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听电影学英文-蒙娜丽莎的微笑 12

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  [00:02.73]What are you doing? 你在干什么?
[00:07.14]You’re not kidding? 你不是开玩笑吧?
[00:09.30]I just came 3000 miles to see you. I’m sleeping down here by myself? 我跑了3000英里来看你. 你就让我一个人睡?
[00:18.61]Stop. Stop. Stop for a second. 停. 停. 停一下.
[00:21.32]-Tell me what the hell’s going on. -I don’t know. -告诉我他妈的究竟要干什么. -我不知道.
[00:25.19]I feel like everything is getting away from me. 感觉上就好像一切都将弃我而去.
[00:27.76]We haven’t actually, literally1 looked at each other for three months... 三个月了,我们没有真正的、 全心全意地望着对方了...
[00:33.03]...and now you’re here, and I have this ring on my finger. ...现在你来了, 而且我戴上了你的戒指
[00:36.73]Which makes you uncomfortable too? 这也让你不舒服了吗?
[00:40.30]The last time I checked, we weren’t on this track. 上次我们在一起的时候, 我们还没到这一步.
[00:45.14]When was the last time you checked? 上一次是什么时候?
[01:08.20]Bill.... 比尔....
[01:11.03]The name is Paul. 我的名字是保罗.
[01:19.44]I’m not saying no to you. 我并不是对你说不.
[01:22.91]No, you’re not saying anything. 不,你什么都没说.
[01:26.82]You never really do. 你根本就没那么做.
[01:48.77]If you need me for anything else, my number’s on the refrigerator. 如果你需要我做什么,就给我打电话, 号码贴在冰箱上.
[01:53.54]I feel so guilty leaving you alone after-- 我很内疚让你一个人留下, 而且是在这个时候--
[01:56.38]I’m fine. I have lots of research to do. 我很好. 我有一大堆研究要做呢.
[01:59.08]That’s right. Throw yourself into work. 那就好. 把自己投入工作中.

[02:02.98]I’ll be back... 我会...
[02:05.02]...on the 2nd. ...在2号回来的.
[02:07.82]See you next year. 明年见
[02:09.86]1 954! 1954!
[02:46.96]Sunflowers. Vincent van Gogh. 1 888. 《向日葵》文森特 梵高 1888年
[02:50.10]He painted what he felt, not what he saw. 他画他感觉到的,而不是他看到的
[02:53.74]People didn’t understand. To them, it seemed childlike and crude. 人们不理解他,在他们眼中 这画既幼稚又粗糙
[02:57.31]It took years for them to recognize his actual technique... 人们花了很多年才认识到他的正在技术...
[03:00.71]...to see the way his brush strokes seemed to make the night sky move. ...才看出他的画笔如何使夜空舞动
[03:04.75]Yet, he never sold a painting in his lifetime. 终其一生,他一幅画也没卖掉
[03:08.65]This is his self-portrait. 这是他的自画像
[03:10.82]There’s no camouflage2, no romance3. Honesty. 没有渲染,没有伪装,纯粹的真实
[03:15.26]-Now, 60 years later, where is he? -Famous? -60年过去了,他怎么样了? -出名了?
[03:20.80]So famous, in fact, that everybody has a reproduction. 实际上非常出名,每个人都有他的画的复制品
[03:24.87]-There are post cards-- -We have the calendar. -明信片上有-- -日历上也有

  [03:28.07]With the ability to reproduce4 art, it is available to the masses. 随着复制技术的发达,普通大众也可以拥有
[03:32.74]No one needs to own a van Gogh original. 没有必要拥有梵高的原作
[03:35.21]We do. In the Newport house. 我们需要,在新港屋子里
[03:38.95]But it’s small. Tiny. 只要一幅小的,很小
[03:45.52]They can paint their own. Van Gogh in a box, ladies. 女士们,你们自己也可以画,盒子里的梵高
[03:48.96]The newest form of mass-distributed art: 大众传播的新形式:
[03:52.19]Paint by numbers. 分解绘画
[03:53.96]"Now everyone can be van Gogh. It’s so easy. "现在每个人都可以成为梵高,很容易
[03:57.17]Just follow the simple instructions... 只要按照说明...
[03:59.60]...and in minutes, you’re on your way to being an artist." ...只要几分钟,你就可以成为一个艺术家"
[04:03.61]Van Gogh by numbers? 按照步骤成为梵高?
[04:05.74]Ironic, isn’t it? Look at what we have done to the man... 很有讽刺意味,是吗? 看看我们都对他做了什么...
[04:09.54]...who refused to conform5 his ideals to popular taste. ...他拒绝为了大众品位改变他的理想
[04:13.35]Who refused to compromise his integrity6. 为了保持人格完整,拒绝妥协
[04:16.58]We have put him in a tiny box and asked you to copy him. 我们把他放在小盒子里面,复制他
[04:22.76]So the choice is yours, ladies. 所以,选择权在你们自己
[04:24.63]You can conform to what other people expect or you can-- 你们可以按照别人的期望去做,也可以--
[04:29.23]I know. Be ourselves. 我知道,做你们自己
[04:33.17]You’re a sight for sore eyes. 你真让我们望眼欲穿
[04:35.24]I would’ve been on time but, silly me, I thought class was in the classroom. 我本可以不迟到的,我真笨 还以为课在教室里上呢
[04:39.71]Glad you could join us, Mrs. Jones. We thought we’d lost you. 很高兴你能加入我们,琼斯夫人 我还以为你不会来了
[04:43.75]-There’s an unwritten rule for marr-- -Don’t bother. -有个不成文的规定-- -别麻烦了
[04:46.51]Since your wedding, you’ve missed six classes, a paper and your midterm. 你结婚以后,已经缺了6节课 一次论文写作,和一次期中测验
[04:50.69]Well, thank God I didn’t miss the paint-by-numbers lecture. 感谢上帝,我赶上了这堂分解作画的课
[04:54.46]I was on my honeymoon7 and then I had to set up house. 我刚渡完蜜月,还得收拾屋子
[04:58.16]What does she expect? 她还能指望什么?
[04:58.50]Attendance. 指望你来上课


1 literally 28Wzv     
  • He translated the passage literally.他逐字逐句地翻译这段文字。
  • Sometimes she would not sit down till she was literally faint.有时候,她不走到真正要昏厥了,决不肯坐下来。
2 camouflage NsnzR     
  • The white fur of the polar bear is a natural camouflage.北极熊身上的白色的浓密软毛是一种天然的伪装。
  • The animal's markings provide effective camouflage.这种动物身上的斑纹是很有效的伪装。
3 romance KXGx1     
  • She wrote a romance about an artist's life in Tokyo.她写了一个关于一位艺术家在东京生活的浪漫故事。
  • They tried to rekindle the flames of romance.他们试图重燃爱火。
4 reproduce yVkxZ     
  • The machine can reproduce a key in two minutes.这机器能在两分钟内复制一把钥匙。
  • The picture will reproduce well.这照片会印得很清楚。
5 conform vppzc     
  • The building does not conform to safety regulations.这座建筑物不符合安全条例。
  • Her ideas do not conform with mine.她的观点与我的不一致。
6 integrity TRVzv     
  • The country is fighting to preserve its territorial integrity.该国在为保持领土的完整而进行斗争。
  • He is a man of the highest integrity.他是个极其正直的人。
7 honeymoon ucnxc     
  • While on honeymoon in Bali,she learned to scuba dive.她在巴厘岛度蜜月时学会了带水肺潜水。
  • The happy pair are leaving for their honeymoon.这幸福的一对就要去度蜜月了。
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