同意去戒毒
[13:40.40]Whwhnot? T? 为什么不可能?
[13:42.00]Because leo's a middle child. 因为他在兄弟里排行中间
[13:46.64]There is no leo! 根本没Leo这个人!
[13:46.96]How can you say that? 你怎么能随便说?
[13:51.00]You didn't read the bio,did you? 你没看过他的简介对吧?
[13:56.76]He's not just a middle child,he is the quintessential middle child-- 他不是简单的排行中间 他是排行中间的典型
[13:59.20]from a broken home,to boot. 补充 是在破裂的家庭
[13:59.12]Psychologically speaking,the attention he gets by rebelling, 心理学上说 他通过反叛获得感情关注
[14:03.52]even to the point of self-destruction, 哪怕是自我毁灭的反叛
[14:03.40]is more emotionally valuable than the help he would get at rehab. 也比戒毒所给他的帮助更令他安慰
[14:07.56]I've got a solution. 我有个办法
[14:09.48]Great.What is it? 太好了 怎么说?
[14:09.48]Get out! 滚出去!
[14:13.96]Fine. 好吧
[14:19.64]I've hesitated to point this out, 我不情愿地指出
[14:23.24]but I must now remind you that we are in our current predicament 我们目前的困境是你造成的
[14:24.28]because of your initial and totally inadequate deceit. 因为你的第一个不够好的谎言
[14:28.92]I'm just trying to clean up after your mess. 我只是帮你收拾烂摊子
[14:33.96]We'll talk in the morning. 我们明早再说
[14:49.16]Morning. 早安
[14:49.32]Who are you? 你是谁?
[14:51.52]I am sheldon's cousin leo. 我是Sheldon的表弟Leo
[14:60.68]Sheldon does not have a cousin leo. Sheldon没有叫Leo的表弟
[15:02.24]Au contraire. 此言差矣
[15:03.56]I'm 26 years old. 我26岁
[15:06.40]I'm originally from. 老家在德州Denton
[15:07.52]denton,texas,but I was a navy brat, 海军的后代
[15:10.28]so I was brought up on a variety of military bases around the world. 我在世界各地的军事基地长大
[15:14.32]As a result,I've often felt like an outsider-- 因此 我经常不能合群
[15:17.00]never really fitting in, 从没有真正融入
[15:17.04]which is probably the reason for my substance abu proroem. 可能这就是我滥用药物的原因
[15:21.36]Excuse me,we just went over this. 抱歉 我们刚刚复习过
[15:22.36]As the quintessential middle child, 你是典型的排行中间的孩子
[15:25.40]your addiction is rooted in your unmet need for attention. 你的药瘾是为了吸引感情关注
[15:29.40]Oh,sheldon,are we really going to go with pop psychology? Sheldon 不是要搬大众心理学那一套吧?
[15:31.96]For your information,this is all based on solid research. 提醒你 这些都有详实的研究做基础
[15:33.20]Just stick with the character profile I wrote for you. 照我给你写的人性特点来说
[15:36.28]Sheldon? Sheldon?
[15:36.84]I'm sorry. 不好意思
[15:37.36]Leonard,this is toby loobenfeld. Leonard 这位是Toby Loobenfeld
[15:40.88]He's a research assistant in the particle physics lab, 他是粒子物理学实验室助理研究员
[15:43.52]but he also minored in theater at mit. 而且 还在麻省理工副修戏剧系
[15:45.40]It was more of a double major,actually. 实际上是双学位
[15:48.24]Theater and physics. 戏剧和物理
[15:50.40]You can guess which one my bourgeois parents pushed me toward. 你应该知道 我的中产父母更希望我读什么
[15:52.28]Yeah,I got it. 我明白了
[15:55.20]Sheldon. Sheldon
[15:56.72]why? 为什么?
[15:55.16]You see,while leo would not have gone into rehab, 当Leo拒绝回到戒毒所
[15:60.24]it is completely plausible 合理的结果是
[16:01.24]that we would have talked him into leaving the motel and coming home with us. 我们只能把他从汽车旅馆接出来 带回家里
[16:05.40]sheldon,how about this as my motivation-- when I was 14 years old, Sheldon 你觉得这个动机怎么样 我14岁时
[16:10.16]I was abused in the philippines by a clubfooted navy chaplain. 在菲律宾被一个腿畸形的随军牧师虐待
[16:15.20]No.We're going with middle child 不 还是坚持排行中间的说辞
[16:17.64]and a genetic predisposition to inadequate serotonin production. 由于血清素分泌不足导致 基因上先天有成瘾倾向
[16:21.76]Swell.How do I play genetic predisposition 基因的倾向怎么演?
[16:25.72]subtextually,of course. 这是潜台词
[16:31.80]just have fun with it. 尽情享受表演吧
[16:38.88]Morning,penny. 早安 Penny
[16:37.04]How did the intervention go? 劝导会怎么样了?
[16:40.52]Unfortunately,we weren't able to convince him to go to rehab. 可惜他还是不肯去戒毒所
[16:44.20]Well,based on what you told me,I am not surprised. 根据你告诉我的情况 这一点也不奇怪
[16:48.48]But we did convince him to leave the motel. 但是我们说服他离开旅馆
[16:50.80]Come say hello. 来问声好
[16:55.80]Leo. Leo
[16:56.28]This is penny,our friend and neighbor. 她是Penny 我们的朋友兼邻居
[16:59.36]Hi,leo. 嗨 Leo
[16:59.92]How are you feeling? 感觉怎么样?
[17:08.28]Let me ask you something,penny. 我问你 Penny
[17:10.00]Have you ever woken up in a fleabag motel covered in your own vomit, 你有没有在肮脏的旅馆醒来 身上全是呕吐物
[17:13.76]next to a transsexual prostitute? 身边躺着变性人妓女?
[17:18.16]No. 没
[17:21.12]Then don't ask me how I'm feeling. 那就别问我感觉怎么样
[17:26.84]Well,that's leo. 这就是Leo
[17:30.72]why don't you tell me about your showcase last night. 说说你昨晚的演出
[17:31.40]It was okay,I guess. 还好吧 我想
[17:33.52]It wasn't a big turnout,but they both really seemed to like it. 不是很热烈 不过他俩似乎都还喜欢
[17:37.92]There were only two people there? 只有两个人看?
[17:38.48]By the end,yeah. 是的 结尾的时候
[17:41.00]Damn you,chaplain harrigan! 去死 Harrigan牧师!
[17:44.96]I'M.I'm sorry? 说什么?
[17:47.80]The philippines. 菲律宾
[17:50.96]1992. 1992年
[17:54.04]The subic bay naval station. 苏比克湾海军基地
[17:56.48]A young boy on the cusp of manhood. 一个走向成熟的少年
[17:59.72]His only companions,mongrel dogs and malarial mosquitoes. 与他为伴的 只有土狗和蚊虫疟疾
[18:03.64]Desperate and alone,he reached out to a man who promised to introduce him to a merciful, 绝望而孤独的他向人求助 那人本该为他带来主的恩慈
[18:10.76]loving god,but who instead introduced him to a gin-pickled tongue shoved down his adolescent throat. 但是他却把酒精麻醉的舌头 伸进少年的喉咙
[18:21.52]What choice did he have but to drink,shoot and snort his pain away? 除了喝酒 注射 吸粉 他还有什么办法解除痛苦?
[18:28.32]Don't forget his genetic predisposition towards addiction. 别忘了他基因上先天有成瘾趋势
[18:30.28]That's never been proven. 这一点未经证实
[18:31.96]There have been studies. 有这方面研究
[18:32.64]Not double-blind studies. 没有双盲实验
[18:34.16]How could there be a double-blind study? 怎么可能进行双盲试验?
[18:37.08]Who would be the control group? 谁来当对照组?
[18:37.32]As you can see,detoxing can get pretty ugly. 你也看见了 脱瘾反应很吓人的
[18:39.24]Let's give them some privacy. 我们给他们一点隐私
[18:42.56]Hey,do you want to come over to my place,have coffee? 要不要去我那喝杯咖啡?
[18:43.92]Oh,sounds good. 听起来不错
[18:46.00]I have a video of me singing last night. 我有昨天演唱的录像
[18:46.52]Do you want to see it? 你要看吗?
[18:50.68]gee,why wouldn't I? 哇 谁会不想看呢?
[18:50.92]This is even better than you coming to the showcase, 这比你来看演出更好
[18:52.76]because now I get to watch you watch me. 这样我可以看着你看我
[18:56.16]Yeah. 耶
[18:57.72]funny how things work out. 真是世事难料呀
[19:02.16]But he loved the companionship and the wisdom that his own father failed to provide. 但是他需要父亲不能给予的 陪伴和睿智
[19:07.64]Your parents made the right decision. 父母给你选的专业没错
[19:14.36]I cannot work like this. 这样我演不下去
[19:26.36]this is amazing. 这太好了
[19:28.20]Just sitting on a couch watching tv with a woman. 跟一个女人坐在沙发上看电视
[19:31.32]Not being drunk or,or high or wondering if you're a dude down there. 没有喝醉 没有吸毒 也不担心她是个男的
[19:39.52]Leo,you are a very sweet,really funny guy. Leo 你是个很可爱很有趣的人
[19:42.12]You're going to do okay. 你会没事的
[19:46.64]One day at a time,penny. 每日一次 Penny
[19:50.64]One day at a time. 每日一次
[19:57.28]How long is he going to stay here? 他要在这里住多久?
[19:59.52]He's a homeless drug addict,leonard. 他是个无家可归的瘾君子
[20:02.52]Where is he going to go? 你说他能去哪里?
[20:03.32]Boy,you have a lot to learn about lying. 你对说谎真是太不精通了
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