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听电影学英语-生活大爆炸第一季 13.The Bat Jar Conjecture(Bat Jar 猜想): 物理竞赛事件

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 [00:03.76]ew,more details about the new star trek film. <星际迷航>电影版的最新消息

[00:05.92]there's going to be a scene depicting spock's birth. 将有描绘Spock诞生的场景 (<星际迷航>主人公之一 为Vulcan族)
[00:09.88]i'd be more interested in the scene depicting spock's conception. 我倒是对Spock被怀上的情景 更感兴趣
[00:12.24]oh please,for vulcans,made,or if you will pun far 得了吧 对Vulcan族来说 孕育
[00:20.04]the extremely private matter. 是非常私人的事情
[00:20.64]still i'd like to know the details. 可我还是想知道细节
[00:22.64]his mother was human his father was vulcan, that couldnt just conceive. 他妈妈是人类 爸爸是Vulcan族 不可能就这么怀上了
[00:26.16]maybe they had to go to a clinic. 也许得去诊所哦
[00:26.28]imagine spock's dad in a little room with a little copy of pointy ears and shapely rears. 想想看 Spock的老爹呆在小房间里 还有一个尖耳朵漂亮屁股的复制样本
[00:34.16]How come in Star Trek everyone's private parts are the same <星际迷航>里 怎么大伙儿的私处都一样呢?
[00:38.68]no alien lady have told captain kirk, hey get your thing out of my nose. 怎么就没有外星女对Kirk船长说 "嘿 把你那家伙从我鼻子里拿出来"
[00:45.32]hi can you help me iwas writing an email 能帮帮忙吗? 我正写邮件呢
[00:47.76]and the a key got stuck A键卡住了
[00:47.20]now it's just going aaaaaaaa 现在屏幕上就不停地 "AAAAAA..."
[00:51.12]what did you spill on it? 你把什么洒在上面了?
[00:51.00]nothing 没什么
[00:54.56]diet coke 健怡可乐
[00:56.36]and yoghurt 酸奶
[00:58.32]a little nail polish 还有一点点指甲油
[01:01.12]i'll take a look at it 我替你看看
[01:02.80]gentlemen, switching to local nerd news 先生们 来听听本地的学究新闻
[01:06.44]fishman chan... Chan他们 今年将不组队参加 大学物理碗的比赛了
[01:09.68]youre kidding, why not? 开玩笑吧 为什么不参加?
[01:12.16]they formed a barber shop quatet and got a gig playing nutsberry?? farm 他们组建了一支理发师四人队 准备去玩蔬果村游戏
[01:17.56]wow, so in your world 哇哦 在你们的世界里
[01:18.20]youre like the cool guys 你们算是很酷的一群人
[01:23.64]recognize 认出来了 (模仿喜剧角色Ali G)
[01:24.84]this is our year 今年轮到我们大放异彩了
[01:27.40]entire Physics bowl will 'kneel before Zod'", 那些人不参加 整个物理碗比赛将会 "拜倒在Zod身下" (<超人 2>中的Zod将军)
[01:30.92]zod? Zod?
[01:31.52]- cryptonian villain, long story - good story - 匿名的坏蛋 说来话长 - 但很有趣
[01:37.16]- count me out - what? why? - 我可不参加 - 什么? 为什么?
[01:41.36]you wanna use my intelligence in a competitio 你想把我的聪明才智 发挥到这么小儿科的比赛里
[01:44.24]will you ask picasso to paint picturnary 你会让毕加索去玩猜猜画画吗? (双人猜词游戏)
[01:49.32]会让Noah Wbster (词典编纂之父) 去玩拼字游戏吗?
[01:51.32]will you ask noah webster to play boggle? 会让Jacques Cousteau (探险家) 去玩金鱼游戏吗? (小游戏)
[01:50.72]will you ask jon custo to play gold fish?
[01:55.60]c'mon, you need a 4 person team, we're four people. 别呀 一定要4人队的 咱们正好4个
[01:58.52]by that reasoning, we should also play bridge, hold up a hooper and enter the olympic bobsled competition. 你那种逻辑 咱们还可以打桥牌 参加长雪橇奥林匹克比赛
[02:05.92]tickets to that plz. 这门票我想要哈
[02:08.84]sheldon, what? do i need to quote spock's dying words to you? Sheldon 怎么? 是不是要我引用 Spock的临终遗言?
[02:12.20]no, dont. 不 不要
[02:15.04]- the needs of the many "多数人的需要"
[02:14.20]outweigh the need of the few "高于少数人的需要"
[02:18.36]or the one "或者个人的需要"
[02:20.72]damn it, i'll do it. 该死 我参加吧
[02:39.24]the big bang theory season 1 episode 13天才理论传 第一季 第13集
[02:47.88]ok, first physics bowl business 好了 参加物理碗的第一件事
[02:52.40]we need to truly kick ass team name 我们得取个响亮的队名
[02:54.48]suggestions? 有啥建议不?
[02:54.96]how about the perpetual motion squad? 不如叫"永恒运动之队"?
[02:57.92]it's beyond the laws of physics, plus a little headsup for the ladies. 完全超越了物理理论 再说 对女性朋友也提了个小醒
[03:02.20]- the ladies? - perpetual motion suqad, we can go all night. - 女性朋友? - "永恒运动之队" 我们可以动整整一晚上
[03:09.16]- i like it - i dont - 我挺喜欢 - 我不喜欢
[03:09.56]teams are traditionally named after fierce creatures, thus intimidaing one's opponent. 队名通常都取自凶猛的动物 以此来震慑对手
[03:16.08]then we could be the bengal tigers ? 那我们可以叫 "孟加拉虎队"
[03:18.00]poor choice 这也太逊了
[03:18.16]graham for graham, no animal exceeds the relative fighting strengths of the army ant 一对一说来 没什么动物能和军蚁相抗衡
[03:24.16]maybe so. But you can't incinerate a Bengal tiger with a magnifying glass 也许是吧 可孟加拉虎 用放大镜可烧不死
[03:31.80]Let's put it to a vote. All those in favor... 我们来投票 所有喜欢...
[03:33.60]point of order. 程序有问题
[03:34.24]I move that any vote on team names must be unanimous. 选择小组名称必须获得一致通过
[03:36.56]No man shoulbe forced to emblazon his chest with a bengal tiger 没人可以用孟加拉虎条纹 装饰自己的前胸
[03:41.68]when common sense dictates it should be an army ant. 如果大家普遍要求用军蚁的话
[03:44.00]Will the gentleman from the great state of denial yield for a question? 那位坚持反对的先生有意见吗?
[03:48.28]I will yield. 是的
[03:49.84]After we go through the exercise of an annoying series of votes, 在我们完成一系列恼人的投票后
[03:53.36]all of which the mantlegen will lose, 那位先生会以失败告终
[03:53.88]does he then intend to threaten to quit if he does not get his way? 他会因为没按他说的来 而以退出相威胁吗?
[03:57.64]He does. 他会的
[03:57.00]I move we are the army ants. All those in favor? 那我们就选军蚁 大家同意?
[04:01.04]Good afternoon, and welcome to today's physics bowl practice round. 下午好 欢迎来到物理碗竞答热身赛
[04:06.72]I'm penny, and I'll be your host because apparently I didn't have anything else to do on a satday afternoon, 我是Penny 我将主持这次比赛 因为显然周六下午我无事可做
[04:09.92]and isn't that just a little sad? 这是不是有点郁闷?
[04:14.36]Gentlemen, are you ready? 先生们 准备好了吗?
[04:15.68]- Yes - Of course - 是的 - 当然
[04:15.76]******* 准备就绪
[04:17.72]You******* 虽然不关我事 但那个不敢和女人 当面说话的人 会不会拖你们的后腿?
[04:21.36]He'll be okay once the women are mixed into the crowd. 只要女人混在人群中 他就没事了
[04:26.00]He only has a problem when they're one-on-one and smell nice. 只有一对一 而且对方香气袭人时 他才会有问题
[04:27.88]Ah, thanks, raj. It's vanilla oil. 啊 谢谢 Raj 是香草油
[04:30.72]I was actually the one who noticed. Okay, let's just start. 事实上是我发现香味的 好了 我们开始吧
[04:35.48]Okay, the first question is on the topic of optics. 好了 第一个问题是有关光学的
[04:38.88]"What is the shortest light pulse ever produced?" "可制造出的光脉冲 最短是多长时间?"
[04:42.28]dr. Cooper. Cooper博士
[04:42.24]And ofourse the answer is 130 attoseconds. 答案当然是130阿秒 (1阿秒是10的负18次方秒)
[04:44.40]- That is correct. - I knew that, too. - 回答正确 - 我也知道
[04:47.24]Good for you, sweetie. 你也不错 亲爱的
[04:50.12]Okay, next question: "What is the quantum mechanical effect 好 下个问题: "硬盘驱动器进行数据编码时
[04:53.88]"used to encode data on hard-disk drives?" 如何应用量子力学效应?"
[04:54.96]howard? Howard?
[04:57.36]And of course the answer is giant magnetoresistance. 答案当然是巨磁阻磁头技术
[04:59.12]Right. 正确
[04:58.92]Hey, I buzzed in. 嘿! 是我按的
[05:02.52]And I answered. It's called teamwork. 是我回答的 这叫团队协作
[05:04.68]Don't you think I should answer the engineering questions? 你不觉得我应该回答工程类问题吗?
[05:09.00]I am an engineer. 我是工程师
[05:08.76]By that logic I should answer all the anthropology questions because I'm a mammal. 按照这种逻辑 我应该回答所有人类学问题 因为我是哺乳动物
[05:15.36]- Just ask another one. - Okay. - 问下一个问题 - 好
[05:18.00]"What artificial satellite has seen glimpses of einstein's predicted frame dragging?" "哪个人造卫星验证了 爱因斯坦预测到的结构拖曳现象?"
[05:23.96]and of course, it's gravity probe B. 当然是重力探测器B
[05:28.88]Sheldon, you have to let somebody else answer. Sheldon 你应该让别人也回答问题
[05:31.40]Why? 为什么?
[05:32.48]Because it's polite. 因为这样比较礼貌
[05:33.40]What do manners have to do w h it? 礼貌对这有什么用?
[05:36.28]Itthis is war. 这是战争
[05:38.40]Were the romans polite when they salted the ground of carthage to make sure nothing would ever grow again? 罗马人往迦太基城撒盐 以防止再有什么 生长出来时 表现出礼貌了吗?
[05:42.84]Leonard, you said I only had to ask questions. Lenoard 你说过我只用提问
[05:47.12]The objective of the competition is to give correct answers. 比赛的目标是给出正确答案
[05:51.20]If I know them, why shouldn't I give them? 如果我知道 我为什么不说?
[05:53.84]Some of us might have the correct answers, too. 我们也许也知道正确答案
[05:55.76]Oh, please. You don't even have a phd. 得了吧 你连博士学位都没有
[05:57.96]All right, that's it! 好吧 就这样了!
[05:58.80]- Howard, sit down. - Okay. - Howard 坐下 - 好的
[06:01.48]Maybe we should take a little break. 也许我们该休息一下
[06:04.40]Good idea. I need my wrist brace. 好主意 我需要活动一下我的腕关节
[06:05.68]All this button-pushing is aggravating my old nintendo injury. 按按钮加剧了我的任天堂旧伤
[06:09.56]I agree. 我同意
[06:11.48]What did he say? 他说什么?
[06:11.48]He compared sheldon to a disposable feminine cleansing product 他把Sheldon比作 某种女用一次性清洁工具
[06:18.36]one might use on summer's eve. 和女性清洗液一起用的
[06:22.68]Yeah, and the bag it came in. 对 还有那个袋子
[06:27.88]Leonard, excellent. I want to show you something. Leonard 太好了 给你看点东西
[06:32.04]Can it wait? I need to talk to you. 可以等等吗? 我要和你谈谈
[06:32.12]Just look. 看看
[06:34.96]I've designed the perfect uniforms for our team. 我设计了咱们的队服
[06:36.44]The colors are based on star trek: The original series. 颜色基于原版的<星际迷航>
[06:38.48]The three of you will wear support red, and I will wear command gold. 你们三个将穿红色的助理服 我将穿金色的指挥服
[06:45.16]Why do they say "aa"? 为什么写上"AA"?
[06:47.52]Army ants. 军蚁(英文缩写是"AA")
[06:48.40]Isn't that confusing? 会不会让人不明白?
[06:50.40]"Aa" might mean something else to certain people. "AA"对别人来说可能表示别的东西
[06:52.56]Why would a physics bowl team be called anodized aluminum? 一个物理竞答小组 会被称作 阳极化处理铝吗?(英文缩写也是"AA")
[06:58.00]No, I meant... never mind. 不 我是说...算了
[07:01.28]Hey, check it out, I got you a batman cookie jar. 看看 我送你一个蝙蝠侠甜饼罐
[07:08.56]Oh, neat! What's the occasion? 太漂亮了 今天什么日子?
[07:10.68]Well, you're a friend, and you like batman and cookies, and you're off the team. 呃 你是我朋友 你喜欢蝙蝠侠也喜欢甜饼 还有 你被踢出小组了
[07:17.80]What? 什么?
[07:20.44]Howard, raj and I just had a team meeting. Howard Raj和我刚刚开了个会
[07:22.96]No, you didn'T. 不 你不能这样
[07:23.36]Yes, we did. I just came from there. 我就这样了 刚从那儿回来
[07:24.96]Okay, I don't know where you just came from, 好吧 我不知道你从哪儿回来
[07:26.72]but it could not have have been a team meeting because I'm on the team and I wasn't there. 但那不是一个小组会议 因为我是小组成员之一 而我不在那儿
[07:31.36]Ergo, the team did not meet. 因此 不是小组会议
[07:33.36]Okay, let me try it this way: I was at a coffee klatch with a couple of friends, 好吧 这么说吧 我在咖啡馆和朋友闲聊
[07:38.64]and one thing led to another, and it turns out you're off the team. 说着说着就决定把你踢出小组
[07:42.44]Why? 为什么?
[07:45.72]Because you're taking all the fun out of it. 因为你让它毫无乐趣可言
[07:46.96]I'm sorry, is the winner of the physics bowl the team that has the most fun? 对不起 赢得物理碗的队伍 不才是最高兴的吗?
[07:50.68]Okay, let me try it this way: You're aoying and no one wants to play with you anymore. 好吧 这么说吧 你讨人烦 没人想和你玩了
[07:59.04]I see. 我明白了
[07:60.32]Well, at this point I should inform you that I intend to form my own team 既然这样 我打算自己组队了
[08:07.76]and destroy the molecular bonds that bind your very matter together 而且毁灭你们之间亲密无间的联系
[08:10.00]and reduce the resulting particulate chaos to tears. 而且会将微小的混乱变成眼泪
[08:15.48]Thanks for the heads-up. 多谢提醒
[08:19.20]You're welcome. 谢谢
[08:21.24]- One more thing. - Yes? - 还有一件事 - 什么?
[08:23.64]It's on, bitch. 等着瞧 贱货
[08:33.52]So who'd he get to be on his team? 他会叫哪些人一起组队?
[08:33.20]He won't say. 他不会说的
[08:34.84]He just smiles and eats macaroons out of his bat jar. 他只是笑笑 从蝙蝠侠罐中拿出甜饼吃
[08:41.16]He's using psychological warfare. 他在玩心理战
[08:43.28]We must reply in kind. 我们要友善地回应
[08:44.60]I say we wait until he looks at us, then laugh like, 等到他看到我们 然后笑着似乎在说
[08:47.12]"yes, you are a smart and strong competitor, "but we are also smart and strong, "是的 你是一个聪明有力的竞争者 但我们同样聪明有力
[08:52.84]and we have a reasonable chance of defeating you." 而且我们有理由打败你"
[08:56.84]How exactly would that laugh go? 到底是怎样笑?
[09:04.56]that sounds more like, 听起来更像
[09:05.96]"we are a tall, thin woman who wants to make a coat out of your dalmatians." "我们是又瘦又高的女人 想拿你的斑点狗做皮衣"
[09:12.08]Guys, let's remember that sheldon is still our friend and my roommate. 伙计们 别忘了Sheldon依然是我们的朋友 我的室友
[09:14.44]So? 那么?
[09:15.68]So nothing. Let's destroy him. 没什么 灭了他
[09:19.80]Gentlemen. 先生们
[09:29.48]okay, we're going to need a strong fourth for our team. 我们需要一个强有力的四号选手
[09:31.36]You know who is apparently very smart is the girl who played tv's blossom. 电视竞答的那个女孩显然非常聪明
[09:37.72]She got a phd. In neuroscience or something. 她有博士学位 脑科学还是什么
[09:38.00]Raj, we're not getting tv's blossom to join our physics bowl team. Raj 物理碗竞答不是开心辞典
[09:44.12]How about the girl from the wonder years? "两小无猜"(电视剧)里的 那个女孩呢?
[09:50.88]Gentlemen, I believe I've found the solution to all our problems. 先生们 我想我找到解决方法了
[09:56.84]We can't ask leslie winkle. 我们不能邀请Leslie Winkle
[09:58.68]Why? 为什么?
[09:59.44]Because you slept together, and when she was done with you she discarded you like last night's chutney? 因为你们俩睡过觉 完事后 她就像隔夜酸辣酱一样把你抛弃了?
[10:06.24]Yes. 是的
[10:08.96]Sometimes you've got to take one for the team. 为了小组 有时候你也该牺牲一下
[10:10.44]Yeah, sack up, dude. 对 就咽肚里吧 伙计
[10:15.88]Fine. 好吧
[10:17.36]Here I go, taking one for the team... 那我去了 为了队伍 牺牲自己
[10:19.32]in the sack. 真是有病
[10:24.60]Hey, leslie. 嘿 Leslie
[10:24.40]Hi, guys. 嗨 伙计们
[10:25.52]So, leslie, I have a question for you, and it might be a little awkward, Leslie 我想问你个问题 可能有点为难
[10:30.72]you know, given that I... 你知道 之前我...
[10:34.24]hit that thang. 直接说重点
[10:38.36]Leonard, there's no reason to feel uncomfortable just Leonard 你没必要难堪
[10:41.60]because we've seen each other's faces and naked bodies contorted in the sweet agony of coitus. 仅仅因为我们曾经 赤身裸体云雨交欢过
[10:47.52]There's not? 不尴尬吗?
[10:48.56]Gee, 'cause it sure sounds like there should be. 听起来应该是这样
[10:50.76]Rest assured that any aspects of our sexual relationship regarding your preferences, 其他我们性关系中的关于你的喜好
[10:55.12]your idiosyncrasies, your performance are still protected by the inherent confidentiality of the bedroom. 你的特质 你的表现等等秘密都不会 走出你的卧室
[10:60.32]Th's all very comforting, but if it's okay, I'd like to get on to my question now. 这倒是让人放心 可以的话 我想继续我的问题
[11:06.96]Proceed. 请
[11:05.40]We are entering the physics bowl, and we need a fourth for our team. 我们要参加物理碗 我们还需要第四名队员
[11:10.16]No, thanks. I'm really busy with my like-sign dilepton supersymmetry search. 不 谢谢 我正忙着双轻粒子超对称性研究
[11:13.96]Dilepton, shmylepton. We need you. 双轻粒子 轻粒子 我们需要你
[11:16.52]Sorry. 对不起
[11:19.04]Well, we tried. 好吧 我们试过了
[11:22.76]We'll just have to face sheldon mano y mano y mano a mano. 我们就面对Sheldon吧 手挽手 手挽手 挽手
[11:25.84]Wait, you're going up against sheldon cooper? 等等 你们对战Sheldon Cooper?
[11:29.36]Yes. 对
[11:29.72]That arrogant, misogynistic, east texas doorknob 那个傲慢自大 性别歧视的 东德克萨斯小门把
[11:33.28]that told me I should abandon my work with high-energy particles for laundry and childbearing? 告诉我应该放弃高能碎木料工作 回家洗衣服看孩子
[11:39.32]She's in. 她加入了
[11:45.76]so, how do you feel? 感觉如何?
[11:47.08]Nice and loose? Come to play? Got your game face on? 放松? 备战?
[11:49.44]- Are you ready? - Yeah. - 准备好了? - 是的
[11:53.52]You know, you don't have to stay for the whole thing. 你没必要一直陪着我们
[11:55.08]Oh, no, no. I want to. Sounds really interesting. 不 不 我想来 听起来很有趣
[12:06.92]Gentlemen. 先生们
[12:07.64]- Sheldon. - Sheldon. - Sheldon - Sheldon
[12:11.04]sheldon. Sheldon
[12:15.20]I'm just gonna sit down. 我去那边坐下
[12:19.16]So, is that your team? 这是你的小队?
[12:21.44]Actually, I don't need a team. 实际上 我不需要组队
[12:25.08]I could easily defeat you single-handedly, but the rules require four. 我一人就能把你们撂倒 但规则要求四个人
[12:28.60]So, may I introduce the third-floor janitor, the lady from the lunch room, 请允许我介绍三楼的看门人 餐厅服务员
[12:31.28]and my spanish is not good-- either her son or her butcher. 和...我西班牙语不怎么好... 不是她儿子就是屠夫
[12:38.56]And what about your team? 你的小队呢?
[12:37.92]What rat have you recruited to the S.S.Sinking ship? 沉船之上又把哪个小耗子招过来了?
[12:41.92]Leslie: Hello, sheldon. 你好 Sheldon
[12:46.08]Leslie winkle. Leslie Winkle
[12:47.92]Yeah, leslie winkle. 是的 Leslie Winkle
[12:48.44]The answer to the question, "who made sheldon cooper cry like a little girl?" 那个会让 Sheldon哭得像个小女孩的人
[12:54.88]Yes, well, I'm polymerized tree sap, and you're an inorganic adhesive. 是吗 我是树状烧结铝粉 你是无机粘合剂
[12:58.48]So whatever verbal projectile you launch in my direction is reflected off of me, 你说什么都不会对我产生什么影响
[13:01.08]returns on its original trajectory and adheres to you. 你说的话最终又会原路返回到你身上
[13:08.96]Okay, if everyone could please take your seats. 好 各位请坐
[13:19.44]Here's your t-shirt. 这是你的T恤
[13:23.96]Pms? PMS?(亦有"月经前症候"之意)
[13:27.40]It's a couple days early... 现在还早几天...
[13:27.48]no. It stands for "perpetual motion squad." 不 它代表"永恒运动之队"
[13:34.00]Oh, right, of course. What was I thinking? 对 当然 我在歪想什么呢?
[13:37.36]Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to this year's physics bowl! 各位下午好 欢迎来到本年度物理碗杯赛
[13:42.52]Today's preliminary match features two great teams. 今天参赛的是两个非常棒的小组
[13:48.72]Aa versus...pms. AA队对阵PMS队
[13:51.12]All night long, y'all! 整整一夜 耶!
[13:54.84]WE CAN GO ALL NIGHT "我们能进行整整一夜"
[13:58.44]Okay, well, let's jump right in. 好吧 我们开始比赛了
[14:01.92]First question for ten points: 第一道题 10分
[14:04.56]"What is the iso-spin singlet partner of the pi-zero meson?" π-0介子的同位旋单谱线对应的是?
[14:09.36]pms? PMS队?
[14:09.08]- The eta meson. - Coecect. - η介子 - 正确
[14:14.12]- Formal protest. - On what grounds? - 正式抗议 - 理由呢?
[14:15.80]The velcro on my wrist brace caught on my shirt. 手腕关节的尼龙扣把衣服扯住了
[14:20.40]Denied. 驳回
[14:21.80]All right, for ten points, 好吧 10分题
[14:22.52]"what is the lightest element on earth with no stable isotope?" aa 地球上没有稳定同位素的 最轻的元素是?AA队
[14:26.92]And of course, the answer is technetium. 毫无疑问 答案是锝
[14:29.80]Terrific.next question: 厉害 下一题
[14:33.12]"What is the force between two uncharged plates due to quantum vacuum fluctuations?" 由于量子真空涨落 两块不带电荷极板之间存在什么力?
[14:38.16]Pms? PMS队?
[14:38.48]Sheldon can suck on... the casimir effect. Sheldon能吸收... 卡西米尔效应
[14:42.96]Correct. 正确
[14:49.48]How does a quantum computer factor large numbers? Pms? 量子计算机如何因式分解较大的数字? PMS队?
[14:53.88]- Shorts algorithm. - Correct! - 简化运算法则 - 正确!
[14:59.72]4.1855 times ten to the seventh ergs per calorie. 4.1855*10的7次方 尔格每卡路里
[15:01.80]Prevost's theory of exchanges. 普雷沃斯交换原理
[15:04.80]Lambda equals one over pi r squared N. Λ=1/(π*r的N次方)
[15:08.36]760 degrees celsius... 760摄氏度
[15:10.40]the approximate temperature of the young lady in the front row. 前排年轻女士的近似体温
[15:12.12]Mr. Wolowitz, this is your second warning. Wolowitz先生 这是对你第二次警告
[15:18.40]A sigma particle. Σ粒子
[15:18.28]Yes, assuming the hypothetical planet has a mass greater than the earth. 是的 假定假设的行星比地球大很多倍
[15:22.60]Host: Correct. 正确
[15:27.88]Ladies and gentlemen, I hold in my hand the final question. 女士们先生们 我手里的是最后一道题
[15:34.08]The score now stands: 现在的比分是
[15:33.40]Aa 1,150, pms 1,175. AA队1150分 PMS队1175分
[15:40.60]So, for 100 points and the match, 那么 拿下这一题 也就是拿下了比赛
[15:42.48]please turn your attention to the formula on the screens. 请注意看屏幕上的公式
[15:49.12]Solve the equation. 解方程式
[15:51.24]Holy crap. 上帝啊
[15:55.28]What the hell is that? 那究竟是啥玩意儿?
[15:55.12]Looks like something they found on the ship at roswell. 看来像是Roswell的船上发现的东西
[16:01.24]Come on. Think. Leslie? 加油啊 好好想 Leslie?
[16:03.68]Leonard, it's not gonna work if you rush me. You have to let me get there. Leonard 你催我也没有用 你得让我好好算
[16:05.60]You are never gonna let that go, are you? 你永远都不会算出来的 对吧?
[16:08.80]Ten seconds. 还有10秒
[16:14.76]Pms? PMS队?
[16:17.44]Sorry, I panicked. 抱歉 我慌了神
[16:19.52]Then guess. 那就猜一个
[16:23.92]eight..... 8...
[16:29.68].4 8.4
[16:31.96]I'm sorry, that's incorrect. 抱歉 答案错误
[16:32.68]Aa, if you can answer correctly, the match is yours. AA队 如果你们能正确答出 胜利就属于你们了
[16:40.28]He doesn't have it. 他没算出来
[16:41.60]He's got squat. 他憋不住了
[16:54.28]Aa, I need your answer. AA队 报出答案
[16:57.08]The answer is minus eight pi alpha. 答案是-8πα
[16:59.44]Hang on. Hang on a second. That's not our answer. 等等 等一下 那不是我们的答案
[17:01.84]What are you doing? 你在干什么?
[17:02.88]Answering question. Winning physics bowl. 回答问题啊 赢物理碗杯
[17:06.72]How do you know anything about physics? 你怎么懂物理?
[17:08.88]Here I am janitor. In former soviet union, I am physicist. 现在 我是看门的 在前苏联 我是物理学家
[17:14.68]Leningrad politechnika. Go polar bears. Leningrad Politechnika 冲啊 北极熊
[17:21.60]Well, that's a delightful little story, but our arrangement was that you sit here and not say anything-- 故事真精彩 可我们的协议是 你坐在这儿 一言不发
[17:25.92]I answer the questions. 由我回答问题
[17:27.92]You didn't answer question. 可你没答出来
[17:28.12]Hey, look, now, maybe you have democracy now in your beloved russia, 嘿 瞧 也许在你热爱的俄罗斯 你有民主权
[17:32.76]but on this physics bowl team, I rule with an iron fist. 可在这物理碗杯小组 我就是铁拳统治
[17:37.56]Aa, I need your official answer. AA队 请尽快给出正式答案
[17:39.72]- Well, it's not what he said. - Then what is it? - 不是他答的那个 - 那是什么?
[17:42.40]- I want a different question. - You can't have a different question. - 我想回答另一个问题 - 你不能回答另一题
[17:42.08]- Formal protest. - Denied. - 正式抗议 - 驳回
[17:44.44]- Informal protest. - Denied. - 非正式抗议 - 驳回
[17:48.92]I need your official answer. 请给出最终答案
[17:51.56]No. I decline to provide one. 不 我拒绝回答
[17:52.64]Well, that's too bad because the answer your teammate gave was correct. 可惜啊 因为你的队友 给出的答案是正确的
[17:58.16]That's your opinion. 那是你的观点
[18:01.80]- All right, the winner of the match is... - hang on. - 好吧 比赛的胜者是... - 等等
[18:04.56]Sheldon, is proving that you are single-handedly smarter than everyone else so important Sheldon 是不是证明你比任何人 都更聪明 那么重要
[18:08.40]that you would rather lose by yourself than win as part of a team? 重要到你宁可输掉自己 也不愿作为小组一分子赢得胜利?
[18:13.00]I don't understand the question. 这问题我不理解
[18:18.12]Go ahead. 继续吧
[18:19.40]The winner is pms. 胜者是PMS队
[18:21.40]* We are the champions, my friends * * 我们是冠军 我的朋友们 *
[18:29.80]* and we'll keep on fighting till the end * * 我们要战斗到底 *
[18:37.60]* we are the champions * * 我们是冠军 *
[18:40.40]* we are the champions * * 我们是冠军 *
[18:43.92]* no time for losers * * 这世界不属于失败者 *
[18:46.08]* 'cause we are the champions * * 因为我们是王者 *
[18:52.08]* of the world * * 世界之王 *
[18:57.76]sorry, somebody's sitting there. 抱歉 这儿有人坐
[18:59.40]Who? 谁?
[19:01.64]My physics bowl trophy. 我的物理碗奖杯
[19:05.36]That trophy is meaningless. 那奖杯没意义
[19:07.88]I forfeited, therefore you did not win. 我弃权了 所以你们并没有赢
[19:09.96]- I know someone who would disagree. - Who? - 我知道一个人不会同意 - 谁?
[19:12.32]My physics bowl trophy. 我的物理碗杯奖杯
[19:14.56]Leonard is so smart. Sheldon who? Leonard真聪明 Sheldon是谁?
[19:19.04]All right, that is very immature. 好吧 这太幼稚了
[19:21.36]You're right. I'm sorry. I'm not! 说得对 抱歉 我才不是!
[19:25.52]- Okay, new contest. - What are you doing? - 好吧 新比赛 - 你在干嘛?
[19:27.24]I am settling once and for all who is the smartest around here, okay? Are you ready? 我选好题目了 看这里究竟谁最聪明 准备好了吗?
[19:34.92]- Absolutely. - Bring it on. - 当然啦 - 开始
[19:36.08]"Marsha, jan and cindy were the three daughters in what tv family?" Marsha Jan还有Cindy是哪部剧集中 家庭的三个女儿?
[19:46.84]The brady bunch. Okay. <脱线家族> 好吧
[19:50.76]"Sammy hagar replaced david lee roth as the lead singer in what group?" Sammy Hagar取代David Lee Roth 成为哪个团体的首席歌手?
[19:58.80]The brady bunch? 脱线家族?
[20:02.56]Van halen. All right. 范·海伦乐队 好吧
[20:03.80]"Madonna was married to this ridgemont high alum." 麦当娜曾嫁给 哪个Ridgemont高中的校友?
[20:08.72]Oh, my god! Sean penn! 哦 天啊! 肖恩·潘!
[20:12.36]How do you know these things? 你怎么了解这些事情?
[20:14.52]I go outside, and I talk to people. 我走到外面 和大家交谈
[20:20.92]Okay, here. 好吧 这题
[20:19.44]"What actor holds the record for being named people magazine's sexiest man alive?" 哪位在世的演员保持着大众杂志评选的 最性感男士的记录?
[20:25.32]- William shatner. - Wait. - William Shatner - 等等
[20:25.32]<星际迷航>中 扮演Kirk船长
[20:30.92]I don't think it's shatner. 我觉得不是Shatner
[20:32.88]Then it's got to be patrick stewart. 那就是Patrick Stewart (<星舰迷航>中 扮演Picard船长)
[20:35.12]- No. - Formal protest. - 不是 - 正式抗议
[20:40.68]All right. "Singer who sang, 'oops, I did it again'"? 那好 哪位歌手演唱了 "oops I did it again"?
[20:49.00]Okay. 好吧
[20:52.32]"Tweetie bird tought he taw a what?" 崔弟鸟以为他击中的是什么?
[20:58.88]Romulan. Romulan帝国 (<星际迷航>中的一个种族)
[21:02.44]Yes. He tought he taw a romulan. 是 他以为他击中了一个Romulan
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