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听电影学英语-阿童木(Astro Boy) 08

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  [00:01.92]Oh, my gosh! He talked to me twice. 我的天,他又和我说话了
[00:03.72]Well, this is definitely going in my diary as the most exciting day of my life. 我要写日记 这是我人生最激动的一天
[00:07.47]Okay, I get it. You don't like people from Metro1 City. 我知道了 你不喜欢大都会的人
[00:10.76]ZANE: Metro City. Robots waiting on you hand and foot. 大都会 机器人在你身边候命
[00:14.27]I'd love to visit, just for one day. 我想去参观,一天就好
[00:17.48]They wouldn't let you in. 他们不会让你进
[00:18.90]They have a strict "No losers from the Surface allowed" policy. 他们有规矩 “地面居民与废物不得入内”
[00:22.61]Anyway, why would you want to go someplace 再说了,为什么你要去一个…
[00:24.36]where people think you're garbage? 大家觉得你是废物的地方?
[00:26.86]I mean, look at this. 我说,看看这个
[00:29.45]Can you believe someone just threw it away? 你相信有人连这个都扔吗?
[00:31.54]Nu-uh! Finders keepers. 做梦!谁找到就是谁的
[00:34.37]So, what are you doing down here? 你在这做什么?
[00:37.17]I don't know yet. Looking for something, I guess, somewhere. 还没想好,寻找东西吧
[00:41.92]Did you run away? 你离家出走?
[00:43.46]Not exactly. They sort of suggested I find a new place, 不全对 他们建议我找个新的地方
[00:48.18]whatever that means. 不管意味着什么
[00:49.64]Dude, it means they kicked you out. 哥们,意味着赶你出门
[00:52.18]- ASTRO BOY: Well, I... - I'm Zane. - 好吧… - 我是阿赛
[00:55.48]- I'm Widget. - Hi, I'm Sludge, - 我是东东 - 我叫泥巴
[00:57.14]- and I'm older than her. - By 90 seconds. - 我比她大 - 大90秒而已
[00:59.02]- And I'm Cora. What's your name? - Oh, it's... - 我叫柯娜,你呢? - 嗯,我叫…
[01:02.82]SPARX: Viva la Roboto-lution! ROBOTSKY: Viva la Roboto-lution! 万岁!机器人解放者!
[01:05.19]What just happened? 发生什么事?
[01:08.78]SPARX: Did you see the human's faces? They were quaking in their capitalist boots! 看到他们的脸色没有? 肯定吓得尿裤子了
[01:15.29]Don't worry, brother. You're safe! 别害怕,兄弟 现在安全了!
[01:17.16]ROBOTSKY: You have been rescued by... 拯救你的是…
[01:19.67]BOTH: The Robot Revolutionary Front! “机器人革命前线”RRF
[01:23.30]I'm Sparx, the brains. 我是大脑斯巴斯
[01:24.88]And I'm Robotsky, the muscle. 我是肌肉罗斯基
[01:28.13]And I'm Mike the Fridge. I'm the fridge. 我是冰箱迈克 就是冰箱
[01:32.18]You are now liberated2! 你现在被解放了
[01:34.14]Go ahead, comrade. Take your first step as a free robot. 来吧,同志 作为一个自由机器人,迈出你的第一步
[01:38.69]Take it! Take it! 迈步!迈步!
[01:43.61]Feels different, doesn't it? 感觉很不同吧?
[01:46.44]- It feels wetter. - It feels wetter! Liberation! - 有点潮 - 超人的感觉!解放!
[01:52.49]- Yeah! - What are you doing? - 好啊! - 你在干嘛?
[01:55.33]Uh, sorry. I'll pick it up. 抱歉,我来收拾
[01:59.92]Yes, please. 当然了,请吧
[02:02.63]You look like a pretty advanced model if I might say so, brother. 我看你的型号非常先进,兄弟
[02:05.71]Just out of interest, no particular reason for me asking, but are you exempt3 容我多嘴问问 你是不是因为违反…
[02:08.88]- from the laws of robotics? - Remind me? - 机器人三大定律被驱逐? - 提醒我一下
[02:12.18]A robot cannot harm a human, be a cause of any harm to a human, 机器人不能伤害人类 或袖手旁观,坐视人类受到伤害
[02:15.97]blah-blah-blah, boring, boring, boring. 等等此类的废话
[02:18.35]Well, I don't really want to harm anybody. 我不想伤害任何人
[02:20.89]Lug nuts! The RRF are dedicated4 to freeing robot-kind 我们RRF的目的是不择手段…
[02:24.90]from human slavery by any means necessary. 把机器人从人类的奴役下解放
[02:28.40]And he means any means necessary. 他真的是不择手段
[02:31.82]What is your name, comrade? 你叫什么名,同志?
[02:34.66]- Toby. - Toby? - 透比 - 透比?
[02:36.49]Well, that's not much of a name. 这名字怎么行
[02:37.70]No, you want something with a bit more oomph to it. 你需要一个更霸道的名字
[02:39.71]- Something like the Ice-maker. - Yeah, or the Annihilator5. - 比如说:制冰机 - 是啊,比如说:歼灭者
[02:43.96]Or Pauline. 或者波琳
[02:46.09]- Well, I guess I'll... - Hang on a minute. - 这样,我想… - 等一等

  [02:47.92]We haven't come up with a new name for you yet. 我们还没想到新名字呢
[02:49.92]What about... 不如用…
[02:51.13](POWERING OFF)
[02:54.14]What about Astro? 不如用“阿童木”?
[02:56.31]Oh, be quiet. If you can't come up with a sensible suggestion, 安静点 如果你不会动脑筋
[02:59.31]- then kindly6 mind your own business. - Sorry. - 就交给动脑筋的人 - 对不起
[03:02.10]Think. Think. 想啊想
[03:04.10]- I've got it! - What? - 我想到了 - 啥?
[03:05.27]- Astro! - That's marvelous, that is. - 阿童木 - 好名字啊!
[03:07.82]It's modern, a little space-age. I love it. 既时髦,又带太空色彩 我就喜欢
[03:09.82]Thanks, guys. Well, I better get going. 谢谢,伙计们 我最好走了
[03:12.32]Show Astro the plan! 告诉阿童木我们的计划!
[03:14.57]As you wish, comrade. This is Hamegg! 遵命,指挥官 这人叫哈马
[03:20.95]- Nice. - The likes of him enslave our kind. - 好吧 - 就他这类人奴役了我们同胞
[03:23.96]We need to make an example of Hamegg. 我们要从哈马作开刀
[03:25.79]We want to do something so horrible, so frightening, so shocking, 做一些惊天地、泣鬼神的壮举
[03:29.59]that the humans will be forced to free all robots. 让人类乖乖的释放所有机器人
[03:32.80]- What are you gonna do? - We're gonna sneak7 into town. - 你们要做什么? - 我们潜入城市
[03:35.14]- We're going to lie in wait for Hamegg. - And? - 等待哈马的出现 - 然后?
[03:38.01]- And when he shows up... - Yes? - 然后突然出现 - 然后?
[03:40.93]Now bear in mind, we're forced to follow the laws of robotics. 你记住一条,我们迫于遵守机器人定律
[03:44.14]- Okay. - We are going to tickle8 him wth a feather! - 好的 - 所以我们用羽毛挠他痒痒
[03:49.11]BOTH: Viva la Roboto-lution! 机器人解放者!
[03:50.98]That's the plan? 就这计划?
[03:52.07]We're already looking into purchasing the feather. 我们已经在着手准备 购买羽毛了
[03:54.53]ROBOTSKY: Oh, blimey! 我的妈呀!
[03:56.45]- You okay? - How did you find our secret hideout? - 你还好吗? - 你怎找到这秘密基地?
[03:59.45]CORA: You guys realy need to work on your camouflage9 skills. 你们伪装的技术太烂了
[04:02.33]Don't make us dismantle10 you. We just want the kid back. 别逼我废了你 我们只要这孩子
[04:05.46]Kid? What are you talking about? He's a... 孩子?你说什么?他是…
[04:08.96]You want a piece of me, tin man? 你想惹火我么,罐头人?
[04:10.55](SOFTLY) Be cool. I'm an undercover robot from Metro City. 冷静点 我是大都会的卧底
[04:13.30]I knew it. Viva la Roboto-lution. 我就知道,机器人解放者万岁
[04:16.84]These guys aren't doing any harm. Let's just leave them. 这些家伙没做坏事 不如放过他们
[04:19.76]Whatever you say. 随你了
[04:22.68]Thank you, brother. The RRF are forever in your debt. 谢谢你,兄弟 RRF永远欠你的情
[04:28.44]So, what is your name? 你叫什么名字?
[04:31.32]Toby, but that's not who I realy am. 透比,但我其实不是
[04:34.53]- You see... - Dude, it's a simple question. - 你看… - 哥们,这问题不复杂
[04:36.57]Um. 嗯
[04:38.20]My name's Astro. Call me Astro. 我叫阿童木
[04:41.58]WIDGET: Cool. Sounds modern. 好酷,听着好时髦
[04:43.04]SLUDGE: A little space-age. I love it. 还有点太空色彩,我喜欢
[04:44.62](DOORBELL RINGS)
[04:45.71]ORRIN: Hold on, I'll be right there. 等等,马上就来
[04:47.88]- Good afternoon. How... - Excuse me, robot. Thank you. - 下午好,请问… - 让开,机器人,谢谢
[04:49.71]Search the apartment! Leave no stone unturned. 搜索房间! 搜查每个角落
[04:52.38]- Arrest this man. - HECKLER: Yes, sir. - 逮捕这个人 - 遵命,长官
[04:54.63]- What are you doing? Stop! - Where is Tenma's robot son? - 你在做什么,住手! - 天马的机器人儿子在哪?
[04:57.89]He isn't here. 他走了
[04:59.26]What is the meaning of this? 这是什么意思?
[05:00.76]You put the Core for my Peacekeeper


1 metro XogzNA     
  • Can you reach the park by metro?你可以乘地铁到达那个公园吗?
  • The metro flood gate system is a disaster prevention equipment.地铁防淹门系统是一种防灾设备。
2 liberated YpRzMi     
  • The city was liberated by the advancing army. 军队向前挺进,解放了那座城市。
  • The heat brings about a chemical reaction, and oxygen is liberated. 热量引起化学反应,释放出氧气。
3 exempt wmgxo     
  • These goods are exempt from customs duties.这些货物免征关税。
  • He is exempt from punishment about this thing.关于此事对他已免于处分。
4 dedicated duHzy2     
  • He dedicated his life to the cause of education.他献身于教育事业。
  • His whole energies are dedicated to improve the design.他的全部精力都放在改进这项设计上了。
5 annihilator 9f17484ba7cdb66a4db856722c7bb7c4     
  • Annihilator police helicopter: Collect all 200 pigeons (flying rats) . 一架警用直升机零化子:收集所有200只鸽子(飞鼠)。 来自互联网
  • Annihilator plays an important role in studying dual-rings, quasi-dual rings and dual-bimodules. 零化子在研究对偶环,拟对偶环及对偶双边模中起着非常重要的作用。 来自互联网
6 kindly tpUzhQ     
  • Her neighbours spoke of her as kindly and hospitable.她的邻居都说她和蔼可亲、热情好客。
  • A shadow passed over the kindly face of the old woman.一道阴影掠过老太太慈祥的面孔。
7 sneak vr2yk     
  • He raised his spear and sneak forward.他提起长矛悄悄地前进。
  • I saw him sneak away from us.我看见他悄悄地从我们身边走开。
8 tickle 2Jkzz     
  • Wilson was feeling restless. There was a tickle in his throat.威尔逊只觉得心神不定。嗓子眼里有些发痒。
  • I am tickle pink at the news.听到这消息我高兴得要命。
9 camouflage NsnzR     
  • The white fur of the polar bear is a natural camouflage.北极熊身上的白色的浓密软毛是一种天然的伪装。
  • The animal's markings provide effective camouflage.这种动物身上的斑纹是很有效的伪装。
10 dismantle Vtlxa     
  • He asked for immediate help from the United States to dismantle the warheads.他请求美国立即提供援助,拆除这批弹头。
  • The mower firmly refused to mow,so I decided to dismantle it.修完后割草机还是纹丝不动,于是,我决定把它拆开。
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