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听电影学英文-蒙娜丽莎的微笑 05

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  [00:01.40]Of course you are. You’re your mother’s daughter. 你肯定是. 你和你妈一样.
[00:04.07]It’s a classic Electra complex. 标准的恋父情结.
[00:06.80]I don’t blame you. I mean... 我不是责备你. 而是说...
[00:08.77]...who wouldn’t want to murder your mother? ...谁不曾有过轼母的想法?
[00:11.11]-Hey. How’s the Harvard sweetheart? -Divine. -嘿. 哈佛甜心怎么样啦? -可爱极了.
[00:14.48]Got an extra ciggie? 来根上等烟?
[00:16.75]-Did you do his homework? -Of course. -你帮他做功课么? -当然了.
[00:18.75]-Want to do mine? -No. -也帮帮我怎么样? -别想.
[00:24.32]This isn’t what I think it is. Is it? 这可不是烟盒. 对不?
[00:31.09]Where’d you get it? 你从哪儿弄到的?
[00:34.87]From the school nurse. 从驻校护士那儿.
[00:37.43]-It’s against the law. -Oh, honey. It’s a girl’s best friend. -这是违规的. -哦,亲爱的. 它可是女孩的密友.
[00:42.34]-A certain kind of girl. -Meet the last virgin1 bride. -某类女孩才那样呢. -看看最后一位誓作贞节新娘的姑娘吧.
[00:48.18]-Spencer is a gentleman. -And even gentlemen have dicks. - 斯宾塞 是位绅士. -绅士也是有阴茎的.

[00:56.49]-Maybe I’ll get one. -What? A dick? -或许我也该弄一个. -什么? 阴茎么?
[00:59.66]Don’t be stupid, Connie. 别蠢了, 康尼.
[01:04.76]Someone, somewhere, someday might be interested. 会有这么一个人, 在某处, 某个时刻,说不定会有兴趣……
[01:09.03]Just in case. Just in case, I’ll be prepared. 以防万一. 我会准备着以防万一的.
[01:16.54]Was that necessary? 你非这样说不可么?
[01:18.71]I was taught it’s best to speak honestly. 我认为如实说出来为妙.
[01:21.14]Okay. You’re a bitch. 很好. 你这个混蛋.
[01:31.05]We recently learned that Amanda Armstrong... 我们最近获知阿曼达 阿姆斯特朗...
[01:33.89]...our nurse, has been distributing contraception to Wellesley girls. ...学校的护士, 在韦尔斯利学院 的女生们中间分发避孕套.
[01:39.03]This revelation is disturbing to an institution... 一个向来以行为规范为荣的机构...
[01:41.97]... that prides itself on propriety2. ...对此感到十分震怒.
[01:55.48]Go, go, go! Go, go! It’s been going on since the late ’80s. 快, 快, 快! 快跑, 快! 这项活动从上个世纪80年代后期就有了
[02:00.82]-Whoever wins is first to marry! -Do the girls take it literally3? -获胜的会第一个嫁出去! -这些女孩是当真的?
[02:04.72]Only the girl with the winning hoop4. Oh, look, it’s Phyllis Nayor! 只有获胜的女孩才信. 嗨, 瞧, 是菲丽丝 诺尔!
[02:12.03]Good for her. It gets me every time. 她棒极了. 每次我都很激动.
[02:16.80]-Why the buggies? -They’ve got their man. -为何如此疯狂? -她们找到了如意郎君.
[02:19.57]They’re wishing for their babies. 她们在憧憬未来的宝宝.
[02:26.08]Have you seen this? 你读过了么?
[02:29.35]What is it? 是什么?
[02:31.55]It’s a front-page attack on Amanda Armstrong. Betty Warren wrote it. 头版抨击了阿曼达 阿姆斯特朗. 是贝蒂 沃伦写的.

  [02:42.86]"By providing contraception on demand, our school nurse... "通过向学生提供避孕套, 我们学校的护士...
[02:46.00]...is little more than a cheerleader for promiscuity5." Wow. ...就好像是为性交喝彩的啦啦队长."  哇.
[02:49.23]Oh, they’re not going to dump her in a lake! 啊,她们该不会把她抛到湖里吧!
[02:54.74]-I’m coming, Phyllis! -Have you seen this? -我来救你了, 菲丽丝! -你读过了?
[02:57.11]I wouldn’t worry. Betty’s just a young girl flexing6 her muscles. 我并不担心. 贝蒂只不过是个 闲不住的小女孩而已.
[03:00.48]So was Lizzie Borden, and her mother wasn’t president... 莉兹 伯登以前也这样...
[03:03.45]-...of the alumnae7 association. -Would somebody get that girl a towel! -她的母亲又不是校董会的主席么. -给这姑娘拿条毛巾来!
[03:07.38]-That’s her mother? -Apple, tree. -那是她母亲? -就像苹果和树.
[03:10.65]Is Amanda going to get into trouble? 阿曼达会遇到麻烦吗?
[03:12.99]Amanda needs to start minding her p’s and q’s. 阿曼达需要开始注意礼貌了.
[03:16.03]The trick to surviving Wellesley is never getting noticed. 在韦尔斯利学院生存的技巧就是别被人注意到.
[03:19.13]Ciao, Mona Lisa. 再会,蒙娜丽莎.
[03:21.90]The big war hero. 战争英雄.
[03:24.47]He thinks he’s something special. 以为自己有多了不起.
[03:28.14]He sleeps with his students. 他和学生睡觉.
[03:33.18]The gold is fine. The napkin rings are vulgar. 金器还不错. 餐巾圈太简陋.
[03:35.71]The glassware should be trimmed with gold. 玻璃器皿需由黄金装饰.
[03:38.18]The little sugar boxes, gold and white, filled with chocolate. No candlesticks. 金色和白色的小糖匣, 盛放巧克力. 不要用烛台.
[03:42.82]-Freesia instead of daisies. -Wise choice, madam. -用小苍兰而不是雏菊. -明智的选择,夫人.
[03:47.02]No baby’s breath. 不许用石竹花.
[03:53.73]-You already had your fitting? -We’re on our way. -你试装了吗? -我们这就去.
[03:57.23]Here’s the seating chart and Spencer’s list of groomsmen. 这是座位表和斯宾塞家的佣人名单.
[04:00.97]Oh, I almost forgot. 哦,差点儿忘了.
[04:03.41]I spoke8 to him about reading the poem. He’d rather not. I said all right. 我让他朗读诗歌,他不情愿. 我说好吧.
[04:09.38]Excuse us for a second, Joan. 失陪一下, 琼.
[04:17.19]A good wife lets her husband think that everything’s his idea... 一位好的妻子应该让她的丈夫 觉得每件事都出自他的想法...
[04:20.69]-...even when it’s not. -I don’t care if he reads it. -...甚至当不是的时候. -我才不在乎他是否朗诵.
[04:23.53]You will in retrospect9. 你会后悔的.
[04:26.90]Now, why don’t you see if you can’t nudge the idea into his head. 那么,为何让我们不看看 你是否能把这个念头灌输给他.
[04:37.57]I’ve been here now for 21 years, Jocelyn. 我已经在这里21年了,乔斯林.
[04:41.61]-I remember you as a student. -Twenty-four, if you count that. -我还记得你上学时的样子. -是24年,如果你要计算的话.

  [04:44.92]So why the theatrics? 那么为何要把事情搞大?
[04:47.38]We cannot appear to promote sexual promiscuity. 我们不能表现出对乱交无所谓的样子.
[04:51.72]Okay. It’s about appearances, then? No. 好吧. 那么只是事关表面? 不会再发生了.
[04:55.26]All right, all right. 可以的, 可以的.
[04:57.69]All right. Well, I promise not to appear to be sympathetic, progressive... 没问题. 我可以保证不再显得 赞同她们和激进的...


1 virgin phPwj     
  • Have you ever been to a virgin forest?你去过原始森林吗?
  • There are vast expanses of virgin land in the remote regions.在边远地区有大片大片未开垦的土地。
2 propriety oRjx4     
  • We hesitated at the propriety of the method.我们对这种办法是否适用拿不定主意。
  • The sensitive matter was handled with great propriety.这件机密的事处理得极为适当。
3 literally 28Wzv     
  • He translated the passage literally.他逐字逐句地翻译这段文字。
  • Sometimes she would not sit down till she was literally faint.有时候,她不走到真正要昏厥了,决不肯坐下来。
4 hoop wcFx9     
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5 promiscuity nRtxp     
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n.挠曲,可挠性v.屈曲( flex的现在分词 );弯曲;(为准备大干而)显示实力;摩拳擦掌
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7 alumnae fd204822a347c78c324cb3c045e83e85     
n.女毕业生,女校友;女校友( alumna的名词复数 )
  • The Alumnae Association is my link to the school's present administration. 女校友协会是我和现在学校行政部门之间的纽带 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • My two sisters are both alumnae of George Washington High school. 我两个姊姊都是乔治华盛顿高级中学的毕业生。 来自互联网
8 spoke XryyC     
n.(车轮的)辐条;轮辐;破坏某人的计划;阻挠某人的行动 v.讲,谈(speak的过去式);说;演说;从某种观点来说
  • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company.他们的轮辐螺帽是从我们公司获得的。
  • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre.辐条是轮子上连接外圈与中心的条棒。
9 retrospect xDeys     
  • One's school life seems happier in retrospect than in reality.学校生活回忆起来显得比实际上要快乐。
  • In retrospect,it's easy to see why we were wrong.回顾过去就很容易明白我们的错处了。
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