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听电影学英语-阿童木(Astro Boy) 09

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  [00:04.06]I'm running for re-election, in case you hadn't noticed, 提醒你一下 我在参加竞选
[00:06.44]and we're in an arms race with the Surface! 我们还在和地面进行军备竞赛!
[00:08.35]An arms race? What nonsense. 军备竞赛?荒谬
[00:12.27]It was a stupid mistake. When I lost my son, 当我失去儿子,犯了一个大错
[00:16.07]I thought I'd be able to... I thought... 我还以为…还以为…
[00:20.91]I know. I hate losing, too. You want proof of that, you can ask any of my wives, 我知道,我也讨厌失败 你可以问我老婆
[00:26.75]but we got to get over all this personal stuff, Tenma. 但是我们得把私人感情 放在一边,天马
[00:29.75]You're head of the Ministry1 of Science. It's time to move on. 你是科研部的部长 该想通了
[00:33.42]Get the Core back. Get it in the Peacekeeper. 拿回内核 放进和平卫士
[00:35.88]Let some good come from all this mess. 从失败中得出教训
[00:42.93]When you find the robot, I'll deactivate2 it and give you the Core. 当你找到那机器人 我来关闭它,取出内核
[00:48.23]Good man. Let him go. 好样的,放他走
[00:53.65]Let's hope you never find him. 祝你永远找不到
[00:57.44]ASTRO BOY: So there's actually people living in these ruins? 真有人住这废墟?
[00:59.99]Ruins? Hey, it might not look like much to a Metro3 City kid, but this place is home to us. 废墟?虽然比不上大都会 可这里是我们的家
[01:06.20]- Here we are. - Huh? 我们到了
[01:09.50](KIDS LAUGHING)
[01:12.13]WIDGET: Come on, Astro. 来啊,阿童木
[01:20.05]Sorry. 对不起
[01:27.98]What's the password? 暗号?
[01:29.81]Don't make me hurt you. 别逼我揍你
[01:32.31]Close enough. 算你狠
[01:39.36](KIDS LAUGHING)
[01:44.58]- Five! - You're out! 你出局了
[01:46.79]We're out of apples. We're on to grapes. 苹果不够了,现在用葡萄
[01:50.12]Hey, Cora, did you bring me back something? 柯娜 有没有给我带东西?
[01:52.33]The perfect gift for a sweet little girl. 最合适小姑娘的礼物
[01:55.96]- Thanks! - Be careful! - 谢谢 - 当心啊
[01:59.30]GRACE: Too late! BOY: Hey, we're kind of tired! 太慢了
[02:02.01]- CORA: Are you okay? - Sure. - 你没事吧? - 还好
[02:04.09]CORA: You need 10 sets of eyes around here. 在这里要10倍的小心
[02:12.60]CORA: Hey, Hamegg! 你好,哈马
[02:16.61](CHUCKLES) Back so soon? 回来这么快?
[02:19.19]Did you guys find anything good for me today? 帮我找到有用的没有?
[02:23.36]I don't know, kids. A lot of dead batteries. A lot of elbows here. 我来看看,孩子们 一大堆废电池,一大堆废部件
[02:27.99]The knee joint4 of a toilet-cleaning robot? I told you, I need heads. 厕所清洁机器人的膝盖? 我说过要头的
[02:32.21]We would've gotten better stuff, but the... 我们本来可以找得更好…
[02:39.38]Well, well. 算了,算了
[02:40.88]His name's Astro. He's from Metro City. 他的名字是阿童木,来自大都会
[02:43.72]Metro City? Wow, I used to work there once upon a time. 大都会,我曾经在那工作
[02:47.85]Really? 真的?
[02:49.43]Why am I running a crummy body repair shop down here 你是不是想问 如果我能在大都会制造先进的机器人
[02:52.06]when I could be creating state-of-the-art robots in Metro City? 为什么还要窝在这种地方?
[02:55.40]No, I didn't mean to... 不,我没这个意思…
[02:56.48]Relax, son. We're famiy here. We're allowed to ask questions. 别紧张,孩子,我们这都是一家人 你可以随便问
[03:00.86]The answer is I love robots, especially the discarded ones. 因为我热爱机器人 特别是被抛弃的
[03:05.74]The more banged-up they are, the more abused, 被毁的越严重,被抛弃的越多
[03:08.03]the more I like getting them back on their feet. 我就越想帮他恢复原状
[03:12.91]- Oh, wow. - It's almost a religious thing with me, 对我来说是一个信仰
[03:16.67]kind of like the way saints feel about the poor 就像圣人对待穷苦人民
[03:19.54]or women feel about shoes or fat people feel about donuts 女人对待鞋子 或者胖子对待甜甜圈
[03:23.92]or... I'll stop with fat people and donuts. 或者… 我还是点到为止吧
[03:27.59]So, you're not into enslaving robots? 你不是为了奴役机器人
[03:30.60]- What? - He ran into the RRF. - 什么? - 他进过RRF

[03:33.93]I don't enslave robots. I love robots! 我没有奴役机器人 我热爱他们
[03:39.73]They're our friends, and we rely on them for our daily bread. 他们是我们的朋友 我们需要他们
[03:44.36]Speaking of which, are any of you misfits hungry? 说到这,你们饿了没?
[03:49.16]Let me guess, take-out pizza again? 不会又是外卖的批萨?
[03:52.45]More like "taken out of the trash" again! 还不如说“外卖的垃圾”
[03:55.25]Picky, picky. It's only a couple of days old. 别挑剔了,只是过期了几天
[03:58.46]Look, this one still has toppings! 看,这个还有配料
[04:01.21]Oh! 哇!
[04:02.96]Hey, haven't you forgotten something? 嘿,你们忘记了什么?
[04:07.01]What have they forgotten, son? 他们忘记了什么,小子?
[04:10.14]- Grace? - Exactly. Grace! - 斯文? - 对了,就是斯文!
[04:13.43]- What? - Turn on the TV, sweetheart, - 什么? - 打开电视,宝贝
[04:15.64]would you, please? There's a dear. 麻烦你了
[04:19.40]Well, bon appétit. 食欲大增
[04:21.82]Yo, new guy, you gonna eat that? 新来的,你吃不吃?
[04:23.98]You can have it if you want it. 你想要就吃了吧
[04:25.44]Don't be so nice. 别这么客气
[04:26.61]You're gonna starve to death or be the only survivor5. 客气当不了饭吃
[04:31.16]So, tell me, Astro, do your folks know where you are? 告诉我,阿童木 你家人知道你在哪吗?
[04:34.79]I don't have any parents. 我没有父母
[04:37.08]How very sad. Did you lose them? Or, even sadder, did they lose you? 多可怜,他们过世了? 或者是他们抛弃你了?
[04:42.09]No. The truth is I'm actually a... 不是,其实我是个…
[04:47.67]I'm a ... 是个…
[04:49.63]A what? 什么?
[04:51.51]HAMEGG: Don't worry, son. 别担心,小子
[04:52.64]We're all orphans6 down here. Nothing to be ashamed about. 我们个个都是孤儿 没啥好害羞的
[04:57.56]So, none of you have parents? 那么你们都没有家长?
[04:59.35]Parents? Are you kidding me? 家长?你开玩笑吧?


1 ministry kD5x2     
  • They sent a deputation to the ministry to complain.他们派了一个代表团到部里投诉。
  • We probed the Air Ministry statements.我们调查了空军部的记录。
2 deactivate oy8xP     
  • Russia is deactivating some of its deadliest missiles.俄罗斯正在拆除其一些最危险的导弹。
  • I go through several complex steps to try to "deactivate" my profile.我尝试了那些复杂的步骤,试图“撤销”我的个人资料。
3 metro XogzNA     
  • Can you reach the park by metro?你可以乘地铁到达那个公园吗?
  • The metro flood gate system is a disaster prevention equipment.地铁防淹门系统是一种防灾设备。
4 joint m3lx4     
  • I had a bad fall,which put my shoulder out of joint.我重重地摔了一跤,肩膀脫臼了。
  • We wrote a letter in joint names.我们联名写了封信。
5 survivor hrIw8     
  • The sole survivor of the crash was an infant.这次撞车的惟一幸存者是一个婴儿。
  • There was only one survivor of the plane crash.这次飞机失事中只有一名幸存者。
6 orphans edf841312acedba480123c467e505b2a     
孤儿( orphan的名词复数 )
  • The poor orphans were kept on short commons. 贫苦的孤儿们吃不饱饭。
  • Their uncle was declared guardian to the orphans. 这些孤儿的叔父成为他们的监护人。
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